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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Monday, December 24, 2012

The day I stopped believing in Santa...or not.

It was in December 1978...I was just a pup back then, having turned 7 the previous summer. I had been wanting a ''Mustang'' bike for a couple of years, asked for it in every letter to Santa. You know the one with the high handlebars, the ''banana'' seat, and the revolutionary 2 speed shifter sitting on the top bar? But mom and dad always said that Santa thought I was too little to get one.

THE bike

 That year, when I wrote to him, I had a list of maybe 30 things I wanted, but I underlined the bike in red to show that it was the thing I wanted the most. I even cut out the picture of it from the Canadian Tire catalog, and glued the image to the letter. I showed my big brother, who was 15, the letter and he just laughed. He didn't say a word, just laughed.

I was hurt that my deepest conviction at the time was ridiculed that way, but I knew my brother was always looking for ways to get a rise outta me, so I went back to my room, and cried while I was sealing the envelope. I KNEW Santa existed. Forget my brother, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

 I had seen him a few years before at Uncle Jean's house....he came with a horse sled, because his reindeers were sick. He didn't fly, because only Rudolph can make that happen, but I knew it was him because he had my letter with him. He had explained to me that having a grown up bike was a BIG responsibility, and that he had seen the way I treated my trike, trying to jump curbs and what not. But he also said he was hurt to see me cry when my dad accidentally ran over it with his dump truck. So he got me the next best thing, a green machine.
Pretty sure I still have this in my mom's garage...that thing was AWESOME!
 I was so sad that dad had to go get something at the store and missed him. When dad came back, Santa was long gone.

So the next day, I had my letter ready, and gave it to mom so she can mail it. I was so excited about being big enough to get that bike I could barely wait 'till Christmas. I was gonna ride that thing until it fell to pieces. I was gonna ride it to school, ride it in snow because it had big tire thread, and I would park it in the driveway, next to the trucks, so maybe we could wash it when we cleaned the trucks. I was gonna work on it like dad works on his fleet, and maybe get a bit dirty while at it. Maybe dad will let me use his tools too!

I could already see myself with the fire truck red mean machine, impressing all the boys and girls with my ability to ride it on one wheel the length of the driveway, skidding to a stop, leaving a big black mark on the pavement. I was gonna be the absolute coolest kid on the block.

A week or so before Christmas, my dad took me to Canadian Tire, looking to get parts for our old Chrysler, and that's when I saw it. Sparkling with chrome, MY BIKE. I told dad to come and see it, see the bike Santa was SURE to get me this year, because I had been extra good. I even made my bed on occasion. I mean come on, he's GOT to have seen that!! Dad just said maybe he will, and that was it. I wanted that bike so bad.....

On the day before Christmas eve, I was snooping all over the house, as I always did. In the ''cookie cupboard'', the one over the fridge that I could only access by standing on the counter, I found a letter....MY LETTER TO SANTA!!! Mom didn't mail it, WTH?? How can she forget her son's letter to Santa?? Worst of all, she had OPENED IT!! I took it with me to my room, and hid it under my mattress. I was only gonna pull it out when I don't get gifts, to show mommy how bad she was to forget my letter.

On Christmas eve, I still went to bed early, but expecting nothing. I remember that I told mom maybe I wasn't good enough this year, and that maybe I didn't deserve anything for Christmas. Mom said that even bad kids get presents, they just didn't get what they wanted.

On Christmas morning, there were presents under the tree. A few bared my name, but none big enough to be a bike, to be MY bike. By then I was not surprised, but still felt like mom and dad failed me by not sending my letter. After dinner that night, we opened presents. NONE were on my list. My dad had something to fix in the garage, so he was gonna join us later.

The phone rang. Dad wanted me to go guide him out of the garage, because it was tight. So I put my snow suit on and headed outside. I heard the familiar rumble of the old Mack, the flatbed used to haul the steam roller around. Dad opened the garage door, and told me to watch for the bed because it was wide. He jumped in the truck, started to drive out, and then, on the bed, strapped upright......MY BIKE!!!!!  MY FREAKING BIKE!!!!!

