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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ready to Sacrifice Those Lady Parts?

The pink in my hair tips my hat to a friend who does not wish to be named. A breast cancer survivor, it’s in her rearview mirror. But the disease is before us as is the Leviathan waiting to swallow groundbreaking treatments, cures and restoration.

Her amazing smile can light up Manhattan, always has and thanks for science, love and G-D, she will sparkle for many, many years.  For her trials, she loves her newly acquired 20-year-old “perkies”. Breasts are replaceable. Women are not.

The president who claims to be guardian of your ladyparts has placed your breasts on the chopping block of Obamacare. If Obama is re-elected, a diagnosis via mammogram is a crapshoot. The 15 unelected IPAB panel will start mammograms later, and dole them out less frequently. The wait time for both mammograms and start of treatment will be significantly delayed. And insurance paid reconstruction will be a thing of the past. Without reconstructive surgery, Happy wife, happy life can take an ominous turn. Cancer might occupy one patient in a home, but lays claim to several victims with each case. A bleak outlook indeed for what was once vaunted as one of the most curable cancers.
According to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Martin Fox (who did not treat my friend), reconstructive surgery is a boon. “The cancer diagnosis and treatment are devastating to most women. The disfigurement and fear of loss of sexual attractiveness to their husbands are an avoidable misery. Taking that out of the equation, women do much better,” he said.
 Thanks to the Dr. Foxes of he world, modern science, research and a free market, the destructive removed and replace in toto. They did their job, now she finishes hers. When patient and doctor join hands and tell disease, ‘not yet’, there’s no room for fifteen unelected non-medical bureaucrats in this ballet.
Cancer should not be politicized; women like my friend deserve to be held far from the fray and the pots I stir.  But I will not stand by and allow such light to be snuffed out. Celebrate and pay tribute in October, but remember in November. Peddling free birth control is not woman friendly. Staying away from women, our ladyparts and our doctors IS woman friendly.
Vote for women, Vote for my friend, her millions of sisters, those with us and those not.  Vote for yourselves and the children and men that love you.

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