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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome home, fellow patriots!

 The North American Conservative Bloggers United ( or NACBU for short ) was born because of a lack of solidarity towards the smaller conservative bloggers by the ''elites''. Those bloggers try to monopolize attention on them on ''big'' stories, and give no room for the smaller guys and gals, stealing posts and not linking to them.

They marginalize bloggers about their pasts (even when pro actively disclosed), and by their all mighty hit counters. They went as far as ''VETTING'' bloggers out of stories they worked hard to dig up. They said that some are faking to be ill just to mooch on good people's money. They also blindly follow a leader that, with his lies about his past, made all of us on the right look like utter fools when someone on the left exposed him.

So you're not big? So what?? Your voice deserves to be heard too!

By joining NACBU, your voice will be heard.

How to join? Read the following. And remember: NACBU will ALWAYS BE FREE for ALL members, big or small.