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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Whitewashing the Heart of the Holocaust

Whitewashing the Heart of the Holocaust

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Scottcarp Dream: Where Is The Outrage, The Riots, The Call For Just...

The Scottcarp Dream: Where Is The Outrage, The Riots, The Call For Just...: **Wake Up White Boy**   The text description is very horrific !!!!  As horrific as this is, it needs to circulate!!!  The animals pi...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Under the Fedra: Repeats

I’m a Big Three stooges fan and being a Stooges fan it means I like repeats, this has been a big week of repeats.

The most obvious repeat has been Anthony Weiner once again being caught with his Pixels down
New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner confirmed the authenticity of new lewd, sexually charged online chats and photos that were posted by a nightlife website over the past day.

Nightlife site "The Dirty" posted images and conversations that allegedly came from Weiner to a 22-year-old woman under the pseudonym "Carlos Danger."
Anthony Weiner totty quest 2013 however hasn’t pulled him from the mayor’s race
With his wife by his side, Anthony Weiner said Tuesday he's not dropping out of the New York City mayoral race despite new revelations that he sent additional lewd photos and text messages after he left Congress in disgrace for his prior online chats.
I think this and his wife’s decision to not only stick with him but to do it in a very public way designed to have the maximum impact on the campaign says a lot of very interesting things.

While according to Mika Brizinski everybody loves Huma Abadin and thinks the world of her I find their whole situation fascinating the daughter of a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood female auxiliary marrying a prominent Jew in 2010 as he is at the peak of his power and influence.

I like Romeo & Juliet as much as the next guy but the Capulets and Montagues have nothing on the Muslim Brotherhood and the Jews

He then crashes HARD and what happens next? Not only does he still maintain financial strength. Not only did people remain on the net defending him, but he manages to get sufficient financial backing to launch a campaign for the highest profile Mayoral position in the United States.

People give money to pols and perspective pols because they either expect a return or they have a fanatical belief in the candidate. I’d be really interested in knowing who backed this guy up.

Or to put it another way,. Was Huma protecting her investment in her investment in her marriage & family or was she protecting the investment of the Muslim brotherhood and or the backers of Anthony Wiener?

It’s not a comfortable question but it’s not an unfair one either.

There is also the offer of a position at Politico, we’re talking about repeats, I’d really like to know if Anthony Weiner in particular or more importantly if Liberal Democrats in general have hiring privileges at Politico at even an advisory level.

That is one repeat that would be critical to discover.


A second repeat took place this week in New Hampshire. James O’Keefe of project Veritas spoke at an Event in Nashua. You might remember he had some issues with the NH AG over his sting revealing how easy it is to vote the dead in NH.

Well in his return he laid down the gauntlet:

“I’m going to come to the 2016 presidential primary here in NH. And I’m going to expose the fact that I can be voting the names of dead people AGAIN.“

Here is the video:

Breitbart said “Bring it on” O’Keefe does the same


A third repeat took place for myself. I guest hosted on Conservatively speaking on WCRN and did two hours there. It was a good time and a good show, it proves you can go home again

I also had the repeat appearance of Mike Hummell the former Hostess baker on my regular show talking the return of Twinkies.

I still think the union should have taken that deal but given particularity the money that was taken from that pension without permission I can’t find it in me to question Mike’s decision or the others to say no. It’s just Going Galt in a different way.

BTW my radio show DaTechGuy on DaRadio now is repeated twice, once at 11 PM EST on Saturday and at 10 AM on Sunday.


A fourth repeat is coming next month. Market Basket choose not to act on the dispute between Arthur T & Arthur S Demoulas on who will run the Market Basket. A new meeting is scheduled for August and the decision is going to come up again. I can’t see the logic of messing with a company that is making a profit, has a happy loyal customer base and a labor force that would crawl over glass to support their current CEO and the company.

Why would you mess with success?


The fifth repeat comes from England as the story of the Royal family continues with the birth of a new heir to the throne. The crowds have come the cheers have come and the circle of life continues. A few hundred years ago the birth of a new king would have huge political implications for the world, now it’s a media event. Not all things repeat in the same way


In Rio yet another repeat, the Catholic World youth day has come again and the New Pope has been greeted with adoring overwhelming crowds.

