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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quickie with Lidsamy

When Obama was elected, it looked decisive enough to end all the squabbling. After two elections, that went beyond the wire, the first of which all the way to the Supreme Court, I was hoping for a united republic.
No matter the outcome of this election, another nail biter leaves us a divided nation. And that Barack Obama, you did build. You swept in with a mandate and rode in on a wave of rhetoric of no red states, no blue states, but all purple states. No black America, no white America, just America. Yet this president has race baited at every opportunity, divided and destroyed this country with every stroke of his pen.
Whichever candidate takes the oath of office in January does so of a broken nation. I weep and pray for us all either way. For only one of them seeks to heal us, the other wants to finish the job. And that is the most chilling statement Obama ever put forth.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Under the fedora: Elections, ladyparts and roadtrip

 A special contribution by Peter ''Datechguy'' Ingemi

We are less than two weeks away from election day and as things edge closer the media is slowly but surely being forced to acknowledge reality

Item:  The latest NBC/WSJ poll shows the election dead even even with a sample that is +6 Dem in registration and +8 Obama based on 2008 voting.
Item:  The latest CBS poll out of Ohio shows Obama up 5 in a sample that is only 27% Democrat.  This same poll had Obama up 10 the last time around.
Item:  Paul Ryan held a rally this weekend in Pennsylvania and the Romney campaign is planning additional stops in the state that has been described as Fools gold for the right in the past.

All of these are signs the MSM can’t ignore forcing them ever closer to the reality that this election is not only over but HAS been over for a while.
Of course fantasy has not completely be abandoned, after all we had Morning Joe pushing a poll showing Obama up 5 with a sample D+9 as significant, but then again even that nonsense has a moment that was significant
Closing note. In the studio on Morning Joe, Joe & Mika and the Panel are all hanging their hats on the Time Magazine poll, but Chuck Todd in Ohio hedged. Joe & Mika are opinion folk, they can afford to take a side, but Chuck Todd is the chief WH guy, he can’t look a fool
The Closer the day comes the more sane the press needs to present themselves.
Speaking of Morning Joe and Sanity this week Joe Scarborough wrote a piece on the tea party that caught me by surprise.
Let’s simply review how terrible the tea party has been for the GOP.
— They energized a conservative movement battered by eight years of bloated Republicanism,
— they shocked the political world by taking Ted Kennedy’s seat,
— they put Obama Democrats in a constant defensive crouch,
— they led the resistance against “Obamacare,”
— they helped bring about the largest legislative landslide in U.S. history in 2010,
— they grabbed six seats in the U.S. Senate that year,
— they helped elect six governors,
— they helped win 700 seats in state legislatures, and
— they helped elect a Republican majority that included the largest number of Republicans elected since 1946.
With a track record like that, the Republican Party had better watch their backs. If this trend keeps up, they might just win the White House and the Senate.

What really stuck me about this piece is it acknowledges things bloggers like myself have been saying for a very long time.   It could have been written by Breitbart, or Sarah Palin.   That it is coming from the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe and running in Politico tells you all you need to know about the reality of the Tea Party.
Funny you don’t hear similar stories about the Occupy Movement these days, in fact the MSM which used to love the occupods now have very little to say these days.
But they were in the news recently as they managed to cancel a Halloween tradition at a church that had gone on for years.
A historic Manhattan church has canceled its annual Halloween celebration due to an ongoing standoff with remnants of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
That’s why you will not hear a word about the occupods till after the election, familiarity has bred contempt and people have not forgotten which side was with the occupods and which side was not.

