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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fluke YOU

Loaded with rhetoric and absent of fact the trickle down war on women narrative pushed by the Democrats is dripping on AZ Republican candidate Jeff Flake.
Rife with accusations of denying women access to physician ordered mammograms and redefining rape to defunding planned parenthood. To the first two, I say show me your proof. To the third, I say hallelujah.  Let’s parse.
Redefine rape? A complete lie. The bill he signed May 2011 did not contain the words forcible rape (I wish they had, but that is neither here nor there) and he told Tucson Weekly August 23, 2012 that he makes no distinctions between the myriad forms of rape (probably invented years ago by democrats) “Forcible rape seems redundant to me” he said.  And one would expect as a husband and father, horrifying too. Let’s not forget the drubbing he weathered to stand with his daughter when she competed in the final portion of a scholarship wining pageant causing him to miss a congressional vote.
  Jeff Flake does not want or need to deny mammograms to anyone. President Obama will do that just fine if re-elected. Obamacare already wants to stop mammograms to women under 45 and then decrease the frequency.  The few mothers lost to breast cancer easily mitigate the cost of the mammograms, a thought process abhorrent to Flake, the GOP and all decent people. Flake stays out of medical decisions unless it’s his own or that of his family.
Jeff Flake is in favor of cutting off FEDERAL funding to Planned Parenthood, an organization whose original mission is clouded by its founder’s belief in Eugenics. Boasting an annual billion-dollar haul, Planned Parenthood is ‘doin just fine’ and should rely upon their ongoing and extensive fundraising efforts. They were quite effective in bullying Susan G. Koman last year.
Throughout this campaign cycle, the democrats have objectified women and used them as tools. Branding 30 year old perpetual students as poster children deserving free birth control and urging women to vote with ‘their lady parts’ demeans women and takes away their power.  Jeff Flake’s polices empower women to hold dominion over themselves.
His experience with the several women in power positions in his campaign and his dynamo wife should give him a fair indication the fairer sex is quite capable of obtaining her own contraception if she chooses. Help has always been available for those in need through title X and Access.
Since Sandra ‘Fluked” herself before congress, she has been the darling of the liberal media beating the false narrative that it is conservatives and not liberals who wish to insert the federal government into women’s reproductive rights. Tell me again who is pushing the free birth control? Get the Fluke away from my uterus Sandra; I’m sticking with Flake.

Wisdom Puts Knowledge into Thoughtful and Reasoned Action

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. It seems that the liberal world touts and lauds knowledge as represented by formal degrees, attendance at “superior” institutions of learning (i.e., Ivy League schools, etc) and degrees. These things, while sometimes laudable, hardly represent what is needed in our nation and especially in our political leadership.

What is needed is wisdom, that elusive thing that allows a person to put knowledge into thoughtful and reasoned action. Wisdom is really a rare thing and is acquired only through life experiences and the crucible of trial and error. It is only in these things that wisdom is learned. Someone who has existed in the hothouse of academia, sequestered from reality of day-to-day life of a society and people, cannot acquire real wisdom. Only through the doing, not the theory or imagining, can real world wisdom be gained.

Thus the respect in most societies for the elders, those that have “been there, done that”, that have survived their mistakes, screw-ups and failed theories. Only the dreamers, those that live theories, manifestos and ivory tower ideations, are looked up to by a society that respects only youth and the false narrative that such see the world clearly.

We older folks often see “through a glass darkly”, usually because all that we see in our youth driven and oriented society is the rejection of wisdom for knowledge. All the advanced degrees in the world will not give you the ability to actually apply that knowledge in a useful way. 

Wisdom trumps all the “book learning” in the world. Having an MBA without any actual experience is useless and dangerous in that to idolize the degrees and “accomplishments” in academia while ignoring wisdom will cause failure after failure with disastrous results.

Wisdom, acquired over time through experience and trial and error, is the only choice for our nation, so choose wisdom on November 6.
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