I nearly went under the wheels trying to climb on the bed..... My dad came out, lifted me on the truck, and came on the bed with me. He helped me unstrap it, and take it down. He then looked at me and said: ''We know you found your letter to Santa. We opened it because we wanted to make sure you had what you wanted this year, because you are a good boy. You don't always listen, but we love you and we think you are a great kid.''

'' So Santa is not real dad??''
'' He is if you think he is''



Saturday, December 22, 2012

Inside Liberals: We've Got To Do Something About This

As I was reading an AP article this morning (here) that talked about the possibility of Boehner not being Speaker when the House reconvenes, something occurred to me. We have a problem within the Republican party, that the Democrats don't. And until we fix that problem, we won't see a Republican supermajority or a conservative President. The problem I'm describing is the split in the Republican party. Now, I'm not talking about the split between social conservatives and libertarian conservatives, because that has been there forever. What I'm talking about is the split between the Moderates (the John Boehners and Scott Browns of the world) and the "Tea Party People" (the Ted Cruz's and the Allen Wests of the world). This is a split like never before, because they are actually fighting each other. Libertarians and Social conservatives disagreed, but they always thought if they had a united front in the name of conservatism, that the conservative moment would be extremely powerful. Now, the Tea Partiers and the moderates are publicly fighting each other in the media (not literally fist fighting, you know what I mean).  And because the Democrats are united and we aren't, the Democrats are going to get their way, until something substantial is done. This can be done one, of two ways. One, we could have another Ronald Reagan to unite all conservatives, but unless somebody new pops into the political arena (and don't say Chris Christie) we are not going to see someone like that. The other option is that all the people who essentially run the Republican Party. They all sit down and say, we are going to be a party that aligns with the Tea Party/Moderates and either get on board, or get off, because that's who is gonna get our funding. If that happens, then Republicans will start to regain power in the Senate and the executive branch. Finally, on more thing. The left realized that the word "liberal" had a negative connotation attached, so what did they do? They turned that into "progressive". "Progressive" has a positive meaning attached, so liberal politicians will call themselves "progressives" all the time. Conservatives need to do that to. The negative connotation attached to "conservative" can be dropped, if conservatives pick a new name for themselves.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Why John Kerry? Why???

A source tells AP that John Kerry will be nominated for Secretary of State this Friday, to precede Secretary of state Hilary Clinton. My dear God, why John Kerry. I think I spoke about this earlier, but the only conceivable worse pick than Kerry would be Edwards. Kerry is a boob, and shouldn't be considered for Secretary of State, or President as he was eight years ago. I'm no fan of Hilary Clinton, although I do wish she had won the Democratic Primary back in '08, but Kerry is not the man for the job. He has no experience in diplomacy, and served most of his senatorial career on the Small Business and Entrepreneurship committee. Obama, you want to take a "balanced approach", you want to "change" things up. Well then, choose someone who won't be a yes man. Choose a Condoleezza Rice. Hell, you can even choose a Colin Powell and he supported you in both your elections, earning the title of RINO. But the reason why Obama is choosing Kerry is because they cut a deal. They cut a deal during the campaign, and I remember reading an article, on how Kerry was helping Obama prep for the debates, and I remember thinking, "this isn't the last we will see of him".