Fr. Longenecker said this about it
Surrounded by throngs of young people I realized that this faith–ever ancient and ever young was suddenly alive to me and true to me as never before.

What other institution, what other political party, what other ideology, what other celebrity, what other religion can marshall such crowds and inspire such joy, freedom and power? No wonder the powers of this world hate and fear the pope. No wonder Catholicism is the one religion–despite all its human faults and frailties–that remains at once ancient and wise yet youthful and strong. Only the power of the Holy Spirit himself could pour out on the world this great surge of faith, love and hope.
The Mass the pope celebrates in Rio and the creed and prayers celebrated there are repeated in every house of every day . The faith remains new and old forever.

There was also an explosive device left at the shrine before the Pope arrived some repeats are not good ones

As it is summer TV is full of repeats, although the episodes of the Drama 666 park avenue were new or at least unaired. Because of the cancellation of the show the last episode or two were re-written to give the show closure.

I didn’t like the ending, it seemed contrived but given the circumstances what else could it be, but it is consistent with the possibility of bringing the series back at some future time.

The Big Bang theory is in repeats too, they however are just as funny as the last time around.


There are repeats at the movies too. Red 2 is out and Monsters University as well there is also the story of repeated failure in some box office blockbusters.

People make a fuss about this but there are always summer movies like this that crash and burn big time. It’s not a surprising repeat.


The most important repeat of the week however took place in the House chambers on Thursday when the investigation of the IRS scandal was connected for the first time to the White House.
The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office—that had been established—but to the office of the chief counsel.

That is a bombshell—such a big one
As I watch the White House spin and the media duck this story I’m reminded of the Nixon white House as the train of Watergate chugged along slowly toward it’s finish. Even the impromptu press appearance of the president on Trayvon Martin was yet another repeat, an attempt to change the subject from anything but what is going on.
Still, what landed was a bombshell. And Democrats know it. Which is why they are so desperate to make the investigation go away. They know, as Republicans do, that the chief counsel of the IRS is one of only two Obama political appointees in the entire agency.
And of course Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson’s race baiting and the smallness of their crowds, that’s a repeat too.

Detroit going under, now that’s new

There is one repeat involved however. Detroit got where it did by repeatedly following the liberal economic tax and borrow model for 50 years.

And the repeat will become apparent when other liberal bastions unencumbers by GOP conservative voting blocks follow that same path

This column will repeat in a week. See you then.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Under the Fedora: All Travon all the Time

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty and the left is delighted. I know I know you are seeing outrage, violence and many people beating their breasts, but believe me it is the dream result for the left and the Obama Administration. If the verdict had been guilty what would the left use to justify more gun laws? To attempt to remove stop and frisk? How else would they be able to pretend that white on black violence is the greatest threat to young black men as opposed to other young black men? As they say at the American Thinker
We are forever being told by the left about how awful this country is for anyone who is not white. Blacks are being gunned down in the streets by non-blacks. Except they're not. Muslims are being discriminated against wholesale, and are afraid to leave their homes. Except they're not. Gun owners are violent crazies bent on mass murder, except they're not. Christians are trying to force their religion on us. Except they're not. Tea Party members are racists and violent. I believe the Breitbart reward for evidence of the accusations of tea party racism remains unclaimed, even in this day of cell phone cameras and video.
The narrative is all and if you have to turn George Zimmerman into a “crazy ass cracker” then so be it. The Irony of course that George Zimmerman's while being as white as Barack Obama also has a black grandparent

 If he had been elected in 2004 he would be celebrated by the same people who want his blood as the first black president.

Let’ s not also forget there is a 2nd advantage for the left here. In addition to the things the left is talking about, there are also the things that are not being talked about. The Economy, Syria, Egypt, Iran, the Economy, the Obama scandals… Eventually of course the Zimmerman stuff will fade and the media will need to find another reason to not talk about the president’s performance in office.