The San Francisco Giants and Cardinals series was one of the most exciting that I’ve seen in a long time.  The idea that the giants have faced six consecutive elimination games & won them all in this postseason is simply incredible.  This has been the best Baseball post season I’ve seen since 2004 and without a doubt one of the greatest in the history of the majors.
Thanks to the Scott Brown / Elizabeth Warren Race and localized advertising across cable networks directed to the NH Market there has been an unending wave of commercials on television that I can’t miss even if I wanted to.  If I can’t miss these ads here I can’t imagine what is happening in a state like Ohio.
It seems every other commercial concerning abortion, it’s abortion this contraception that nonstop.  If in 2012 all the left has to talk about is abortion they are in real trouble, particularly since the number on abortion have been going against them steady for years, but hey, that’s what happens when you kill off your voting block for a generation or two.
What’s been really interesting in on my road trip through CT & NY that is taking place as we speak, the same card are being played against everyone, from Nan Hayworth to Andrew Roraback.
Is it just me or it is just a little bit sexist to insist women vote based on their sexual organs, the GOP used to “wave the bloody flag” …you know I think I’ll just leave that one there.
While all those kids being born might have cost the right a race or two,  I’d just as soon lose a race or two and have all those kids live and grow up no election victory is worth the millions of lives the Roe effect has cost)

The late Eric Hobsbawm would disagree with me.  The noted historian and unapologetic supporter of Communism and Stalinism said in interviews that millions killed would be worth it to advance the communist cause.
That this man was feted as a giant of thought rather than spurned as a monster no better than Himmler says a lot about the intellectual left.  You can deliberately kill millions in the name of communism and they won’t bat an eye.
What is disgraceful about the life of Hobsbawm is not so much that he believed this poisonous codswallop, and propagated it in his lousy books, but that such a huge swathe of our country’s intelligentsia - the supposedly respectable media and chattering classes - bowed down before him and made him their guru. Made him our ‘greatest historian’.

The truth is that, far from being a great historian who sometimes made mistakes, Hobsbawm deliberately falsified history.
The Same issue has come up in Syria, Robert Fisk of all people pointed out the contradiction claiming that when the west and the jews “slaughter” arabs people object but now that it’s arabs killing arabs nobody blinks an eye.
Of course his own attacks on Israel are nonsense but I’ll give him 10 out of 10 for consistency this time.
I haven’t said a lot about my trip considering the titlebut there have been a couple of cool intervews with voters
And party people.
Oddest thing I saw so far?  This message on a railroad bridge in CT.
Strangely enough this predates the Debates by many years.  No idea why it is there.
Oh and watch out for Andrew Roraback, he might surprise you.
See you next week.
Largest Pallet recyclers.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ready to Sacrifice Those Lady Parts?

The pink in my hair tips my hat to a friend who does not wish to be named. A breast cancer survivor, it’s in her rearview mirror. But the disease is before us as is the Leviathan waiting to swallow groundbreaking treatments, cures and restoration.

Her amazing smile can light up Manhattan, always has and thanks for science, love and G-D, she will sparkle for many, many years.  For her trials, she loves her newly acquired 20-year-old “perkies”. Breasts are replaceable. Women are not.

The president who claims to be guardian of your ladyparts has placed your breasts on the chopping block of Obamacare. If Obama is re-elected, a diagnosis via mammogram is a crapshoot. The 15 unelected IPAB panel will start mammograms later, and dole them out less frequently. The wait time for both mammograms and start of treatment will be significantly delayed. And insurance paid reconstruction will be a thing of the past. Without reconstructive surgery, Happy wife, happy life can take an ominous turn. Cancer might occupy one patient in a home, but lays claim to several victims with each case. A bleak outlook indeed for what was once vaunted as one of the most curable cancers.
According to board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Martin Fox (who did not treat my friend), reconstructive surgery is a boon. “The cancer diagnosis and treatment are devastating to most women. The disfigurement and fear of loss of sexual attractiveness to their husbands are an avoidable misery. Taking that out of the equation, women do much better,” he said.
 Thanks to the Dr. Foxes of he world, modern science, research and a free market, the destructive removed and replace in toto. They did their job, now she finishes hers. When patient and doctor join hands and tell disease, ‘not yet’, there’s no room for fifteen unelected non-medical bureaucrats in this ballet.
Cancer should not be politicized; women like my friend deserve to be held far from the fray and the pots I stir.  But I will not stand by and allow such light to be snuffed out. Celebrate and pay tribute in October, but remember in November. Peddling free birth control is not woman friendly. Staying away from women, our ladyparts and our doctors IS woman friendly.
Vote for women, Vote for my friend, her millions of sisters, those with us and those not.  Vote for yourselves and the children and men that love you.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fluke YOU

