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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Twitter, Twitter, Little Star ( By Jerry Wilson, Goldfish and clowns)

As the Battle of Butthurt rages on, it’s interesting to note how recent media malpractices are echoed in the echo chamber where the Rockefellers speak only to the Vanderbilts and the Vanderbilts speak only to themselves.
Over the past few days, we’ve seen our ambassador and embassy personnel murdered, our embassies (which are our sovereign territory) attacked, our flag desecrated and replaced with one favored by Al Qaida, embassies of other Western civilized countries attacked, the Middle East drawing ever closer to war… and the media responding by first clamoring loud and long over Mitt Romney having the audacity to criticize an official US State Department communique that threw the First Amendment under the bus as it expressed outrageously outraged outrage over some lame film trailer hurting Muslim’s precious little feelings (after which assorted and sordid members of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage attacked the embassy anyway), then as the horror of our ambassador being dragged through the streets of Benghazi could no longer be avoided shifted its attention to the maker of the aforementioned lame film trailer as the root of all that ails our foreign policy. Apparently Romney and the aforementioned film maker were responsible for egging on an Egyptian crowd to chant “Obama, Obama, we are a million Osamas.” Because, you know, no one in the Obama administration has ever said a word about how Obama was President when the US military found and killed Osama Bin Laden, as to do such a thing might possibly incite assorted and sordid Islamofascists to do things like… oh, attack and murder American officials. Which they’re going to attempt anyway, but now with additional cover reasons for their crimes. Anyway, of course this whole minor incident in Libya by a few misguided misunderstanders of Islam was an entirely spontaneous protest incited by the aforementioned lame film trailer. And one of the protesters  just happened to have a RPG on them. Happens all the time. Why, RPGs are more commonly carried items than cellphones in Libya! As is the case everywhere.
Now that that’s out of my system, moving on to how the aforementioned media malpractice ties into the Battle of Butthurt.

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Authorities continue to intimidate Bible study leaders (By: B. Christopher Agee)

for hosting a Bible study group in his home rightfully outraged a great number of freedom-loving Americans. Granted, some facts emerged later in the case that seem to paint the pastor as less than upfront on some peripheral issues, but the fact remains that his first brush with the law emerged from his desire to increase the faith of his friends and neighbors.
It would be bad enough if this had been just an isolated incident, but prosecution (and persecution) of practicing Christians continues, as chronicled in the recent charges against one Florida couple.
The couple invites up to 10 people into their home on Friday evenings for prayer and Bible study, which local government decided warrants a $250 fine per day for code violations. The targeted hosts framed the hypocrisy perfectly, saying nothing is done when just as many individuals converge on a residential location to view a football game.
Technically, oppressive officials claim, the practice of reading God’s word and invoking Him in prayer makes the home in which it takes place a “house of worship.”
Do we have free speech in America? When churches face the possibility of IRS retribution for politically incorrect sermons, and private citizens are afraid to mention the name of Jesus in their own homes, my contention is that today’s liberal elite views the First Amendment as little more than irrelevant words written by out-of-touch white people.
To be fair, many on the left view everything our founders did as irrelevant, but freedom of speech (and with it, freedom of religion) is the cornerstone of our republic – a right without which liberty becomes an impossibility.
Thank God for informed citizens, even in the liberal hotbed of California. After local officials in that state caught significant flak for fining a couple who hosted a Bible study identified by the city as “a regular gathering of more than three people,” they reversed course and adopted state legislation allowing such small meetings to continue without expensive permits and inconvenient regulation.
For every victory such as this, though, how many dictatorial officials are spying into the living rooms of believers across this nation? The truth is that there should be no need for citizens to fight for their right to pray and fellowship with other Christians. That right should never be threatened in the first place!
Just out of curiosity, I wonder how much manpower is being directed toward every home three or more practicing Muslims happen to occupy at the same time. It’s disturbing we only hear of Christians being subjected to such blatant and overreaching religious intolerance.
B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Like his Facebook page for engaging, relevant conservative content daily.