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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Under the Fedora: Israel, Kimberlin and Chicks who love Doctor Who

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I’m hearing the MSM yell out that Barack Obama has a mandate after winning in 2012.  Funny the GOP managed to keep the house by a wide margin and as George Will it noted just about every one of those congressmen won by a larger margin than Obama.
That’s 230+ mandates the media doesn’t want you to see against.

Another thing the media doesn’t want to see  is Senator Kelly Ayotte.  They’ve been hitting the Susan Rice Benghazi business pretty hard throwing brickbats at Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham over it.  The left has played the “two old white guys” meme to the hit, forgetting that Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) was at that press conference and made points like this:
Let’s also not forget that, I think you all appreciate you don’t end up on every single major Sunday show without affirmatively putting yourself out there of wanting to carry forward a message on behalf of the administration.
Senator Kelly Ayotte is not only a smart accomplished woman, but she is a tall statuesque and beautiful woman.  Normally a person with that description would never be left out of the media stories but she doesn’t fit the meme which must be protected…
…and she is also the highest ranking CONSERVATIVE republican north of NYC so she definitely must not get publicity.
I haven’t talked much about the Brett Kimberlin case lately but the legal gears continues to move and they appear to be rolling right over him and his pals
John Hoge’s latest news in the Virginia case of Aaron Walker v. Brett Kimberlin, et al., is that Walker’s attorney Dan Backer has filed motions for default judgments against Kimberlin’s co-defendants Ron Bryanert and Neal Rauhauser. Backer is requesting that the court in Prince William County schedule the hearing on this motion for Dec. 4, the same date as a hearing on Backer’s motion for procedural sanctions against Kimberlin.
It is perhaps about time to point out the hazards of amateurism illustrated here. As every student of Kimberlin’s criminal career knows, the Speedway Bomber became somewhat renowned as a “jailhouse lawyer” during his 17 years in federal prison, filing more than 100 actions on his own behalf. But what was his success rate? I’m not sure anyone has ever bothered to check.

These cases like most court cases roll slowly forward but they continue to roll and I suspect while Kimberlin & Co were feeling confident once the President was re-elected the wheels of justice keep turning and continued daylight seems to be hazardous to their continued success.
All the boring legal motions btw are findable at the Hogewash site if you’re into that kind of dry legal stuff.
I’ve had Dan Backer, the lawyer currently trouncing the Kimberlin Crew, on the show.  I should have him back before the end of the year if he’s free.
Some sports, people don’t say much about Tom Brady anymore it’s as if he’s passé but not only is his team 7-3 and leading its division but last weekend his offense scored 59 points against the Colts.
Now people might say Indy is overachieving but if you score 59 points in an NFL game against a team that’s 6-3 , either that team is over rated or you’ve still got it.
Brady’s still got it

You know what really gets me about the stupid story of Lindsey Stone who decided it was a good idea to give the finger next to the sign saying “Silence and Respect” at Arlington National Cemetery.  The sheer amounts of stupid acts done in sequence by this woman
1.        Doing the act
2.        Doing it in front of a camera
3.        Posting it on Facebook
And the crowning idiocy in this collection of foolishness, doing all of this on her employers time and an employer’s event, that’s smart!
Now I might understand if a person my age or older still did not appreciate the power of the internet,  but this young lady was born into the internet age, there is no excuse for not understanding how the internet works.  That’s just dumb.
You’ll note that I don’t say a word about the nature of this act, that’s simply because there any person willing to do this either doesn’t know or care that how wrong it is, so why waste my breath explaining it to her?

Speaking of things foolishly done on the net Anderson Cooper is being attacked by the friendly folks of Hamas and their supporters for displaying pictures of Hamas dragging the bodies of summarily executed  supposed “collaborators” on the backs of motorcycles through the streets of Gaza.
Mind you they are not upset about the executions, the dragging of the bodies through the streets or even them being on the net, Pam Geller for example has a huge collection of them on the net, but because it was Anderson Cooper of CNN who tweeted it out.
Cooper tweeting it gives legitimacy to the simple fact that when we are dealing with Hamas and their supports we are dealing with murderous barbarian bastards and people who support murderous barbarian bastards.  If I say it, it doesn’t have the same impact.
Even worse optics for the Pro-Hamas crowd are the people publicly supporting summary execution and declaring those killed “had it coming”.
That’s the totalitarian left for you, they love civil rights and due process and respect as long as you are with them, but if you are not on their side, having your body dragged from the back of the motorcycle is too good for you.
I give Cooper some credit here, I figure the reason why so much of the press kowtows to these murderous bastards is…because they are murderous bastards and they on occasion have to work within their range.
Speaking of Gaza anybody notice that this wasn’t considered a crisis while Hamas was firing rockets into Israel but it became one once Israel started shooting back.  Sort of like the Yon Kippur war, it wasn’t until Israel was about to destroy the Egyptian 3rd Army that the world decided a cease fire was needed?
All of this is bad for Egypt btw.  As long as Hamas was firing and Israel was not shooting back, they looked great, but if Israel keeps pounding Hamas and Egypt sits back and lets them they lose face in the Arab world and the Muslim Brotherhood looks like the feckless cowards they are.
Still it’s better than going to war with Israel and being utterly destroyed…again.  And if Israel takes Gaza one more time, I’m betting they keep it.
Israel needs to realize that no matter what they do the left and the Arab world will call them murderous and genocidal.  Facts don’t matter.  That being the case they might as well protect themselves as best they can.
Sort of like the GOP.  We could nominate Jon Huntsman on a pro-abortion platform pro-gay marriage platform and he would immediately find himself tagged a racist sexist homophobic misogynistic pig.
That’s the left, it’s what they do.

Mediation has not saved the Twinkie, and liquidation seems to be the next step.
I’m sure the Hostess brands and hopefully the Drakes brands that I like much better will be picked up by somebody but it just goes to show what small amounts of union members can do to 18,500 jobs when they decided to take their ball and go home.
This BTW is a great chance for the right, jobs and layoffs at companies far away have no meaning, but taking away people’s Twinkies, THAT they understand.
Incidentally did you note how the Unions blamed MITT ROMNEY for the Twinkie business?  Can you imagine what they’d be blaming them for if he won?

Finally I had the pleasure of interviewing some excellent female writers and artists at Anne’s Book stop in Worcester where they were talking Doctor Who and two books Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who and Chicks Dig Time Lords A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It with contributors K Tempest Bradford, and Jennifer Pelland.
The interview was in two parts (thanks to dying batteries)
Cover artist Katy Shuttleworth sat for part 2.
The most interesting thing about the interviews was the totally opposite experiences we have had as Doctor Who fans in America.  In England everybody has known Doctor Who for three generations it’s part of the culture but here it not.  My experience has always been with a mostly male fan base.  I really knew only one woman who was into Dr. Who but their experience was totally opposite, it was all “chicks” who are the fans they know and were shocked to see so many guys at some events.
Still can’t wait for the next season and the 50th anniversary.
If you aren’t watching the show or listening to the Big Finish audios you ought to be.
Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good week.