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Friday, March 22, 2013

Under the Fedora: CPAC etc.

Well CPAC has come and gone but the GOP seems to have learned little.  Monday the talk is all re-branding and tweaking things to that suddenly the MSM will decide that the Republican Party is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Earth to GOP, your problem isn’t branding it’s principles.  Look at the last few weeks.
At CPAC there were 10,000+ conservative activists ready to fight, all they need is somebody willing to step up.
The poured in to hear Marco Rubio talk about the future and take the attacks of the left in stride, he turned the democrats watery attacks into a flood of fundraising dollars and a packed hall.
Rand Paul stood on principles, he bluntly (and concisely) pointed out the principles of limiting the power of government and defended the constitutional amendments from the 1st the 2nd the 4th and the 10th.
And Ted Cruz in a speech where he eschewed the Teleprompter walked before the podium and about the stage to tell a cheering audience when it came to drones. And the government asking:  Don’t you trust us?:
The answer is exactly that.  No we don’t trust you and we don’t trust the next guy or the next guy or the next guy whether he’s a democrat or a republican.”
Rand Paul stood up and fought, things happened.
Ted Cruz stood up and fought things happened.
Marco Rubio stood up and fought, things happened.
One you start leading, people will follow, the trick is to be willing to lead.

Speaking of leading ReincePriebus might be doing well on the fundraising side but his gigantic document on “rebranding” the GOP had a glaring omission:
For the RNC to produce a 100-page report and not have a single mention of the need to interact with and support the conservative blogosphere tells me that the RNC simply has rearranged the deck chairs on the HMS Consultant.
We may not be all that, but it’s clear that the RNC doesn’t want us to be any part of that.
Meanwhile look who showed up at Blogbash…
Perhaps that why Ted Cruz is winning and other aren’t
Note to the GOP listen to Ted Cruz and these people and you will win, fail to do so and you will not only lose, but you will DESERVE to lose

Speaking of CPAC there were a lot of interesting people there  Writers
And regular people
Not to mention folks with Cannoli recipes

All the video in the world won't change the fact that you can't understand CPAC without seeing it close up.
The WBC has also come and gone and the Dominican Team went a perfect 8-0 to win it all.  One can look at that killer roster but it was a pitching staff with an ERA of under 2 for the entire 8 games that really made the difference.
Pitching, Pitching, Pitching
I suspect the Red Sox will not have an 8 game winning streak in 2013, but you never know.
Two weeks away from the series 7 of Dr. Who. I really don’t like this short half season stuff nor do I think they should only have a single episode for the 50th anniversary (monthly repeat specials not withstanding.  I think they should include as many past doctors as they can in the season and make that anniversary the entire theme.
But it’s easy for me to say,
Is it just me or does the Big Bang Theory get funnier every year?  The character growth has not retarded the show one bit in fact the interaction between Howard & his wife has really added a great dimension to the show.
I really hope they don’t play the “Make Raj gay card”.  Nothing says I’m not edgy more than giving into a social convention in that way.

Speaking of social conventions we have a new Pope and the left is trying to wrap their heads around Francis I, particularly after his initial mass
When he talks about Joseph “receptive to God’s plan and not his own” it is a direct challenge to those who worship the world. That the day after Hillery Clinton changes with the wind on “gay marriage” and Memeorandumtrumpets the latest support for it in the polls its chief opponent in the entire world takes the world stage talking about God’s plan which directly contradicts all the media loves.
On CNN the irony became more pronounced as Chris Cuomo brother of the Governor of NY who has been pushing Abortion even beyond the pale in the hopes of the nomination of the Democrat party in 2016 bluntly said there was nothing unorthodox in his message. CNN as soon as the Homily was done pivoted toward the Sex scandal but they couldn’t sustain the conversation in that direction as the Pope’s Homily pushed them in into a different direction.
This Pope’s humility and popularity is going to be a thorn in the media’s side and his weight with the common people will force the media to continue to highlight his every move.
Do not let this fool you.  The media will follow him, will report on him and quote him whenever it serves to advance their agenda while, as Judas did “look for an opportunity to hand him over“  Mark 14:11b
As I said the day he was elected the left will hate Francis the way Satan hats the church. 
Finally on  the subject of “immigration” Jeb Bush took a hit for suggesting that people who came illegally go back to the end of the line in terms of citizenship while being made legal to get on with their lives.
You would have thought he killed the Lindbergh baby he was roundly denounced for his words by the left but how could he NOT be.
For the left Amnesty is all about creating democrat voters, period.  To pretend otherwise is to fool yourself.

Cool, Calm and Kibbe

While John Boehner was carrying water for POTUS on This Week, Fox News Sunday (3/17/13) was not to be outdone overseeing a grudge match between FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe and Steve LaTourette, a former congressman from Ohio who know heads up The Republican Mainstream Partnership. The latter would be more aptly name LaTourette Syndrome based on the constant twitch of his smarmy patronizing facial expressions and gesticulations as he disparaged Kibbe who maintained a Clint Eastwood level of cool throughout.

LaTourette Syndrome has permeated the crumbling GOP establishment leaving
conservatives cold and disinterested. I myself am having trouble not changing my party affiliation to independent just to make a point such was the bitter bite of LaTourette’s misogynist, racist message. This barnacle refers to Tea Party supported members of congress as “chuckleheads.

Literally pointing the finger, (not the same one I had up at that point) at a cool, calm and composed Kibbe, he curled his lip and said “They brought us Harry Reid as the majority leader,” citing media smeared conservatives such as Sharron Angle

Richard Mourdock as well as “I always forget her name, the witch in Delaware,” said Latourette, to which talking head turned chucklehead Chris Wallace giggled and chimed in; “Christine O’Donnell.

Grab a barf bag and watch the entire clip here:

Hey Charlie Christ, you forgot something on your way out the door, come pick up LaTourette and take Karl Rove with you. Both of  whom are ready to roll up the sleeves of their blue shirts and take their cues from the Democratic party and abandon principle for victory.

Prompted by Wallace, Rove tees off on Sarah on several points ostensibly to get back at her for a comment she made during her brilliant speech at CPAC. Trouble is, Palin never named Rove by name.

LaTourette syndrome continued to spread. “Everyone agrees legitimate rape was stupid, and if there is a child out of rape that is what G-d intended, “ said Wallace.  Gee Mr. “I’m not a journalist, I just play one on TV” Wallace, that might have been a good time to toss in some far more recent Democratic rape gaffs on the fair and balanced network.

Last point for Chris Wallace, if you are going to wag your finger in Mitt Romney’s face about his dogs’ accommodations where the dog didn’t die, don’t use phrases like “You’ve got a dog in this fight”, as you did when pivoting to Karl Rove on PACS and primaries. In the absence of the fair and balanced facts, feel free to rely on rhetoric but a “dog in the race” works equally well.

Your welcome. My bill is in the mail and I won’t hold my breath. For anything.