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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan does not like Canada's health care system. And he's RIGHT!

 Sun News is fussing about Ryan's 2009 speech in witch he described Canada's health care system as ''archaic and obsolete''. You know what? I FULLY AGREE WITH HIM!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
 Has the Obama administration explained to Americans the facts about Canada's model of government health care? Is this the kind of national health service the U.S. should imitate?--Paul Ryan in the American Spectator--

Before you get your undies in a bunch, hear me out:

I know all too well the woes of our system. My wife has a chronic illness, Crohn's disease. We visited MANY hospitals over the years, usually thru the ER when she has a bad relapse. The average waiting time in Quebec's ERs is 14 hours. I say we waited more than 24 hours more than once. The system being free, the hospitals are crowded by people with various situations from open fractures to a bump on the noggin. While we wait we see a slew of people with colds and the flu, waiting, and spreading their disease with everyone who have LEGITIMATE REASONS to be in the EMERGENCY rooms. ( let me point out that I strongly believe that you have NO BUSINESS in the ER with a cold. Unless you are immuno-suppressed, take 2 Tylenols and drink plenty of fluids. Seriously.)