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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Under the Fedora -- Quick takes

Does anyone actually believe that seeing their friend on TV prompted three kids to go to his dorm and suddenly decide, “let’s take laptops & explosives from his apartment because we had nothing to do with it and no knowledge of it?”
Hitler’s last remaining food taster has outedherself at 95. 
Imagine being offered that job, how quickly would you be shot if you said:   “No!”?
Pundit &Pundettenames names:
Attorneys Mark Greenwald, Charles Hartwell, David Grubb, Andrew Kramer, William Newport, Juan Ruiz, and Kerry Maloney were confronted with a growing pile of disquieting facts about Gosnell, including a detailed, inside account from a former employee, and a 22-year-old dead woman. Every time, though, they managed to dismiss the evidence as immaterial. Every time, that is, until the facts hit the fan.
And asks the question
Have they been held accountable in any way? Have they at least lost their jobs? Let me know if you have any information.

Don't hold your breath.
Hezbollah says they aren't going to sit back and let Assad fallTheir statement is here
So we have the potential of Hezbollah terrorists, fighting Al Qaeda Terrorists, fighting the Syrian Government and killing each other?
As a Catholic I say it's a shame, but the American at war with terror says: "Pass the popcorn"

It's May and as I type this the oil truck came down to my house and made a delivery costing $492
My weekly pay  from writing is $300 and that’s totally dependent on readers.  Two thoughts:
This same oil bill was half the price when George Bush was president.
Global warming my ***

I found an interesting quote at Viral Read concerning yet another liberal fake hate crime:

Even after the threat was exposed as a hoax, a University of Wyoming spokesman cited the “progress” resulting from the “discussion” Lanker-Simons’s fraud had provoked.

“This episode has sparked an important discussion reaffirming that the UW community has no tolerance for sexual violence or violence of any type,” university spokesman Chad Baldwin said in a statement. “The fact that the Facebook post apparently was a fabrication does not change the necessity for continued vigilance in reassuring that we have a campus where everyone feels safe. It’s important that this event does not undermine the progress that has been made in this area.”

Remember this is a university spokesman.  I wonder if a Gay Group, or a Black Group or a Muslim Group had been implicated in a criminal hoax if the university would say the reaction "sparked an important discussion"
Maybe they can give a list of who we can accuse falsely to advance our agenda?

This story has gotten a lot of play this week (except in the MSM)
So President Barack Obama’s civilian appointees who lead the Pentagon are confirming that the military will make it a crime--possibly resulting in imprisonment--for those in uniform to share their faith. This would include chaplains—military officers who are ordained clergymen of their faith (mostly Christian pastors or priests, or Jewish rabbis)--whose duty since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of troops who come to them for counsel, instruction, or comfort.

Remember the quote from Cardinal Francis George :
I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.
 Still doubt it?

Was there anything more disingenuous than the stacked town hall with MSNBC there to bring the Newtown girl to hit Kelly Ayotte?
There is a term for the threat of half the staff of the LA Times threatening to quit if the Koch brothers buy the paper, it’s called “incentive”.

Grief does things to people I would like to think she is being used, instead of using her mother's murder to advance her agenda.

There was a funny post at YouTango giving advice to women on how they lose men.  It wasn't the post that was so funny as was the description of the author as a "certified sex coach"? 
What does a sex coach do.Do she sit and watch and then stop you in the midst of intimacy saying:  No you do it THIS way?
Is it like a baseball manager, if you just don’t have it do they call to the bullpen for a replacement?
And what about Certification?  Who certifies such a person? 
How do they DO the certification?  Do you have a board of 5 people in a room, have the coach sit down, bring in a couple of porn stars to work for 10 minutes and have the coach list what they did wrong?
Unless your state has crime, budgets and a first rate education system I don’t think It should be spending money on certifying Sex Coaches.

Jason Collins the 34 year unsigned backup center late of the Washington wizards is still getting all kinds of Accolades for coming out as gay.  I think it’s pretty wise financial move,  he doesn’t want to be thenancial move,  he doesn' there is no next Larry Doby after all.

What you've never heard of Larry Doby?  That's odd he is a member of the Baseball Hall of fame.  He played 13 seasons in the Majors with the Indians White Sox and Tigers,  led the league in runs and Home Runs in 1952, Homers & RBIs Runs in 1952, Homers & Rbi's in 1954 slugging and in 1948 played on the last Cleveland Indian team to win a world series beating the Boston (now Atlanta) braves in 6 games.
But he was the 2nd Black player in the Majors (Although the 1st in the AL) and even though he won a World Series 7 years before Jackie Robinson .
There is no percentage in being #2  and being the first at a time when the entire media was simply begging for a gay player to come out is the best meal ticket a man could buy.
One more thing now that Collins has come out as gay I wonder if NBA teams will be making sure the work environment is not uncomfortable in NBA offices & locker rooms?  I don’t mean for Gays, I mean for Christians.
I wonder how things would be different if Christians started making those complaints and suing?  Could be interesting.

The 4th Doctor special premiered last weekend and it was simply delightful.  Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and John Leesonthe voice of K-9 all were interviewed.  It actually had some information I had not previously known.  It was a real pleasure.

On the minus side we now have news about 50th Anniversary special that apparently will not be as special as we all thought.

After months of speculation about which, if any, previous Doctor Who actors would return for the show's 50th anniversary episode, David Tennant alone has been confirmed.
The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out today, states: “Although David Tennant has returned to his role of the Tenth Doctor, the other old Doctors will not be taking part.”
It’s not as if the old doctors don’t want to appear either:
"All of us want to do it, just for the fans - because that's what they want," he explained. "But we've heard nothing - Tom Baker's heard nothing, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGann… none of us have heard anything."
Apparently what does it matter what the old fans who kept things going for 50 years. 
"I remember [former Whoshowrunner] Russell T Davies saying something to a fan once - the fan was saying, 'You should bring back the Brigadier and you should bring back Leela and you should bring back all these different characters'.

"Russell said, 'No, it's not appropriate sometimes. It's not always about the uber-fan... it's about the viewer and the new audience who are watching'."
Yeah it’s not appropriate sometimes but for the 50th Anniversary, Yeah it’s pretty damn appropriate.  As I’ve said before, what’s the point of having a 50th anniversary special and not have any of the living Doctor’s in it except for the new series.  That makes it a 9th anniversary special not a 50th big whoop.
That’s the real shame of it all, normally a multi Doctor Story with the 10th& 11th doctors would be a cause for celebration and excitement, instead it a cause for disappointment. 
Cripes is the BBC taking lessons on disappointing the base from the GOP?

is being Lionized everytaff of the LA Times threatening to quit if the Koch brothers buy the paper, it't they did