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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The new generation....

Ever stopped and wondered why our world is so messed up?
We went out for a short drive today to get lunch and run a few errands.  Started out by the dollar store for munchies and stuff, and when I was waiting for someone to get out of a spot to park, the kid (20-22 y/o) seemed to have a beef with me when he drove by. He had lots of room and I didn’t beep the horn or anything, but gave me the stink eye. I got out to see what his problem was, and I guess he didn’t expect a guy my shape coming out of the wife’s little Hyundai, because he fled like the little wannabe gangster he thinks he is.  So you give me the ‘’stare’’ and drive off???  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh tough guy, aren’t we?

So we decide to hit Burger King, but go the extra mile because the one closer to us sucks ass. I mean really suck ass. It’s dilapidated, the service is just……awful, and the cleanliness is not what you would expect from say the clown-feed chain.

Here I must give you fair warning, you may read the following and think: ‘’well, that’s RAAAAAcist’’. It’s not. I’m just describing what is going on in one of America’s biggest chains. 

So we get to the restaurant and order our food. The cash register kept on freezing up and it took several minutes to order. We waited for our order and I watched the kids working the kitchen for a bit. They are 98% black. Out of 7 employees, only one white girl and one Hispanic girl (the girl at the register).  The black kids are disorganized, they are dragging their feet, are loud and obnoxious, and couldn’t be bothered to get the order out as fast as it should in a fast food joint. They’re walking around, chatting and showing off their phones…..
When we finally get our food, we realize the PLAIN double cheeseburger my wife ordered is dressed.
( Let me open a can of worms here: Why is it that it takes LONGER to get a plain burger at the 2 leading chains of fast food??? It’s LESS stuff, not more!!!!)
So off I go to the counter to tell the white girl, who is not the one who put the food in the tray ‘’Hey, the plain cheeseburger we ordered is dressed. She said we’re sorry and told the black girl working the plate. The black girl shouts at me from the kitchen that I got what I ordered…. So I tell her no, and pull out my receipt. She then proceeds to rip it out of my hands and shove it in the white girl’s face telling her she always gets blamed for her mistakes, even if she didn’t know who served us. I told the black girl to ease off, she’s not the one, and the little bitch gave me the hand.

I let her have it. And her team lead, and the owner of the franchise who came out of the office when he heard me telling the employees off.  I told the owner that if he was any kind of a good owner, he would fire most of the staff he had on the floor that day. He replied that I must be a racist, and that of course I would only keep the whites, right?

I was livid. Not my fault the only employees there that day that did their jobs were white.
So I’m the rAAAAAcist in this, am I?? 

So I begin to educate him on how playing the race card is NOT gonna fly with me. I’m not gonna be accused of racism when I’m stating facts, and said EMPLOYEES and not BLACK EMPLOYEES. To call me a racist when the restaurant is half full is not going to be left alone either. And I went back to the table, because frankly I was gonna punch him in the face and throw him in the deep-fryer.

Then I got to look at the customers. 98% blacks. 3 families of Caucasian people including us, and a few middle eastern families. Kids are running in the restaurant, unsupervised and wild between the legs of people coming with trays full of semi-hot food and beverages, screaming and being wild. Not in the play room, in the damn restaurant. The 2 other kids, (white) were sitting quietly and eating their food before going to the structure, removing their shoes (the others didn’t even though there is a clear sign at the door) and playing ‘’normally’’, while the others walked in and out of the room with their food dripping ketchup and stuff all over the place. Not one….I repeat, NOT ONE PARENT said a word. NONE! 

Back when I was a young pup, my dad or mom would’ve grabbed me by the arm, drag me back to the table with my feet barely touching the ground, and sat me down with a warning of an incoming kick in the ass. Most parents would have. My kids know never to act like brats in public, and not to get fresh with me, or the wife. It was part of their upbringing.
Don’t think for a minute that I am blaming the kids. I am not. Kids need guidance and discipline.
I blame the parents. And yes, I blame the BLACK PARENTS in this case. If it was white folks doing the same thing, I would speak up as loud. But today, it was NOT white people…

What happened to the world?? Where is the politeness and respect that was forced on us way back when? Where is the courtesy when driving??
On the drive home, people were cutting in line with no signal, weaving in and out of lanes. It made me furious, because I used to think it was only airheads doing that kind of stuff….today I realized that no, it’s not only a few idiots, it’s the VAST MAJORITY of the generation coming up now.

I’m not some old crusty, bitter man….I’m 41!!

Why? What happened??
Did all of a sudden decency disappear?  What caused this? Isn’t parenting your kids the most important thing you can do with your life?? NO???
We were raised right…why aren’t we raising our kids right??

And then you get the father of the 2 Boston Bombers telling the world that they were framed….say what??  How can they be framed when throwing EXPLOSIVES at police and shooting at them?? SELF-DEFENSE???

I hate this world we’re in……..


CAIR tries to convince us that Islamic teachings had nothing whatsoever to do with the Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist bombings

CAIR tries to convince us that Islamic teachings had nothing whatsoever to do with the Boston Marathon Muslim terrorist bombings

Political Clown Parade: The Word Most Linked To “Chechen” Is “Terrorist”

Political Clown Parade: The Word Most Linked To “Chechen” Is “Terrorist”: CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody. — Boston Police Dept. (...

