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Thursday, October 4, 2012

UNDER THE FEDORA: Debates, debates and oh debates.

 A special contribution by Peter ''DaTechGuy'' Ingemi

I’d like to say I delayed Under the Fedora so I could comment on the Presidential debate, but that would be a lie, I’m a tad sick and when I’m sick I’m totally Rubbish as the British would say so I’m a bit behind.   2 min before the debate I’m wondering which candidate will congratulate Miguel Cabrera on his triple crown. I really didn’t think I’d see another one in my lifetime. One of the worst things about this political season is I’ve had no time to follow the most amazing baseball season in years, Not only the triple crown consider:
  • The Oakland A’s have made one of the most fantastic comebacks in history made even more incredible by their tiny payroll.
  • We have seen the AL playoff spots not decided until the final day of the season
  • We have seen the Washington Nationals finish with the best record in baseball
And instead I’m chasing candidates On the bright side I missed a lot of what was a disastrous season for the Red Sox. --------------------------------- Didn’t realize his was President Obama’s Anniversary spending it with Mitt Romney was not much fun. He should have listened to Michelle and just taken in a show or something.   Mitt Romney mentioned his 5 point plan, I’ve heard him speak of it on the trail as has Stacy McCain