Loaded with rhetoric and absent of fact the trickle down war on women narrative pushed by the Democrats is dripping on AZ Republican candidate Jeff Flake.
Rife with accusations of denying women access to physician ordered mammograms and redefining rape to defunding planned parenthood. To the first two, I say show me your proof. To the third, I say hallelujah.  Let’s parse.
Redefine rape? A complete lie. The bill he signed May 2011 did not contain the words forcible rape (I wish they had, but that is neither here nor there) and he told Tucson Weekly August 23, 2012 that he makes no distinctions between the myriad forms of rape (probably invented years ago by democrats) “Forcible rape seems redundant to me” he said.  And one would expect as a husband and father, horrifying too. Let’s not forget the drubbing he weathered to stand with his daughter when she competed in the final portion of a scholarship wining pageant causing him to miss a congressional vote.
  Jeff Flake does not want or need to deny mammograms to anyone. President Obama will do that just fine if re-elected. Obamacare already wants to stop mammograms to women under 45 and then decrease the frequency.  The few mothers lost to breast cancer easily mitigate the cost of the mammograms, a thought process abhorrent to Flake, the GOP and all decent people. Flake stays out of medical decisions unless it’s his own or that of his family.
Jeff Flake is in favor of cutting off FEDERAL funding to Planned Parenthood, an organization whose original mission is clouded by its founder’s belief in Eugenics. Boasting an annual billion-dollar haul, Planned Parenthood is ‘doin just fine’ and should rely upon their ongoing and extensive fundraising efforts. They were quite effective in bullying Susan G. Koman last year.
Throughout this campaign cycle, the democrats have objectified women and used them as tools. Branding 30 year old perpetual students as poster children deserving free birth control and urging women to vote with ‘their lady parts’ demeans women and takes away their power.  Jeff Flake’s polices empower women to hold dominion over themselves.
His experience with the several women in power positions in his campaign and his dynamo wife should give him a fair indication the fairer sex is quite capable of obtaining her own contraception if she chooses. Help has always been available for those in need through title X and Access.
Since Sandra ‘Fluked” herself before congress, she has been the darling of the liberal media beating the false narrative that it is conservatives and not liberals who wish to insert the federal government into women’s reproductive rights. Tell me again who is pushing the free birth control? Get the Fluke away from my uterus Sandra; I’m sticking with Flake.

Wisdom Puts Knowledge into Thoughtful and Reasoned Action

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. It seems that the liberal world touts and lauds knowledge as represented by formal degrees, attendance at “superior” institutions of learning (i.e., Ivy League schools, etc) and degrees. These things, while sometimes laudable, hardly represent what is needed in our nation and especially in our political leadership.

What is needed is wisdom, that elusive thing that allows a person to put knowledge into thoughtful and reasoned action. Wisdom is really a rare thing and is acquired only through life experiences and the crucible of trial and error. It is only in these things that wisdom is learned. Someone who has existed in the hothouse of academia, sequestered from reality of day-to-day life of a society and people, cannot acquire real wisdom. Only through the doing, not the theory or imagining, can real world wisdom be gained.

Thus the respect in most societies for the elders, those that have “been there, done that”, that have survived their mistakes, screw-ups and failed theories. Only the dreamers, those that live theories, manifestos and ivory tower ideations, are looked up to by a society that respects only youth and the false narrative that such see the world clearly.