I don’t see why the administration keeps worrying about that. Four years of Obama didn’t cause the public to turn against him in 2012 and he’s not running again. One aspect of the Trayvon Martin story that is getting absolutely no press are the details as to why he was hundreds of miles from home on what would normally be a school day.
You never know the answer to a question you never ask, and after this one story by Frances Robles in the Miami Herald, it seems that the media stopped asking questions about Trayvon. But that one article by Frances Robles pulled the thread that unraveled an important story, and for a long time, the only people who kept digging on that story were the bloggers at The Last Refuge. MDSPD Chief Charles Hurley was suppressing the truth about the crime problem within the Miami-Dade school system, and this was why Trayvon Martin never got arrested for his crimes. Instead, he got suspended from school,
And that is why Trayvon Martin was hundreds of miles from home and on his path to George Zimmerman, and way Stacy McCain was mentioned twice in two days on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

There was testimony on the IRS scandal this week. It linked the White House to the IRS scandal. I wonder if anyone in the MSM is going to bother with it or if the Trayvon noise will still be too loud?

Sorry that's not true, I don't wonder at all.  

 North Korea have been caught trying to smuggle weapons through the Panama Canal.

Some things simply never change.

It’s considered a given that a CEO and labor are meant to be at people’s throats, this isn't the case at Market Basket a Supermarket chain in New England where Arthur T Demoulas a multi Millionare owner and CEO faces ejection from the 9 person board.

Mr. Demoulas potential ejection has mobilized workers throughout the 72 store company to appear at the location of the vote to show support for their owner.

How many companies would absolutely KILL for that kind of loyalty from their non union staff?

Ok this might sound slightly sexist, but I was watching, A Few Good Men Recently. It's a great movie but what I really noticed was just how attractive Demi Moore was in that picture. Not once in the movie is she wearing anything even slightly revealing yet she was simply strikingly beautiful, something I never really noticed before.

 That is the true measure of beauty. Sort of like my wife 1st thing in the morning, best morning face in the world.

I find my self noticing this stuff a lot lately, I'm guessing it has something to do with turning 50.

Speaking of Movies I caught two conservative pictures this week. I finally saw Hating Breitbart on DVD. It was very weird to see events I was at, it was even weirder to seen Andrew in places where I hadn't seen him before. I wish I knew him better, he always treated me very nice, one odd thing, I don't see why I got a credit in the movie, the two views of me were in passing and none of my footage was used.

I also saw Monsters University, this time with the entire family. This was one of the best written animated movies I ever saw and (minor spoiler) the decision to use the old technology from the first picture and then switch to modern technology. This movie simply oozed conservative values and themes, I'm shocked Hollywood allowed it to come out.

Some sports. The AL won the All Star Game 3-0 but the big story was the last All Star Appearance (barring another comeback) of Mariano Rivera, objectively the best closer of all time and it’s not even close. Red Sox fans have a soft spot for Rivera because they were able to beat him twice on the way to the World Series but players like Rivera & Jeter and Posada have always been a struggle for Red Sox fans who are torn between the instinctive hatred of the Yankees and respect for players of great skill who play the game the right way.

 I’m going to miss Rivera when he’s gone, except in the 9th inning of any game the Yankees lead the Sox by 3 runs or less.

 I talked about the sixth Doctor special in my last piece and re-watching it I noticed one thing that was missing from that special that was in every other. David Tennant The 10th Doctor had appeared in every other Doctor Who special but the 6th doctor, Nah. I wonder if he’s skip the seventh doctor’s special too. 

Speaking of Sylvester McCoy the 7th doctor his plays the wizard Ragagast in the new Peter Jackson trilogy the Hobbit. Jackson’s 2nd movie looks great but he’s taking a lot of liberties with the book, given it’s a short book you have to stretch it with three movies but there are things that shouldn't be hard to keep.lays the wizard Ragagast in the new Peter Jackson trilogy one thing that was missing from that special that was in   

Finally while the Zimmerman case continues to dominate the news some extraordinary things have been happening. Including Pope Francis being named man of the year by …Vanity Fair Italy. Slowly but surely this Pope is setting up the background noise. He is the ultimate in the shrewd as serpents and simple as doves field. But as the Pope, he oughta be

 See ya next week.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

J-Nap buh-bye bIg guy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Under the Fedora: Zimmerman, Egypt and more...