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Informed Conservative-- Atheists want to end traditional prayers at West Point

 Picture The anti-religious zealots at Americans United for Separation of Church and State never miss an opportunity to bash Jesus Christ and anyone who dares mention His name. The prestigious Military Academy at West Point is the group’s latest target, accused of violating cadets’ constitutional rights by including a traditional invocation before official events.
America’s founders never envisioned a nation afraid of religious expression when they penned the First Amendment – in fact, they set the stage for quite the opposite.
Historically, this nation’s leaders have embraced the positive effect a faith in God can have.
As a spokesperson for the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty explained, “George Washington was famous for his prayers” and “asked Congress to authorize chaplains to be in every brigade.”
Today, however, godless bullies like those in America United target any expression of faith and seem especially fond of harassing the military.
“Any form of religion is under attack in the military,” the spokesperson continued. “We need to respect our plurality instead of trying to quash those who have faith.”
Retired Lt. Gen. and current Family Research Council executive Jerry Boykin joined in the criticism of America United’s complaint.
Because of such attacks on religion within the military ranks, he said he called the Air Force Academy’s “spiritual climate … nothing more than Sunday chapel services.”
He said the current complaint is part of an overall objective “to destroy Christianity in America.”
Furthermore, he said West Point prayers are a tradition, suggesting America United and other church-state separatist groups “want to destroy that tradition because they are anti-Christian and want to erase any remnant of the influence of Christianity on our society.”
In the name of moral relativism, groups that issue demands such as this one seek to refute what should be an irrefutable truth. Christianity and Christians have made an indelible mark on this nation that, overall, has made America greater, stronger and more generous than any other country in history.
While one of our great attributes is the freedom to practice and express any religion – or lack thereof – one desires.
The current interpretation of that freedom among those on the atheist left, though, seeks to erase the historical impact and ignore the positive potential of the Christian faith on nearly every aspect of life.
This has undoubtedly been a major contributing factor to the current state of moral decay in which America currently exists.
B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Like his Facebook page for engaging, relevant conservative content daily.

Inside Liberals: Boehner to Push Plan B, Obama and...

Conservative Blogs Central: Inside Liberals: Boehner to Push Plan B, Obama and...: (Click to Read Full Post). I never thought he had it in him. I really did. I though Bohner would go along with what Obama said and spew a...

Under the Fedora: 1924-2012

Last week, sadly, Peter Ingemi's mother passed away at the venerable age of 88. This is Peter's tribute to her. R.I.P., and may God take you by his side for eternity!

In November of 1924 Calvin Coolidge who came to the White House the year earlier after the death of Warren G. Harding, was elected in his own right to the presidency taking 35 states, 382 electoral votes and 54% of the popular vote vs John W. Davis’ 136 Electoral votes and 28.8% popular and Progressive Robert M. La Follete who managed 16.6% of the popular vote but carried only Wisconsin.
Despite the prosperity of the nation and his own personal popularity Coolidge did not choose to run for president in 1928 and would retire from public life dying in 1933 at the age of 60.