We older folks often see “through a glass darkly”, usually because all that we see in our youth driven and oriented society is the rejection of wisdom for knowledge. All the advanced degrees in the world will not give you the ability to actually apply that knowledge in a useful way. 

Wisdom trumps all the “book learning” in the world. Having an MBA without any actual experience is useless and dangerous in that to idolize the degrees and “accomplishments” in academia while ignoring wisdom will cause failure after failure with disastrous results.

Wisdom, acquired over time through experience and trial and error, is the only choice for our nation, so choose wisdom on November 6.
Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Under the Fedora: Courage and crafts

A special contribution from Peter DaTechGuy Ingemi

The fallout from Mitt Romney’s performance in Wednesday’s presidential debate continues to grow as even the farthest left of our populace are unable to deny the president horrible performance, but have come up with creative excuses for it to the point where those excuses have become a source of comedy.
But few people have talked about why Romney did so well.  There is a post at Hennessy’s view that details five categories where Romney excelled:
Command of the Facts
Affable Demeanor
Eye Contact

It made a lot of trouble for lefties particularly the Saturday Night Live gang.  If you don’t believe that Saturday Night Live has been in the tank take a look at this quote from the New York Times:
“It’s boring enough when they’re talking about all this and how it will affect Americans, but when you’re sitting there trying to pull comedy out of it, it’s really bad,” Mr. Meyers said. “There were people on Twitter saying: ‘You must be really happy, there’s so much in this debate. This is writing itself.’ I was like: what debate are you watching?”
Seriously, guys who actually write comedy for a living didn’t have material to use?  It was hard to write?
And note what clip was actually written.  You have Mitt Romney telling saying “I killed Osama Bin Laden” and Obama distracted by anniversary gifts.  The premise being: “Romney is a blatant liar and Obama didn’t call him out.”
There are funny conservatives out there, but until & unless they hit it big, they are as closeted as a Jew in 1943 Berlin.  (Or maybe not, is it just me or do I see celeb after celeb coming out for Romney lately?)
Even more interesting is the premise of the entire NYT article.  Of COURSE it would be hard to come up with such a sketch.

Strangely enough the New Yorker was able to do it in a single image

Of course Clint Eastwood beat them all to it.
You know when I saw that image I presumed it was a parody.  I just couldn’t believe the New Yorker had the guts to do it.

The cover worked btw because while everyone knew it was true many of the elites would not dare say it in public out of fear.

Speaking of telling the truth without fear we have heard over and over about the courage of people like Madonna unafraid to shock the establishment and establishment religion.  Apparently there are limits to such courage
The 54-year-old singer was planning to don a 'Terror Bride' outfit - a combination of a traditional Iraqi bridal veil and a US soldier's uniform - in the video for upcoming single 'Superstar' as a statement against oppression against women and war, but her advisers convinced her to ditch the political stunt because of the outrage it would be likely to cause.
A source said: ''Madonna had the outfit ready to go. She was really proud of it and said it was her 'Terror Bride' costume.
''She had paraded around in it and said she was going to wear it in her next music video.
''At first when people started telling her it was madness she just brushed it off.
''But when they mentioned that her actions could put her life at risk she decided to ditch it from her video and certainly won't be wearing it on stage.''
Imagine the outrage if fear of Christian retaliation had kept her from making the video “Like a Prayer.  The media would be non stop in it’s condemnation.
Then again maybe not, if Christians were the type of people who would murder a singer based on a costume then the media would be the same silent coward they are toward violent Islamists.  Robert Spencer is a man of courage, Madonna is not a woman of courage, you want see a woman of courage, meet Pam Geller…
Or Brigitte Gabriel
for my money they are not only braver than Madonna, but are all sexier too, well except for Robert....