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For the mainstream media there is no story more critical than the George Zimmerman trial
In one regard it’s no surprise.  Anything that can provide 24 hour cable networks with a steady stream of content is of value.  The MSM’s obsession with the case and the continuous coverage has been dangerous  to their credibility.  For a year the people have been told by them that George Zimmerman was a murderer who killed Travon Martin and walked because of race, unfortunately for them the state of Florida’s case has been so weak that their own people can’t see how Mr. Zimmerman can be convicted.  Even more amazingly they’ve been saying this prior to the defense presenting its case.
If there is any consolation for the left, the probable acquittal of Mr. Zimmerman can and will be used as a political football in 2014 in the same way that the case itself was used to help re-elect Barack Obama in 2012
One thought.  George Zimmerman’s parents are Robert Zimmerman and Gladys Mesa. 
I submit that if George’s parents had been Robert Mesa and Gladys Zimmerman and if he looked more like his mother than his father,  the media and the race hustlers would not have made a peep and the case would not have progressed beyond the  initial police investigation.
There was an interesting moment on Morning Joe this week where both Elliot Spitzer, the former NY governor who was hiring hookers and Anthony Weiner who was tweeting out his junk to young women appeared for interview on the same day concerning their campaigns in NYC for Comptroller and Mayorreceptively.
Mika Brizenski was raising the question of how New Yorkers, particularly women could vote for either man given what they had done but the answer to that question didn’t come from the interviews, it came from what might be considered a throw away segment on the very same show.
With the news that Governor Rick Perry is not running for a 4th term in Texas and is obviously (although he has not announced it) running for president in 2016 A segment comically hitting Texas’ governor was aired. 
That’s really says it all.  Rick Perry failures on the campaign trail were pretty much of style and may have been induced by the medication from an operation, while Spitzer’s & Weiner’s failures were of character, honesty and in Spitzer’s case law.  Yet who is openly mocked?
I submit that if Governor of Texaswho has,  during one of the worst financial times in the last 100 years, made his state a success choose to run for either of the Comptroller or Mayor of NY his chances of winning the votes of the people of New York in General and Mika in particular over Spitzer & Weiner would be less that winning the  Powerball jackpot with the purchase of a single ticket.
As any person who watched voters in Massachusetts return Gary Studds repeatedly to congress after his issues with 17 year old male congressional pages let me tell you this.  One a location becomes left leaning enough, it reaches a point where nothing a liberal can do will make them less acceptable as a candidate for office than a conservative, nothing!

Mickey Kausdoesn’t trust John Boehner when he says he will not bring the Senate immigration bill up for a vote in the House.  I share his distrust.  The only way to assure he doesn’t give in to the left and the large moneyed interests who want cheap labor  pressuring the leadership of the GOP on this issue is for votes to express themselves loudly through 2014.

The 2nd Egyptian Revolution has been most clarifying in many ways.  It established,  for example the willingness of the media to side with Islamists when the chips are down, but the thing that has been the most dramatic has been how it has proven Michael Totten’s 2005 prediction correct:
“I’ve had this theory for a while now,” I said. “It looks like some, if not most, Middle East countries are going to have to live under an Islamic state for a while and get it out of their system.”
Big Pharaoh laughed grimly.
“Sorry,” I said. “That’s just how it looks.”
Lucky for Egypt they got it out of their system faster than most, even more lucky for them unlike Iran the military had not been compromised to the degree that they were willing to stop the people.
In Turkey removing islamists is proving a whole lot harder.  That Islamist leader was a lot more deliberate in his actions.

I wonder if the Hillary 2016 campaign is adding Egypt to her resume as secretary of state to go along with Russia, Syria and Libya?

One of the characteristics of Arab democracy, Islamic or no ,has been danger to the Christian community.   Christians have been fleeing for their lives in droves.  This has produced an interesting side effect in Israel, Christian Arabs openly and proudly joining the Israeli defense forces:
Khaloul said that until now, many in the community had been too afraid to speak out, but that was going to change. Many are now even referring to themselves openly as "Israeli Christians."
Ali, an organizer for the forum, noted that local Arabs see what is happening across the Middle East and realize that Israel is the only place in the region where Christians can feel safe and belong. "That’s why more and more of us are realizing that there is no other country here that is worth fighting for," he added.
Arab Christians have resisted siding with Israel for three generations.  It really speaks to the current crop of Islamists that they were could produce such a result.
A little culture?Have you heard the latest trend in “empowering women”  Takinggroup shots naked.
Designed to empower women, they are used to celebrate everything from upcoming nuptials to milestone 30th and 40th birthdays, with professional shutterbugs like Catherine Leonard — who shot Richards and her pal Amy Blair’s joint bachelorette bash in Manhattan last month — capturing the spirit of friendship with carefree portraits celebrating the female form.
Because nothing empowers you as something other than a sex object than a group photo naked that men will stare at.
I’m telling you right now, guys we won the sexual revolution, hands down.