Twelve days after Coolidge’s election in the state he served as  governor,  a Sicilian woman named Grazia gave birth for the seventh and final time.  Grazia had come to America shortly before the eruption of Mt. Etna and follow up earthquake that destroyed the city where she and her future husband Antonio had lived.  He had left Sicily before her and after a brief time in Brazil, would settle in Fitchburg Massachusetts There he would become a barber, marry Grazia, and raise their family at the end of a dead end street.
Two of their 4 girls and two boys did not live to see their sister Mary born. Steven died at birth and the oldest girl had died at age three.  Mary would be baptized at the fairly new Italian Catholic Church, St. Anthony di Padua that her parents had been married in and would live her entire single life in the house on Matthews street where she was born.
On February 22, 1937 Congressman James Paul Buchanan of the 10th District of Texas died.  His wife was considered a shoe in for the special election but had not yet decided to run.  A congressional aide named Lyndon Johnson, wanted the seat.  He visited his father a former three term state Rep Sam Johnson for advice.  The elder Johnson as Biographer Robert Caro put it, didn’t have to think twice.  “She’s an old woman.  She’s too old for a fight.  If she knows she’s going to have a fight she won’t run.  Announce now---before she announces.  If you do she won’t run.”  Lyndon listened to his father.  Mrs. Buchanan didn’t run and after a hard fought victory he took his first step on the road to the White House.
In August of that year Angelina Garbarsi and her husband came from Boston to stay with their relatives on Matthews Street for two weeks as they did every year for the Annual two day Madonna Della Cava festival at Saint Anthony Di Padua celebrating a 13th century Marian Apparition in Sicily.
While Mary & her family (including older sister Lucy, Angelina’s Goddaughter) were strong Catholics, the childless Angelina was considered particularly devout and saintly,  even for her time.  She attended daily Mass and had taken the vows of devotion in honor of the Madonna Della Cava including abstaining from meat on Wednesdays for life.  She had spoken to Mary and her godchild Lucy about the faith often during her annual visits and while Lucy’s devotion to prayer and her Godmother would be strong and lifelong, that November it would be Mary who would take that same vow  on her 13th birthday that Angelina had taken the previous century.  She would never break it.
June 1942 was a pivotal time for America at war.  Off the Island of Midway the American Navy under Admirals Fletcher and Sprague would win the critical battle of Midway sinking four Japanese Aircraft Carriers and destroying the cream of the Japanese naval air force.
That same month Mary graduated from Fitchburg High School.  Many members of the class of 42’ would go directly to war.  Some would not come back.  Mary’s older brother Johnny was already serving in Patton’s Army and would eventually be awarded the Silver Star for gallantry.  A cousin that Mary corresponded with regularly would be killed in action.   Mary would use her math and typing skills sharpened on a Royal Typewriter that her father skimped to buy her to good effect as a secretary but he drew the line when one of her friends offered her a chance to join her in the program flying military aircraft domestically freeing up the men for combat    It would be one of the biggest disappointments of her life and she would speak of it whenever an air show came to town.
 In 1946 Winston Churchill gave the speech coining the term “Iron Curtain” to describe the state of countries made puppets under Soviet control at the end of World War 2.  It was a public declaration of the new reality of the conflict between the free west and the enslaved nations of the Communist world that would dominate life on the planet until the end of the 20th century.
In 1946 Mary would lay out an ultimatum to a 25 year old sailor named Dominic.  They had met through a comedy of errors a few years earlier and when that sailor, who was a hardworking, gregarious carpenter returned from the pacific he was anxious to marry her.  Mary bluntly refused if he remained in the navy.  Dominic wanted a future in the navy, but he wanted one with Mary more.  They would marry the next year and raise five children in their 40 years of marriage.
1968 would begin with the Tet Offensive in Vietnam a military disaster for the Communists but a Propaganda victory leading to the defeat of South Vietnam and causing Lyndon Johnson to not seek re-election. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy would be assassinated within a few months of each other and in November Richard Nixon would win his first term as president. 
Just before Christmas in 1968 Mary & Dominic would move their five children to a much larger house built next door to Grazia who had been widowed the year before.  It was largest home the family had ever had with 4 bedrooms three bathrooms to be shared by the children ages 5-20.  Ironically, within a few years 3 of the five children would be married and gone. 
In 1974 Richard Nixon resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal, a transformative event in American political history that is still felt today.  Nixon was ill in body and mind at the end.  He would recover physically and pols would consult him privately on serious matters but the miracle necessary to recover his public reputation would not come in his lifetime.
It would be a different story in 1974 for Mary.  For the second of three times the miraculous would intervene in Mary’s devout catholic life.  This occasion was in a near empty basement chapel at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church.
After Sunday Mass at St. Anthony’s Mary would attend the healing services of Fr. Ralph DiOrio at St. Bernards making prayer intentions for her ailing mother.
Mary didn’t tell Fr. DiOrio about illness that reduced her to an all milk diet keeping her from the spicy Italian foods that she so loved.  After all she had somehow survived a horrific gas explosion more than a decade before, her terrible burns inexplicably healing without scaring thanks to a cream nobody heard of,  purchased by her husband days before, from a salesman nobody knew that he applied directly afterwards from a jar nobody could find.  That explosion and two unrelated illnesses had brought her so close to death that by age 50th she had already received the last rites three times.  Between that and a life that included some gunplay in defense of her business & children during a long incapacitation of her husband, a limited diet was certainly not going to elicit complaint.
But that particular Sunday after the service ended Mary’s son approached the priest telling him of her illness and asking him to pray for his mother.  Fr. DiOrio calling Mary over declaring:  “You’ve been coming here all these weeks and you never told me you were sick?”  When Mary deferred citing her mother’s illness the priest insisted on praying over her.  At the touch of his hand she collapsed.  When she revived 15 minutes later he ordered her to go home and eat “A good Italian meal” She went home and feasted on Italian food.  To the amazement of her doctor who she visited that week, her illness was gone.
Later that same year she would get a job at the Safety Fund Bank in Fitchburg.  Before the end of the year her experience from the business they owned brought her the position of head teller.  She would stay their till her retirement.
1994 was a year of political change in the country.  For the first time since the 50’s the GOP controlled the House of Representatives and the country would shortly move from deficit to surplus.  The Republican Revolution and Contract With America would mark a resurgence of the GOP for years.
1994 would be a year of change for Mary.  Her mother had died in 1986, Dominic died in 1987 and her final child would marry and move out the very next year.  With an empty house Mary had thrown herself into her work but at age 70 she decided it was time to leave.  Her life remained busy.  She worked the polls for the city, attended daily mass, and served the church in the senior’s group, and as a Eucharist Minister to the sick & homebound where one final time the miraclious would visit.
But the biggest change in her life was, for the first time in her life she had abundant free time for her grandchildren.  Most were now teens, some had children of their own, but the two youngest 1 & 3 would get considerable attention from her in their formative years.  By 2006 both of them and their father would take the Madonna Della Cava vow Mary had taken almost 60 years before.  For her it was a source of considerable pride.
2012 was a big election year for America; Barack Obama was re-elected and in Massachusetts Scott Brown was defeated after winning a special election two years before.
2012 was a full year for Mary.  She watched her youngest grandson graduate from her Alma Mater 70 year after her class of 42.  Her oldest daughter watched over her living in the house Mary was born in 88 years prior helped by a grandchild and his family.  She spent the year surrounded by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and her older sister Lucy still active at 91.
She still had her New Testament, falling apart from daily reading as two others had before.  She had her pistol, but not her bullets, unknown to most and over her objections her oldest son had taken her ammo. She never owned a computer, a cell phone (let along a smart phone), a credit card or cable TV and she was happy. 
On Nov 6th Mary voted for Scott Brown, Two years earlier Brown was the first member of the GOP she had ever voted for in 64 years and talked of it to Robert Stacy McCain.
This year after voting for a Republican for president for the only time of her life she greeted the poll workers whose tasks she had once shared still angry her Scott Brown sign had been stolen.
10 days later on her 88th birthday she renewed her license but a few days later took ill.  She was hospitalized.   Her daughters never left her side and her children and grandchildren visited her daily.
16 days after her initial doctors visit and five days after returning home, my mother Mary died in the house next door to the one she was born in.  She lived a long useful eventful life full of faith and family and had positively touched the lives of other. 
Her life might seem an anachronism to people today, I think America would be better off if they saw it as an example.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FilmLAdd Blog--Chris Lehane on Anthony Weiner

