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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canada to Iran: You sponsor terrorists, eh?

 Canada's foreign affairs minister John Baird cut diplomatic ties with Iran yesterday, closing it's embassy in Teheran and expelling Iranian diplomats from Canada, in the latest chapter of a long history of difficult relations with the middle east country.

On Saturday, the head of Iran's parliamentary committee on national security said there could be an "immediate and decisive" response to the move by Canada, according to the Fars news agency and reported by Reuters. "It is essential that the foreign ministry respond to this action by Canada on the basis of national interests," Alaeddin Boroujerdi was quoted as saying. ******

A JIHAD against you, Ali? REALLY??

Funny how things can evolve overnight sometimes. Last night, founder and CEO of the National Bloggers Club ALI A. AKBAR went yet again on the record via Twitter denouncing us, NACBU and The Impolite Canadian, of waging a JIHAD against him and his shady organization. A personal HOLY WAR that will lead us to kill the NBC and Akbar. Is that so, Mr Credit card fraudster?