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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perhaps It's A Fluke ...

How does a not too smart (she can't figure out how to afford her contraception but can figure out how to afford a weeks long trip to Europe) woman attending Law school end up introducing the empty suit in chief at a rally in Colorado?
(How did she afford the airfare to Denver from DC? That's quite a bit more than the $9 per month cost of birth control)

Is it a fluke Sandra Fluke is being promoted by the Cultural Marxist agents of change in the Democratic Party and in the "Suborned and Complicit Media™"?

Not at all! She is being promoted as the modern "every woman" by the liberals. What great example for us to use in raising the next generation of young girls! (sarc)

One who demands others support her and demand those supporting her have no voice in her life or actions, demands to live out of our collective wallets and also demands that regardless of our beliefs, she'll spend our money on anything she wants even if it against our religious beliefs.

Worst. Role. Model. EVER!