Chris Lehane on Anthony Weiner

American Power--Chuck Hagel Under Fire as Possible Defense Sec. Nominee

Chuck Hagel Under Fire as Possible Defense Sec. Nominee

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cling to THIS

Fact: Pre Hitler Germany was a cosmopolitan place. It is where reform Judaism was born, where Jews thrived and identified themselves first as Germans, by their professions, and religiously as Jews.
For what to have happened there, means it could happen ANYWHERE at anytime. I would imagine this was part of the reason and the thinking that initially caused the cooperation from the Jewish population that had not fled. The other of course would be they had no means by which to fight back.
Moreover, in the States, Precious Prog FDR knew what was happening and did NOTHING.  So laugh all you want lefties at my arguments.  I will cling to my guns and religion and you can try to wrest either from where they are firmly locked and loaded. Until the time comes when either is pried from my cold dead hands, I will use both to protect your backsides as well as mine and those whom I love.
Excuses and assurances of We just want regulations, not a ban!” or my personal favorite, “ But why do you NEED an assault rifle anyway??” are getting comical.
Sing it with me now people.  We don’t want more regulations because I know good and well what happens when that camels nose wedges itself into the tent and so do you. As for assault rifles, the reason we want those is because assault rifles are what will be pointed at me if they come to take my guns.

