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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Changing the Way We do Business Part I

Known for eating their young, the Republican party appears to have graduated to first playing with their food.
In the days since our crushing defeat and its’ bloodletting implications, the finger pointing clearly shows that in order to become the party of the big tent; that tent must be held up by the Tea Party with a healthy plank for the Libertarian wing as the foundation. 

The problem lies not with the principles of Conservatism, but rather it’s sales. Moderation of the message has badly bungled by misinterpreting the reasons the middle has been moving to the right, which has been willingness to table their liberal social views in favor of embracing their inner fiscal conservative. Ever willing to exploit, a complicit press launches rape and abortion diversions to send them running back to lefty environs.

The Democrats have brainwashed women to dress as vaginas and bandy themselves about in protest and pageant.  They brainwashed women into thinking they are in mortal danger of not only being raped and impregnated by same, but being forced to carry the child of said rapist by mere virtue of the fact somewhere within 20 miles a Republican holds office. They have further taught convinced women without Democrats, birth control as we know it shall cease to exist.

The old adage Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line seems to have reversed itself as Missouri Congressman Todd Akin can attest. Back in August, the US senate candidate showed he was absent the day they taught biology by making an absurd comment about a woman’s ability to “shut down” the process of getting pregnant when raped.

The comment immediately went viral. Republican candidates and party chair Reince Priebus placed Akins’ head upon the proverbial platter and walked away. With the lone voice of Dana Loesch and later Mike Huckabee in support, Akin chose instead to stay in the race, pointing to the factors that put him there. Always unabashedly pro life in all circumstances, the principled, fiscal conservative was thumping icky incumbent Claire McCaskill whom the show me state had been eager to show the door.

Had Akin been a Democrat, his comrades would have shrugged their shoulders, pointed out, his basic statement was one he always touted and who needed biology on Capital Hill anyway? The story would have fizzled by the time Monday commuters got home from work.  Instead, by cannibalizing Akin we chased off the very voters we were pandering to and the issue remained a cause célèbre much to the shock and awe of Indiana’s Richard Mourdock.

Challenging RINO barnacle Dick Lugar for his Indiana senate seat, Mourdock is a honorable, committed public servant and pledged to limit himself to two terms. With the full backing of the Tea Party, Mourdock won the primary and led in the polls throughout the season, but he too stumbled with rape and pregnancy bungled comments and lost big to Democrat Joe Donnolly.

The problem is not with these two gentlemen’s positions on pregnancy resulting after a rape. The problem is with our transmission of the message after the fact. Knowing the Left has the mainstream media at the ready to deploy and spin our gaffes, we need to do a much better job of spinning back a message of, “rape is rare and so is a resulting pregnancy. Last time we checked abortion is still legal, no one candidate can take it away despite their personal views and oh by the way, ICYMI your paycheck IS going DOWN in January and your expenses UP if you do not vote Republican…etc”. Moreover, the candidates themselves need to be better prepared to parry these questions, answer them honestly, but stay off the landmines. Simple social media 101 training should do the trick.

The Tea Party doesn’t have to move to the middle in order to speak to the middle, but they do need to combat the Zombie mainstream media horde that are one step away from delivering the liberal message subliminally.


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