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Thursday, September 27, 2012

ACLJ Quietly Scrubs Away a Senior Counsel

It appears that the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has quietly removed every reference to their Senior Counsel James M. Henderson, Jr. from their website.
Additionally, Mr. Henderson has been removed from the list of Adjunct Professors at Regent University Law School.
The question is, why? What has caused this legal stalwart of the conservative cause, a brilliant constitutional law specialist who was deeply involved in the Terry Schaivo case, the Bush/Gore recount boondoggle and legal protector for the National Bloggers Club, to have his presence apparently scrubbed from the ACLJ website?
I can’t seem to find a retirement notice, death notice or any of the other type of notice that occurs when a noted legal scholar and practitioner departs such a high-profile law firm.
If Mr. Henderson had merely been hospitalized for a lengthy stay, gone off on a bender, taken a sabbatical or kidnapped by aliens, the ACLJ and Regent University Law School would not have removed any reference to Mr. Henderson.
These actions, coupled with the lack of any public statement about Mr. Henderson from either entity appears to validate the rumors circling (and reported on by Exposed Politics and The Patriot-Ombudsman). If these rumors are true, a public statement by the ACLJ is in order. If they are not, that also is a reason for a public statement by both entities.
At the very least, I would expect to see Mr. Henderson’s bio page at ACLJ restored with an added line like “Mr. Henderson is on sabbatical.”
There are some who will accuse me of being a member of “The Kimberlin/Rauhauser Axis” because I am pointing out a fellow conservative, or at the very least of being a tool, of being directed by someone on the left. 
Pure BS.
No one tells me what to write, who to write about or when to publish my articles.

We MUST question our own lest the opposition assail us for hypocrisy. Open and honest dealings are what we expect from those people and entities that purport to represent our voice and cause. Proper reporting of these events and/or exposing of individuals and entities that do not meet the standards expected of conservatives is an essential part of our cause. Deals behind closed doors, cover-ups and any other dirty dealing is simply not acceptable.

UPDATE (12:40 EDT): After an exhaustive search, I have found numerous mentions of Mr. Henderson being an Adjunct Professor at Regent University School of Law but never a listing for him on the Adjunct Faculty web-page, even using the Way Back Machine! 

Is it possible he has been fraudulently inflating his resume and status all along?

UPDATE II (13:05 EDT): Even deeper digging has revealed that even though I could not find Mr. Henderson on any listing on a web site owned/operated by the University, I did find him on the Chamber of Commerce web site ( and about a third of the way down the page is this entry:


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