That call in the Braves Cardinals game on the infield fly was one of the worst calls I’ve seen in a playoff game since 1985 when a blown call at first cost St. Louis the series.  I guess the laws of probability took nearly three decades to even things out for the Cards.
They’re still going to have a tough time vs Washington.
There are under 30 days to the election and with Scott Brown running in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as a swing state you can’t turn on any media in my house without running into a political ad…except on my show or blog.
Maybe it’s sour grapes on my part because I’m living hand to mouth in the Obama Years but you would think with a blog ranked as of this writing #192441 worldwide and #31848 nationally and with a Radio show 98 weeks old on a 50,000 watt Radio station broadcasting from the second largest city in New England might be of interest as an advertising platform to SOMEONE.
I guess the bottom line is the ad guys on the left figure not enough of their folks are reading me and the ad guys on the right figure why buy the cow when you are getting the milk for free.
It’s kind of disheartening when you are trying to make it as a business.
Speaking of Scott Brown one of the things I’ve argued to people on the right who are upset with him as the candidate is the idea he the choice is not between Scott Brown & Ronald Regan or Scott Brown vs Sarah Palin but Scott Brown vs Elizabeth Warren.
Many of my friends on the right think it’s our job to nominate the most conservative candidate we can.  I’d like that too but before we can even think of doing that we have a more important task.  We need to change the minds of our fellow citizens so they will VOTE for a more conservative candidate.
 We need to make the case for fiscal conservatism and we need to make the case for social conservatism we need to explain in language they can understand using examples they can relate to why social conservatism is better for the cities, better for the state, better for the country, better for society and better for THEM.
That should be job 1 for the GOP in a state like Massachusetts and if we don’t make that case Republicans will be holding their noses come election day in this state forever.
Yeah it’s not sexy, but it’s how you win in the long run.
Saw Taken 2 this weekend with the wife and my youngest.  It was pretty good, I particularly liked the character of the daughter showing the effects of her traumatic experience from the first movie.  I also liked the quick cuts, it makes it easier to simulate fast action, (my wife disagreed here).
The picture still reminds me of Big Jake, when I see Neeson speak I still hear John Wayne in Big Jake saying:
My job is to bring the boy home alive or  see you dead, every man jack of you, now I’d rather bring the boy home alive, it’s easier but either way I’ll earn my money.
Oddly Neeson expected this movie to be a straight to DVD picture never expecting it to be a hit nor for him to become an “action hero”
I suspect the movie will do very well at the box office,  it’s a perfect date move, the guy likes the action and DaWife thinks Liam Neeson is hot.  Maybe I should ask her opinion on Robert Spencer, but she doesn’t like beards.
The makes say on IMDB there will be no 3rd movie, I wonder if the box office might change their minds?
I did my show live from the American Products store in Cherry Valley last Saturday,  a dealer set up there had what I thought was the absolutely coolest Halloween item ever

Here is a closer look at her stuff. Isn’t that just America though  a woman at home raising her kids comes up with some ideas and it becomes a business.  I’ll be she could sell 50,000 of those candy corn Halloween Candy Bags every year if people knew about them.  (you can order them here)
I think that’s magnificent
Speaking of magnificent, if it’s under 10 days to my 100th show brunch and live broadcast at Lago’s restaurant.  If you are in driving distance from Worcester click here to reserve a spot free.  If you want evidence that you should come here is exhibit A

Even if you are on the left and disagree with me, this place’s food is worth the trip, particularly if it’s on me.
See you next week
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spiritual Campaign for the Canadian Supreme Court

St Michael the Archangel, lead us into battle. Arm us with the Sword of Truth. With Your Shield from God, protect us with vigilance from deception. By the power of God, help us to reject evil, and imprint upon us a Warrior's heart for Christ. Amen

Hail Mary, Mother of God, Patroness of the Americas, we beseech you to come to our aid. Holy Mother, you always point us toward Christ. After you revealed yourself in Guadalupe, many hearts were changed to end human sacrifices. We ask for hearts to be changed, ending the sacrifice of the Unborn. Show the Leaders of the Americas, the Fruit of Your Womb, who created us all in His Image, from conception until natural death. Amen

St Joseph, foster-father of Christ on Earth, come to our aid. Show Men how to be the spiritual leaders of their families as the Heavenly Father intended. By the power of God, reveal to us-courage; and teach us how to be pure in mind, body, and spirit. Amen

On Wednesday in Ottawa, the Canadian Supreme Court will issue a decision regarding a challenge to the law in Canada that currently makes it illegal to conceal the death of an infant both after birth and before birth. In doing so, it is hoped that Canada will legally define life as beginning at conception. The article regarding this can be read HERE.