Under the fedora: Boston Gosnell & Doctors

The topic of the day is the Boston Marathon Massacre
When I started writing this we didn’t know who had done this.
With the level of camera and smart phones it was highly unlikely that the placement of the bombing wouldn’t have been caught on camera, When it comes down to it we actually found out who did this pretty quick.
Things continue to be happening fast, the best thing we can do right now is:
1.        If there is anything we know or can do to help contact authorities & do so
2.       If we can’t be of help to the authorities then stay the hell out of their way
As for the Chris Matthews, Alex Jones and Michael Moore and Jansing& Co and NPR who have all made allusions to nonsense without evidence I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I don’t think I should be lying to you.
Instapundit linked to a piece in the NY Post from last year by Gabriel Malor about the media trying to blame the right seven times in the last 3 years
The media’s habitual blaming of the political right is endemic and incurable. Media figures sincerely believe the right wing is violent, so naturally assume that violent people must be right-wing. This won’t be the last time they make that mistake.
Sooner or later a person on the right is actually going to do something like this and when it happens the left will never let us forget it.  It will be the exception that proves the rule, that’s why they’re called Exceptions.

The Senate Campaigns Democrat & Republican have been suspended in the wake of the Bombing of Boston but oddly enough the Senate Campaign of Gabriel Gomez was almost permanently suspended.
Gomez ran the Boston Marathon finishing  before the bombs went off but not by much
Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Gabriel Gomez is reflecting on yesterday's explosions at the Boston Marathon, giving thanks for the safety of his family and staff and offering condolences for the injured and deceased
Think for a second if he had chosen to wade into the crowd and shake a few hands near the finish line we might be reading about the dead or maimed GOP candidate for senate.
Life and death can be a very arbitrary thing.

Speaking of life and death there was an awful lot of death going on in Philly at the practice of Kermit Gosnell but the mainstream media didn’t really care.
NBC-10 Philadelphia reported that, Stephen Massof, a former Gosnell worker, "described how he snipped the spinal cords of babies, calling it, 'literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body." One former worker, Adrienne Moton, testified that Gosnell taught her his "snipping" technique to use on infants born alive.
Massof, who, like other witnesses, has himself pleaded guilty to serious crimes, testified "It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place."
The media was dragged screaming and kicking to the story:
The grisly details drew mainly local attention. But after an online furor that the case was being ignored by the national news media because of troubling accounts of late-term abortions, reporters from major newspapers and television networks descended Monday on the Court of Common Pleas
James Tarento at the WSJ was amazed
What an amazing headline that is. The editors of the New York Times declare that they're covering the trial under protest, yielding their news judgment to an angry online mob. It's probably the most honest thing they've ever published.
I’m not, the MSM absolutely hates the Gosnell story but they certainly don’t want to BE the story.
On the bright side for the MSM thanks to the Boston Bombing they now have an excuse to put something else on the front page.
What a difference a couple of weeks make, a few weeks ago the gun control debate was all about how nothing was going to happen, then last week it was all about how suddenly it had all the momentum and this week suddenly the Same Senators who won a vote to advance the bill as saying it’s doomed.
The MSM would like to continue their full court press for gun control that has been going on since Newtown after all it keeps the press away from the economy but just as the Boston bombing gave the press a reason to keep Gosnell off the front page it also prevents them from keeping gun control ON the front page.
Pressure cooker control, well that’s a different debate.

This was tax week and I got my taxes in Friday.  I still do them myself, it’s a bit of a pain in the neck but it saves me at least hundreds and when money is tight that counts.  I still send in Paper copies on my federal return but on the state version due to current laws and the nature of my return I’m required to file them online. 
I generally don’t have a lot good to say about the Massachusetts tax system but I have to say their free online filing system is one of the most user friendly programs I’ve ever used. 
It’s nice when  state government does something right.

There are all kinds of tricks you find when money is tight, here is one story out of DC:

The Panel Crasher lost his job at a nonprofit organization at the end of March when a federal grant that was funding his position expired. He suspects it might have been hacked off because of the mandatory budget cuts that went into effect because of sequestration.
After losing his job, the Panel Crasher says he started joking with his friends about how to fill his time between now and the fall, when he enters grad school. Finding a full-time job for just a few months seemed unlikely. But with the loss of income, he needed to figure out how to feed himself, and remembered all the lunch events he attended.
"I said, 'Oh, I won't have to worry about feeding myself because I can go to all these panels around town',
He goes on to critique the various meals.
This really gets me A person who had a job that at a "non-profit" that was funded by taxpayers loses his job and then when the government won't pay for his food (except for the unemployment check and foodstamps if the person qualifies) decides to find organizations that have free lunches for eats, the critiques the food if it isn't good enough.

Now THAT's what I call the entitlement culture.
A while back I did a piece on The Good Wife and liberal propaganda, we saw another example of this from this week’s episode trying to turn Anonymous into heroes.
The problem with noticing this stuff is that once you learn to see it you see it everywhere.  The trick is to make sure you aren’t creating it in your mind.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but you general y aren’t going to lose if you bet on media bias.
I’ve been following the Doctor Who 50th anniversary stuff with great interest.  So far the only former Doctor who has been confirmed is the 10th Doctor David Tennant
I understand that historically the Doctor Who staff wants to keep details secret but if you have none of the living doctors (Doctors 4-8) then it’s not a 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, it’s the 9th anniversary of the new series.
Additionally everyone EXPECTS the past doctors to be in the show,  it wouldn’t be a huge spoiler if the team announced they would be there and if they are not including them what’s the point?
I’d really appreciate it if they didn’t yank us around.

Finally on Friday while Boston was locked down I took my wife to the Golden Geese Quit shop up in Concord NH,   I don’t like the idea of being locked down on principle, especially by a terrorist but forget that for a second, there is always a big story to cover, an internet discussion to have or something so important that you just have to say something, but in the end you only have one wife and so much time in a life to spend with her.
There are a lot of people who recommend investments, but the investment of a half day with the wife or husband, even if it’s shopping for fabric or at a Doctor Who convention, is the best investment you can make in your life
See you all next week.