American Thinker: Professor calls for murder of NRA president

Professor calls for murder of NRA president


The American Maverick: INTERNATIONAL UPDATE: SYRIA: The American Maverick begins a new feature this week.  One of our primary sources for global news and intelligence is a well respected ser...

Monday, December 17, 2012



Australia's Gun Ban NOT Working So Well |

Australia's Gun Ban NOT Working So Well |

Inside Liberals: Watch Out!!! Gun Control Ahead!

After the tragic shooting that took place this last friday, you will hear from many people in the political arena how this should make you hold your children tighter, which is true. Whenever something as senseless and shocking as a shooting at a school happens, it should make you value what you have more, but there is also something you should hold on to very tightly. And that is your guns. I would say your rights, but those aren't exactly tangible. Well I guess you could hold on to your constitution. But the point is, the Gun's Rights debate is far from over. 

One might think that just like all the other times this topic has been front and center in Washington (with maybe the exception of the assault weapons ban in 94') Republicans will take the day, and we will see no significant change in our ability to own guns. Well, I hate to break this to you, but that might not be the case this time. Previous to the shooting that took place this last friday, people generally wanted to keep gun laws the way they are right now. But a gallop poll came out that says that 54% of Americans support stricter gun control laws.

 What don't people get? I'm not going to use the classic phrase "Guns don't kill people, people kill people", because the American public has grown old of the saying, and quite frankly so have I. But still, all these shootings that are taking place are not due to lax gun laws, they are due to a problem in morality. If someone has evil in their heart, they want to do something heinous, and they aren't exactly "afraid" to take their own life just like the shooter this friday, they're going to do something evil. They will find a way to kill. They'll use bombs, or knives, or a car, or fire, or some other means of killing. 

So what can we do? Lots of people will tell you that we should ban assault weapons, but in 1194 before the assault weapons ban, you were eleven more times likely to beaten to death than killed with an assault weapon, and also look at the charts below,  I got them from Mother Jones, a great site.(


I think it's clear that an assault weapons ban would not work (Can Someone please tell Senator Feinstein this), but if you really want to fix the problem, teach kids about religion and morality in school. I'm not saying that we should shove christianity down the throats of all kids in the public school system, by making them say a prayer every day. But how about a class on the major religions of the world? Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Teach kids that you don't necessarily need to follow any of these religions, but talk about how each of these religions promote peace, and living with your neighbor. Teach the kids prayers from each of the religions, so that if they get interested in one of them, they know how to pursue their interest, or at least where to begin. And if someone has a problem with their kid(s) being taught about how faith and religion are good, and the lessons we can learn from them, then they can have their kid opt out of the class, similar to sex ed. If the next generation is engineered thinking and believing in the ideals I touched upon above, then I promise you there will be less mass shootings.

Political Clown Parade: Ample Make This Bed: The Newtown Tragedy

Political Clown Parade: Ample Make This Bed: The Newtown Tragedy: The jackals and hyenas have been circling tiny Newtown, Connecticut since the first moment the world came to know that something horri...

