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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Under the Fedora: Christie, Woodward and McFarlane

I’m looking at the dust up between Chris Christie and CPAC and can’t help but remember the movie Witness for the Prosecution from 1957.
There was a speech by Marlene Dietrich’s character at the end of the trial that was the true climax of the movie.
(spoiler alert)
Mrs. Vole:  Remember when I came to see you, you said that no jury would believe an alibi given by a loving wife no matter shown she swore he was innocent.  That gave me the idea.
Sir Wilfred:  What Idea?
Mrs Vole:  The idea to not be a witness for my husband but for the prosecution.  That I should swear Leonard was guilty and would expose me as a vicious liar because only then would they believe Leonard was innocent.
When I look at CPAC not inviting Chris Christie I see the same dynamic. 
MSNBC not withstanding Christie is smart enough to know that the left is not going to lay off of him or paint him as anything other than a right-wing extremist. I suspect he figures with the president winning the state by that wide a spread and Obamacare being the signature achievement of this president (and I use the word achievement VERY loosely)this move takes at least one target off of his chest.
And when it comes down to it, there is nothing CPAC could do better for his re-election efforts than keeping him away.
By staying away nothing he says there can be use to call him a “right-winger” in a +18 Obama state. It also precludes a nasty confrontation with conservatives that could hurt him among a base where he can’t spare a single vote.
And Christie is playing it to the hilt.
“It’s not like I’m lacking for invitations to speak, both here or around the country, it’s not like I have a whole lot of openings in my schedule,” Christie said. He added, referencing the damage to his state wrought by Superstorm Sandy, “I can’t sweat the small stuff. I got a state to rebuild. I can’t sweat the small stuff.”
Every day this is in the news is a day of the MSM lionizing Christie.  That certainly can’t hurt because he know the national media will be turning on him as soon as it fits their purpose.  Every day that moment is delayed  helps him.

BTW CPAC has invited Dr. Ben Carson who gave that famous speech at the National Prayer breakfast this year.  Somehow that hasn’t captured the attention of the MSM.  I wonder why?

Incidentally the Original witness for the prosecution is one of the best films you will see.  Not only is it a spectacular courtroom drama but the chemistry between Charles Laughton & Elsa Lancasterreally makes the movie.  As they were Husband and wife it should not be much of a surprise.
Ironically the 58 year old Laughton was playing a lawyer recovering from a Heart Attack defending the 43 year old Tyrone Power, who would die of a heart attack within a year of the movie’s release.
Nobody is promised tomorrow.  That’s why I’m such a big fan of the Sacrament of Confession.
Sequestration is coming and it’s bringing back memories of my youth to the days of Proposition 2 ½ in Massachusetts

After the measure was passed practically EVERY teacher at the High School was given a pink slip directly after the election. (One teacher generated a lot of laughs by asking the students “do you want to see my pink slip?” and when they said “yes” raising her skirt just enough to see her slip which was in fact pink). Today that would get you fired but in my day we had a sense of humor.
But then after all the worry the teachers were put through a strange thing happened:
The next year the teachers were still there, the school was still there and everything pretty much remained as it had been before. It put the lie to the hype.
The Sequestration argument is pretty much the same and the attacks on Bob Woodward hasn’t made this business any easier for the White House:

Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a "very senior person" at the White House warned him in an email that he would "regret doing this," the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester.
CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that the network invited a White House official to debate Woodward on-air, but the White House declined.
This has gotten a lot of play but as American Globand Breitbart’s John Nolte put it the real story is the number of people attacking Woodward on the left.
If you want to know who is a member of the current version of Journolist this it’s a handy guide.
BTW Nolte is right, Sequestration is going to be blamed by this white house for every economic problem it has over the next two years.  It’s going to be their version of Global warming.

The sad this is it has overshadowed the idiotic release of illegal aliens in detention.  It will not make The White House’s case any stronger.
The Department of Homeland Security has started releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants held in local jails in anticipation of automatic budget cuts, in a move one Arizona sheriff called politically motivated -- and dangerous. 
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said Tuesday that Immigration and Customs Enforcement released more than 500 detainees in his county alone over the weekend. A spokesman for Babeu told that ICE officials have said they plan to release a total of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants.

It would be fun to see the White House suddenly decide to not enforce the gun laws under the same paradigm.

Some Doctor Who.  Saw the special on the 2nd Doctor this week.  I thought it odd that while they had Frazier Hines and Wendy Padbuty as guests on the special they didn’t have Deborah Watling particularly since Tomb of the Cyberman was the first episode that featured her as a companion.
I’m also surprised they didn’t includePatrick Troughton’sson David Troughton who is active in the series, but that might wait till the next special on the 3rd Doctor where he appeared as King Peladon.
The special was on at the same time as the Oscars which I totally ignored.  White uninterested I do find it amusing that so many people like Jane Fonda are so angry at Seth MacFarline for acting like….Seth MacFarline.
Anyone who has watched any episode of Family Guy or saw the movie Ted knew this was coming (particularly the musical numbers, MacFarline LOVES musicals).  The amount of racist, sexist and offensive humor directed against people is considerable.  If anybody thoughtMacFarline was going to change for the Oscars, they have a screw loose.
So I guess they’ll have to find new hosts for next year.  I hear Trey Parker and Matt Stone have the day free…

Spring training has started, nobody picking the Red Sox this year, but this is the time when hope springs eternal for Red Sox fans and even for Cubs fans.
One thing that is also coming up is the World Baseball Classic that starts this Friday.  A lot of people tend to ignore it but I think it’s a great thing for the game.  Including the already completed qualifying rounds teams from 28 nations (now paired down to 16) are competing for the title.
Japan has won both WBC’s so far,  andDaisuke Matsuzaka remains the only player to win a World Series, WBC and Japan Series.
Japan has a great chance to threepeat but I’d love to see a Netherlands vs Italy final.  That’s unlikely but I suspect the odds are better of Italy vs Netherlands in March then a Red Sox vsCubs in October.
Finally by the time you read this the Catholic Church will have no Pope.  To my knowledge this is the only time in history when the church and the people knew the exact day and hour when the Chair of St. Peter will be empty.
I suspect it won’t be the last.
Catch you next week