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Friday, March 29, 2013

Under the Fedora The joys of doing it yourself

It’s CPAC plus one week and after shooting over 100 pices of video scheduled as posts over a two week period and with my youngest’s school schedule giving him Mon & Wed off till summer I actually had time to solicit my radio show door to door in person in Concord Ma this week.

I know in theory someone should be selling this for me and I’m constantly on the lookout for people willing to do commission sales for me but there is something about important and special about doing the work yourself, meeting people and talking your show and web site, nobody knows your show or business like you do and it’s good for people to see the host of the show in person.
If you have a business I strongly suggest you devote at least a few days a year to getting out and meeting your customers or potential customers in person, you won’t regret it.

Some things are just so ridiculous that you have to see them to believe them.  Al Sharpton hitting people for anti-Semitism is a great example

Yid with lid’s head didn’t explode but Jeff did comment:
When people falsely use terms like Antisemitism, ESPECIALLY when they are anti-Semitic haters like Al Sharpton, it waters down the effect of what should be a horrible label.

Al Sharpton has no right to determine what is anti-Semitic, but as a Jew who has faced Antisemitism many times during his life..I do.  People who are fighting for the Second Amendment, like me for example, are not doing so because of Jew hatred. 

Al Sharpton, the  MSNBC broadcaster/professional agitator who used the term this morning is an Anti-Semite of the worst kind.

It’s amazing what you can get away with if you have the gumption to do it:

If you ever question Glenn Reynolds deserved the lifetime achievement award for blogging at CPAC  consider that it takes 4 bloggers to replace him on his site when he goes on vacation.

Stacy McCain continues to be busy, he is now Editor in Chief of a new site Viral Read which combines both cultural news and political news.  (This BTW is an excellent idea, we need to be part of the bigger culture if we are going to win) but he is also on the road again heading down to SC-1 to cover the Sanford Bostic GOP primary.
Mark Sanford’s history makes him a kamikaze choice for the GOP.  Even if he wins both the primary and the general election the GOP loses, meanwhile  Bostic has already been endorsed by both Rick Santorum and Ann Coulter.
If I was a democrat I’d be shoveling money to the Sanford campaign and readying mailings attacking Bostic ASAP they would rather avoid facing a Marine with Deployments to Kuwait & Saudi Arabia than a pol whose most famous deployment was to Argentina.
A few months ago I interviewed some writers who were big Dr. Who fans.  It appeared that there were two distinct Dr. Who cultures.  Guys like me, the straight guys into history & SF and a very liberal subculture full of Gay men who absolutely adored the series.
This came to mind with the daily mail story concerning John Nathan Turner producer of Dr. Who who took over for the last Tom Baker season and presided over it’s steady decline and cancellation.
The BBC faces a new sex scandal over claims two senior Doctor Who staff abused their positions to exploit fans.
A book alleges the show’s longest-serving producer, John Nathan-Turner, and his partner, production manager Gary Downie, preyed on young male fans in the 1980s.
Many of the men, the book says, were under 21 – at the time the homosexual age of consent.

I guess that explains why the series had its decline,  the producer had other things on their mind.  It took a lot of years for this stuff to get out to the public, if only a Catholic Priest was involved perhaps it might have generated some interest before now.
BTW this weekend I’ll have the pleasure of both the new 50th anniversary special with the 3rd Doctor and the new season with Matt Smith.  For all the talk of the Gay fan subculture without them I wouldn’t be enjoying both of these series this weekend.
I wonder if they had time to film anything with Caroline Jones (Liz Shaw) before her death last year?

While the MSM is all Gay Marriage all the time Dave Weigel (one of my guests on DaTechGuy on DaRadio last week) pointed out something that is a sore spot for me:
The new Democratic advocates for SSM fall into two camps. The first consists of people who always liked the idea of this but worried about losing national elections. In his memoir, Democratic consultant Bob Shrum remembers John Kerry fretting that the Massachusetts Supreme Court had forced Democrats to talk about gay marriage before they were ready to. "Why couldn't they just wait a year?" he asked Shrum, mournfully. The second camp consists of people who really do oppose the idea of gay people getting married. Republicans argued that this second camp was tiny, and that liberals were hiding behind it. They were right!
The “We don’t need a constitutional Amendment” has been and always was a lie, and the democrat party that has always been beholding to the entertainment and media industries in which the homosexual community is highly overrepresented while believing Christians are highly unrepresented
The left is the secular party; Christianity and traditional values are the enemy.  I recognized it almost 20 years ago, it remains to be seen when everyone else will get it.
This is Holy week the most sacred time in the Church’s calendar.  A lot of people think that Christmas is the holiest day of the year, and some think Easter but Good Friday and the Easter Vigil beat them both.  The Easter Vigil mass is a minimum 3 hours and can run 4-5 depending on the number of people joining the church that day.
A lot of people don’t realize it but the Catholic Church  is very serious about adult and family conversions.  You don’t just get baptized it takes a fair amount of time, preparation and study to join the church.  I think this is why converted adults tend to be stronger and more knowledgeable about the faith than cradle Catholics, they HAVE to learn the faith to become a part of it.

It appears the Boston Red Sox streak of sellouts is going to end this year.  The Sox have a 6 state customer base, one of the most historic franchise in the nation and a ballpark that is not only one of the smallest in the majors but is itself an attraction in itself.
"It's going to rest in peace sometime in April, I suspect," Lucchino said of the streak, which began in 2003 and is the longest in U.S. pro sports history. "That's not such a terrible thing. It's an extraordinary accomplishment."

But even that isn’t enough if you don’t put a worthwhile product on the field.  Or the fact that it is prohibitively expensive for a family of four to attend a game.  4 tickets in the nosebleed seats  run $120 (if you shift to the bleachers the price drops to a mere $112).  If you want to sit other than in nosebleed land in left field you will pay over $200 and that’s without the premium you pay

That doesn’t count parking, hotdogs or drinks, or a program.  In an economy where people are making half or less than what they were making 4 or 6 years ago 

On the bright side so many people have fled NE the Red Sox can be sure that no matter what park they play New England expatriates who likely couldn’t afford good Red Sox seat will be in the stands to cheer.
You might leave to find a job but Red Sox fans never leave their team behind.

Happy Easter all.