The Informed Conservative: Transgendered male to play on women's college team

 Picture I’ve written in the past about the ridiculous lengths moral relativists will go in order to satiate the desires of the sexually confused. This pandering runs the gamut of stupidity from a man allowed to undress in a locker room filled with young girls to a judge ordering taxpayers to fund a convicted murderer’s sex change operation.
That said, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising when a story like the following surfaces. A college in California is allowing a student who was born male – and stands 6’ 8” tall – to play on its women’s basketball team.
The Desert Storm veteran, father, and former standout on another college’s men’s team underwent gender reassignment surgery just months before being allowed to join his current team.
As it turns out, ignoring his gender at birth is not the only special treatment the middle aged player is receiving. Since he is limited from playing collegiate basketball more than two years under Community College Athletic Association rules, his previous involvement in another school’s program would ordinarily keep him off the court.
Since he is now a “she,” according to a new birth certificate recently approved by a judge, the CCAA agreed to give her two more years to play – this time as a woman.
This is not the first time a transgendered individual has been permitted to participate in athletic activities designed for another sex, but each time such an incident makes headlines, those of us with a traditional value system should take notice.
There are obvious and incontrovertible differences between the two genders and the left continues catering to those who deny and pervert those traits. A series of surgeries – no matter how intrusive – does not erase the genetic makeup God engraved into an individual.
B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Like his Facebook page for engaging, relevant conservative content daily.


The American Maverick: HILLARY'S CONVENIENT EXCUSE: Hillary Clinton must be the queen of convenient excuses.  Especially when it comes to her role as Secretary of State during the investiga...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inside Liberals: The Media, Hollywood, and The White House (Read at Your Own Risk): Obama, Just Say That Magic Three Letter Word

If you are conservative and you watched Obama's speech around 2 hours ago, then you were probably screaming at your television, or siting quietly, watching all that was in front of you unfold, and steam up in anger. Either way you were thinking the same thing every liberal, conservative, socialist, libertarian, communist, green party, etc. person in America was thinking. Just say it all ready. Obama talked about "enough is enough" and how we must take action to protect our children. Basically he talked about how we must change something, how he will do everything in his power to achieve something, but he never told us what something was, but everyone watching knew the "something" that Obama was talking about. It was Gun Control, and hopefully the ban of all guns. Why did Obama resist the urge, why did he go against every fiber in his being to not just shout out "LET'S MAKE GUNS ILLEAL"? It's because he knows that if he does this, then Republican spin misters will scream the classic line of "politicizing tragedy". And Obama knows that if he is accused of that, what he is talking about won't get done. So let me tell you, as I watched our President, with his tie which had bad lighting or something on camera, I just wanted him to say "Gun". I wanted him to say it oh so badly. But he didn't. And because of this, conservatives will have to fight a long, hard battle against Obama and his democratic congressional cronies, and conservatives must win. Because if Obama's agenda on guns rights goes into effect, all hell will break loose and the constitution will lose its meaning. Liberties will be taken left and right, and all these middle-of-the-road liberals who you constantly hear from about "guns kill people", and the purely social liberals who can never make up their minds, those are the people who will all hang their heads in shame for their part in putting America on a slippery slope to a tyrannical society.

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Inside Liberals: The Media, Hollywood, and The White House (Read at Your Own Risk): Obama (Or Someone in his Administration) is No Idi...

Inside Liberals: The Media, Hollywood, and The White House (Read at Your Own Risk): Obama (Or Someone in his Administration) is No Idi...: Sometimes you hear from the right, this outcry of how stupid Obama is, how he's ignorant and doesn't know how the economy works. Well, I'm n...

Please welcome our Newest member: Inside Liberals!!

 NACBU is proud to welcome the newest addition to this indie group of bloggers!!

