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Monday, January 7, 2013

Could Rand Paul Be Our Next President?

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Rand Paul is taking a trip to Israel to see Benjamin Netanyahu and other important figures, and one can only wonder, is he gearing up to take the Democratic machine in 2016. I think he would make a good candidate, and if nominated, would be a large step forward for the Tea Party, who would most likely heavily endorse him. There aren't too many poster children for the Republican Party, so he wouldn't face too much opposition in the primaries. My guess is Jeb Bush will also run, but he won't ge able to win due to his unpopular brother, and he won't take any middle of the road states, due to guilt by association. Maybe Christie will run and possibly Paul Ryan. Now don't worry too much, Barack Obama was relatively unknown until 2008, so there could be someone that none of us know too well. In terms of Democrats, I could see Joe Biden running for president, he's hinted at it a couple of times, and maybe (if he's successful) John Kerry will run. I don't know anything for sure, so this is just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet on what I've said. The only question left is, can a hard right Tea Party candidate like Rand Paul win a general election?