In support of the hoped for outcome, please join with us as we pray the Rosary at 9:00 AM EDT on Wednesday October 10, 2012.

We ask all those who join with us to pray this prayer daily until then:

My soul magnifies the Lord,
My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!
He looked upon his lowly
servant henceforth all ages
call me blessed.
The powerful did great things for me;
Holy is his name!
His mercy is from age to age,
on those who fear him.
He has shown strength with his arm;
he has scattered the proud.
He casts the mighty from their
throne, he lifted up the lowly.
He fills the hungry with good things,
sends the rich away empty.
He helped his servant Israel,
he remembers his love.
The promise made ​​to our fathers,
to Abraham and his descendants forever.

En Français:

Mon âme exalte le seigneur,
Exulte mon esprit en Dieu mon Sauveur !
Il s'est penché sur son humble
servante ; désormais tous les âges
me diront bienheureuse.
Le puissant fit pour moi des merveilles ;
Saint est son nom !
Son amour s'étend d'âge en âge,
sur ceux qui le craignent.
Déployant la force de son bras,
il disperse les superbes.
Il renverse les puissants de leur
trône, il élève les humbles.
Il comble de biens les affamés,
renvoie les riches les mains vides.
Il relève Israël son serviteur,
il se souvient de son amour.
De la promesse faite à nos pères,
en faveur d'Abraham et de sa race à jamais.

Ainsi soit-il ou Amen.

We also ask those whom are able to do so to fast from 10:00AM on Tuesday the 9th until the Canadian Supreme Court issues their decision on the 10th.

Pray to the Blessed Mother that she intercede on our behalf with her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. May God's will be done!


H/T to Jay Toups and the Toups Family. Follow them on Twitter: @ToupsFamily

Thursday, October 4, 2012

UNDER THE FEDORA: Debates, debates and oh debates.

 A special contribution by Peter ''DaTechGuy'' Ingemi

I’d like to say I delayed Under the Fedora so I could comment on the Presidential debate, but that would be a lie, I’m a tad sick and when I’m sick I’m totally Rubbish as the British would say so I’m a bit behind.   2 min before the debate I’m wondering which candidate will congratulate Miguel Cabrera on his triple crown. I really didn’t think I’d see another one in my lifetime. One of the worst things about this political season is I’ve had no time to follow the most amazing baseball season in years, Not only the triple crown consider:
  • The Oakland A’s have made one of the most fantastic comebacks in history made even more incredible by their tiny payroll.
  • We have seen the AL playoff spots not decided until the final day of the season
  • We have seen the Washington Nationals finish with the best record in baseball
And instead I’m chasing candidates On the bright side I missed a lot of what was a disastrous season for the Red Sox. --------------------------------- Didn’t realize his was President Obama’s Anniversary spending it with Mitt Romney was not much fun. He should have listened to Michelle and just taken in a show or something.   Mitt Romney mentioned his 5 point plan, I’ve heard him speak of it on the trail as has Stacy McCain

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Police Extortion Analysed

In a recent report about Detroit teens taking over a gas station there, I read that the police have been repeatedly called to the station to disperse the teens only to have the teens return to the station upon their departure.