Connecticut Killer's Mother Taught Him How to Shoot

Connecticut Killer's Mother Taught Him How to Shoot

Celebrities use tragedy to bash conservatives--B. Christopher Agee

Mere hours after a murderous lunatic killed more than two dozen individuals – mostly young children – and himself at an elementary school in Connecticut, leftist celebrities took to social media to opine about a utopian world without guns.
Instead of holding the gunman accountable for the unconscionable carnage, these airheads automatically react by calling for responsible gun owners to give up their constitutionally protected right to bear arms. Most conservatives realize, of course, this would instantly create millions of new victims since anyone intent on carrying out such a heinous crime is probably not going to heed Big Brother’s call to turn in his or her weapons.
Furthermore, as Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh tragically proved, the absence of a gun does not prevent the risk of random and unexplainable violent acts.
To the notoriously shallow Hollywood left, though, restrictive gun control legislation would be a panacea resulting in nothing short of world peace.
Thanks to social media sites such as Twitter, we can instantly see the gut reactions of these self-righteous entertainers, including a screenwriter whose credits include such classics as the “Scream” trilogy, Kevin Williamson.
“We need gun control,” he tweeted. “Stop defending your right to bear arms. You’re stupid.”
Support of the Bill of Rights constitutes stupidity to this ideological lightweight. It’s a bit ironic for Williamson, whose credits include such gems as the “Scream” trilogy and “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” to blame gun ownership for senseless murder. There’s a reason those movies are called slasher – not shooter – films.
Obviously, those of us not affected by this massacre could never imagine what the victims and their loved ones are going through. They need our fervent prayers for God’s comfort, not the bloviations of bloated blowhard Michael Moore.
“Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation?” he tweeted. “No, too late.”
Moore, who clumsily and dishonestly attacked the issue in “Bowling for Columbine,” continued his tirade by claiming the “way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.”
In other words, the Second Amendment is government-sanctioned murder. Is that right, Michael?
Similarly opportunistic Piers Morgan took to his keyboard to ask Barack Obama if he has the “courage to stand up to the American gun lobby,” later unilaterally declaring, “No American needs more than one firearm at home” and calling those with other views “idiot” and their argument “absolute nonsense.”
Unsurprisingly, there are countless other examples of celebrities calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment. When leftists express outrage, it is nearly always directed at the wrong target.
Instead of the monsters behind these horrendous acts, they blame the inanimate tool used. Of course, this is often not because they actually believe guns are responsible but because they believe government control should trump personal liberty.
I – along with millions of my fellow Americans – disagree and will continue to cling to my Bible and guns.
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Dies Irae:

Dies iræ! Dies illa
Solvet sæclum in favilla:
Teste David cum Sibylla!
Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando iudex est venturus,
Cuncta stricte discussurus!
Tuba mirum spargens sonum
Per sepulchra regionum,
Coget omnes ante thronum.
Mors stupebit, et natura,
Cum resurget creatura,
Iudicanti responsura.
Liber scriptus proferetur,
In quo totum continetur,
Unde mundus iudicetur.
Iudex ergo cum sedebit,
Quidquid latet, apparebit:
Nil inultum remanebit.
Quid sum miser tunc dicturus?
Quem patronum rogaturus,
Cum vix iustus sit securus?
Rex tremendæ maiestatis,
Qui salvandos salvas gratis,
Salva me, fons pietatis.
Recordare, Iesu pie,
Quod sum causa tuæ viæ:
Ne me perdas illa die.
Quærens me, sedisti lassus:
Redemisti Crucem passus:
Tantus labor non sit cassus.
Iuste iudex ultionis,
Donum fac remissionis
Ante diem rationis.
Ingemisco, tamquam reus:
Culpa rubet vultus meus:
Supplicanti parce, Deus.
Qui Mariam absolvisti,
Et latronem exaudisti,
Mihi quoque spem dedisti.
Preces meæ non sunt dignæ:
Sed tu bonus fac benigne,
Ne perenni cremer igne.
Inter oves locum præsta,
Et ab hædis me sequestra,
Statuens in parte dextra.
Confutatis maledictis,
Flammis acribus addictis:
Voca me cum benedictis.
Oro supplex et acclinis,
Cor contritum quasi cinis:
Gere curam mei finis.
Lacrimosa dies illa,
qua resurget ex favilla
Iudicandus homo reus.
Huic ergo parce, Deus:
Pie Iesu Domine,
dona eis requiem. Amen
Almighty Father, in Your Divine Mercy, gather the souls of these slaughtered innocents into Your eternal loving embrace.

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