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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Impolite Canadian: Far Back Fridays!! Please Share!

The Impolite Canadian: Far Back Fridays!! Please Share!:   Let's start a new thing... Far Back Fridays: Please share! Post the first songs, records, band or singers that you bought or reco...

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I WISH I rode that ride...

This is a post inspired by 2 million bikers to DC, true patriots who took action to block the ''million Muslim march'' on 9-11-2013...

 How I wish I could have rode with all the patriot brothers who showed up in DC.
I watched from my distant Quebec, read the stories and seen all the pics...with tears in my eyes. I don't have a bike anymore, can't afford it. Even if I did, my present situation would not have permitted me to go, taking money away from my family. You see, I recently fell into hard times, and feeding my loved ones is the only expense I can (barely) afford.

 Even though I'm a Canadian, I have much respect for the U.S.A.; A nation where the flag means something to millions of people, American or not. A nation who prides itself in FREEDOM. The FREEDOM to decide enough is enough, and where patriots are running strong, despite having the worst president ever.

 I watched and cheered as 100's of thousands of patriot bikers rolled on DC to block the GIGANTIC middle finger Muslims were about to give America, Americans, and everyone in the world who were affected by the horror of the 9-11-01 attacks on liberty and freedom. I also cried thinking about the thousands of fallen ''regular'' Joe's and Jane's, in the worst attack on freedom and liberty EVER.

 Of course, the mainstream media offered ZERO coverage of the ride, so I had to turn to new media, the internet, where hundreds of fellow conservative bloggers honored this initiative. Their stories and pictures made me rejoice in the fact that fellow brothers and sisters stuck it to Barrycade Obummer, and made me shed a few tears, thinking about the events that made me not able to attend this great show of American pride.

Modern day Patriots. God bless them all!

 Images like this one, leather clad, long haired, unshaven people paying their respects to the fallen, made me take a long hard look at America, and what it has become...When the misfits, the outcasts, the rejected are the true patriots, you know the much needed revolution is coming. All the bleeding heart Liberals can do is step aside, and watch us take back America for our fallen brothers and sisters, their families, their friends.

I really wanted to be there. To show how much Canadians care about our cousins to the south...I would have bought the biggest ol' glory I could find, the biggest Maple leaf, and those 2 would have flown proudly together on each side of my iron horse. My head would have been held high, and my smile would have been so big, that I would have had to pick the bugs out of my teeth when arriving in DC. I would have brought the wife and kids to show them how great the US of A really are.

  And when you think you have seen it all, these exceptional folks went to help out our veterans claim back their monument, tearing thru BARRYcades and escorting our vets from all over the USA.

Bikers, truckers, you make me proud I was one of yours once... I will never forget the friendships we forged during that part of my life.
 I will ride again, here or on the great roads in the sky. I promise you. I will never forget you. Ride hard, live free!!

 Stéphane Beaudoin
AKA The Impolite Canadian
AKA MaxPower1971