The Doctor Who 6th Doctor special was on last week.  All during it I got the feeling those appearing  wereapologizing for the series without much to say good about it.  That’s not a surprise as this was the era that began the path to  decline and cancellation
Considering that the series was cancelled during the 7th doctor’s run and the 8th doctor only had the movie, the next two special should be interesting, unless they bring in the Big Finish Audios.
Sports, In Baseball the Red Sox continue to not only win but as of this writing the Sox have the best record in baseball.
If anyone had predicted this in April they would have been called out of their minds.  That’s the great thing about baseball 162 games really fleshes out reality from prognostication.
I’ll wager nobody was betting on a Brit winning Wimbledon either.
Finally The Lone Ranger has turned into yet another summer Box office bust as even Johnny Depp could not draw people to see it.  The Atlantic while not meaning to provides a clue as to why:
It comes across like a Western as told by Howard Zinn
And while the world according to Howard Zinn might be attractive to Hollywood sensibilities it just isn’t attractive to the folks who actually pay to see this, the Atlantic again:
You can learn a lot about a film's values from examining the motivations of its villains, and you can learn a lot about a society--or at least what Hollywood thinks society want to hear--when it produces three mainstream movies in a few months that gives its villains the exact same motivation.
Actually you can’t tell anything about what Hollywood thinks society wants to hear, but you can tell a lot about what Hollywood wants people to think.

Later all.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Close Your Eyes and Make a Fist

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I need your help!

My name is Stéphane Beaudoin, and here's my story...You may know me as The Impolite Canadian or MaxPower1971.

I was homeless for the better part of 10 years in the late 80's and early 90's. MY life on the streets nearly cost my life as I was addicted to hard drugs. It was a very miserable part of my life, but it was my own fault. I chose to do drugs and it led me to become a drifter who couldn't hold a job because of my addiction. I ''lived'' from petty jobs and crime.

One day, I finally had enough, and left for a small village where hard drugs were very hard to find and started my new clean life because someone believed in me. This farmer took me in, endured me in my withdrawals, fed me, put clothes on my back, and gave me a job. After a while, I told him of my dream of becoming an excavation/snowplowing contractor, and he believed in me. He forked out 7000$ to buy my first snowplow, and a new entrepreneur was born! And I've been clean since then.

In the early 2000's, I was the president of my own company and employed up to 20 people. I had contracts with Many provinces, as well as private clients. I was debt free and living large. Even helped out a few people along the way to pay it back, and pay it forward.

Then, while trying to do something good for my community at the time, I messed up bad and was fined 150 000$ dollars and that put me bankrupt. You see, I was waiting for the city permit to demolish an old building that was abandoned for many years, when 2 rapes happened in the building. I decided to tear the building down before getting the permit, so no rapist could EVER do their dirty deeds in there again...

After this episode, I built a new business in the same fields, but in a new town. It was never as big as the first one, but it provided for me and mine....until this year when I became sick with a very aggressive staph infection, causing bumps on my skin that would explode in a bloody mess every now and then. The infection is now in my blood and lungs and it very hard to treat because the medication makes me sick even more.

I never asked for anything in life, but now I'm at the end of my rope. I had to take a part time job beside my business because I just can't look for contracts anymore. Some days I just can't get out of bed I'm so weak.

My rent check just bounced, a check to reimburse my mother just bounced, and I have all kinds of utility and insurance and loan payments due this week, and the money just isn't there to cover them. My truck broke down, and now I'm even more unable to work than before.

I desperately need help! . My offer to you is this:

I will reimburse EVERYBODY who gives me a helping hand. EVERY CENT OF IT, within 6 months, unless you state you don't want anything back.

I'm in dire need of a few good Samaritans to help me thru this. I don't want to make my family suffer because I cannot work and provide for them.

My mother and Father helped as much as they could, but they just can't do it anymore.

Help me fight this thing and become a productive member of the community again!

Thank you and God Bless!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

President Stompy Foot Sneers in Senegal