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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Welcome home, fellow patriots!

 The North American Conservative Bloggers United ( or NACBU for short ) was born because of a lack of solidarity towards the smaller conservative bloggers by the ''elites''. Those bloggers try to monopolize attention on them on ''big'' stories, and give no room for the smaller guys and gals, stealing posts and not linking to them.

They marginalize bloggers about their pasts (even when pro actively disclosed), and by their all mighty hit counters. They went as far as ''VETTING'' bloggers out of stories they worked hard to dig up. They said that some are faking to be ill just to mooch on good people's money. They also blindly follow a leader that, with his lies about his past, made all of us on the right look like utter fools when someone on the left exposed him.

So you're not big? So what?? Your voice deserves to be heard too!

By joining NACBU, your voice will be heard.

How to join? Read the following. And remember: NACBU will ALWAYS BE FREE for ALL members, big or small.


You must be blogging from a CONSERVATIVE point of view.

You must follow other members of NACBU, and link to them.

You must put our logo on your blog or site, as close to the top as possible.

You MUST reply to this post with your net handle, your blog name, and your blog's address. This will be the reference page for other members to link to you.
Copy and paste this logo to your blog, and link it to


That's all it takes. FREE FREE FREE!


We will promote and link to your blog (Twitter, Facebook, Networked blogs, etc.).

We will feature posts from members.

We will ask you to write exclusive pieces for this blog (not mandatory. It's a favor you do to us).

We will take suggestions from members. ALWAYS.

We will promote active campaigns against Democrats, Liberals,  Barack Hussein Obama ( if that's even his real name ) and anti Jihad reporting as well.

We will promote Conservative issues, and point of views.

We will promote FREE SPEECH.


NACBU stands for CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, especially 1st and 4th amendments.

NACBU stands for FREE SPEECH. We try to keep our posts clean, but sometimes you have to drive your point, dammit! And for that reason, we will NOT EDIT YOUR POSTS . We reserve the right to moderate the comments section, but we will not ban someone for his ideas. Only for spamming or blatant abuse (trolling).

NACBU stands for hand-ups. Not hand-outs. Not bail-outs.

NACBU stands for equal rights for all conservative bloggers. The fact that you are big or small does NOT affect your coverage of news or events, all it affects is the number of viewers you get, therefore ALL will be linked equally by us, and by every member.

NACBU will submit to vote all initiatives taken in the name of the members, like publicly standing for a cause.


NACBU believes in redemption. We may not all be Catholics, but redemption is a part of every era and every belief.

NACBU stands with ANTI UNION movements. We believe unions are only there to gain nowadays and couldn't care less about the honest, hard-working north American.


Most of us can't live from our blogs.

Right now we are NOT accepting donations. IF and WHEN we do, we will PRO-ACTIVELY disclose the amounts collected and spent. Same goes for if / when we open a store.

Although we WILL emit receipts, NACBU is NOT a charity. It's a private registered company ( Registration pending), therefore you CANNOT claim it for Income Tax purposes.

There you have it. Precise. To the point. No little gimmicks or secrets.

Are you in??



The Impolite Canadian said...

I guess I'll be the first:

Name's Impolite Canadian, but my friends call me Max.
My blog is

I'm into on-the-spot commenting, and sometimes it gets down and dirty.

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