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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Taking Down ObamaCare One Tweet At A Time

Low information Obama voters are beginning to hum the conservative anthem that Obama care is bad for your health, wallet and job.
Even worse, for all three are stampeding RINOs determined to hang onto their jobs by quelling conservative voices better able to take down the monstrosity of this bill. It is relevant to note, no voting senator, of any political stripe will ever have to suffer under Obamacare, yet Conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz are willing to hang their entire career on taking it down. Who do YOU trust?

Looming in the near future are 130 billion dollars in new taxes from medical devices, restaurants, and retailers, all of which will be passed on to the already beleaguered consumer.  Overturning of the medical device tax even has Democrat support at this point as a number of said senators are facing re-election in 2014 and their constituents are awakening from their stupor. Free birth control suddenly doesn’t seem so free anymore.

In a grass roots effort to show the sheer enormity of this California redwood sized bill, Atlanta based actor and director Jake McClain has taken it upon himself to tweet each and every word of this 900 page bill. With each tweet bearing the hashtag #TCO McClain has a few volunteers * stepping in as needed, the hashtag #tweetobamcare is used to chronicle the efforts of the endeavor and should be used when tweeting senators urging them to get off their duffs and take this thing down in pieces. If Jake McClain can show Americans in 140 characters what an intrusive, economic disaster Obamacare is, surely our Republican senators, besides Ted Cruz can pause from their photo ops to take this thing down.
Nancy Pelosi got her wish, the bill was passed, we’ve seen what’s in it, and that is exactly what conservatives knew all along.

*Volunteers include this blogger