The chilling line in the report was the last one:
Detroit police tell FOX 2 they'll continue to respond to calls from the station. The owner says he may hire an off-duty officer to help keep his business secure during peak hours. (Emphasis mine)
The stench of rampant extortion and corruption reeks! Should this owner be forced to hire an off-duty officer to keep these teens off of his property? NO! The officers should be performing their job and filing a no trespass order on each teen and then arresting them when they violate the order.
If it takes the precinct stationing a patrol car there during peak hours, that IS the job of the Detroit police department, the reason this business owner charges a City of Detroit sales tax as well as pays a City of Detroit income tax on both his business' income and the income he derives from that business.

It wasn't always that way. I grew up in Detroit in the late 50's and 60's, times of turmoil and the expansion of the Detroit Police Department. When I was small, the police had to reside within the city limits and they were prohibited from moonlighting period. Gradually, the police union won concessions that allowed the officers to live where they want, in or out of the city. Then to be able to moonlight as long as the jobs were not connected to security in any way. Then to moonlight without restriction.

Gradual steps that engender less security for the taxpayers of Detroit and fatter wallets for the police officers themselves. I'm quite sure that anyone can dig and find allegations of pay-offs, kick-backs and other forms of corruption in the Detroit Police Department connected with off-duty activities. I knew back in the early 70's several young officers that paid off their precinct sergeants for prime positions on the list of available off-duty officers that was provided to businesses that needed security.

This also points out the canard foisted on the voters, that more funding was needed to pay the police, that since they were on duty 24/7, they needed to be compensated at a higher pay scale. It is suspicious to me when any "public servant" is paid more than the taxpayer who, at the same position in their career, pays the officers salary. The "they put their life on the line" gambit also doesn't hold water. It it did, our military would be paid on a scale with the police. 

Look at the pay of an E-3 and compare it with the starting salary of a rookie police officer. According to " According to a customized salary report obtained through the BLS website, the average annual salary of patrol officers in Detroit was $50,460."

The base pay of a soldier/airman/Marine serving in Afghanistan who is an E-3 in rank (much more experienced than a rookie police officer) is $23,788.80, less than half that of the average patrol officer in Detroit. (Pay data derived from tables on the DFAS website and include the maximum $225 per month combat pay but not housing allowances [BHA] that are based on the local cost of housing that could increase the salary by another $12,000) Even with every possible adjustment, allowance and assistance the servicemember could receive, the Detroit police officer, who goes home to a safe, clean home in the suburbs at the end of each shift, is paid much more.

The progressive mantra of the police need more pay because they "protect" us is utter crap. The police do not protect. They do not prevent crime or stop crimes from being committed. They take reports after the fact and a specialized unit (the Detectives) follow-up and investigate. The other major activity of a police officer is to issue traffic/parking tickets that bring revenue into the city coffers. True, this is a dangerous occupation and police officers ARE killed in the line of duty but so are the servicemembers who are paid much, much less.

Consider as well the average salary of the taxpayer in Detroit: "According to government data, the average salary for jobs in Detroit, Michigan is $31,427, and the median income of households in Detroit was $28,069."

The police officers of Detroit have a great thing going. A political machine (in the guise of a public sector union) that ever increases their salaries while extorting more from the average taxpayers that they supposedly "protect and serve" when it really is that they are protecting their jobs and serving their bank accounts, not the citizens of Detroit.

This is what happens in most major cities and many other urban/suburban areas, not isolated to Detroit.

We need to recognize our needs and address those needs appropriately, without hyperbole or inflated rhetoric. The ability of our police departments to extort average citizens just because they can must end. 

All corruption must be rooted out and the realization that the old policies existed for a reason must be embraced!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Luke 12:1-3 NIRV

1 Jesus spoke first to his disciples. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees,” he said. “They just pretend to be godly. 
Everything that is secret will be brought out into the open. Everything that is hidden will be uncovered.
What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight. What you have whispered to someone behind closed doors will be shouted from the rooftops.

Mayhap everyone involved in the National Bloggers Club and the ACLJ/James Henderson Sr. debacles should keep the above scripture in mind and take it to heart.

As Father Zuhlsdorf says, “Confession is good for the soul”.