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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Under the Fedora: On and on and on...

It just a few weeks out from Boston but Bill Ayers continues to defend his time in the Weather Underground and hasn’t changed his views on America at all:
The United States is the most violent country that has ever been created, Ayers said.
U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., committed daily war crimes in Vietnam “and I get asked about violence when what I did was some destruction of property to issue a scream and cry against an illegal war in which 6,000 people a week are being killed,” Ayers said. “Six thousand a week being killed and I destroyed some property. Show me the equivalence. You should ask John McCain that question … I’m against violence.”
Only a generation as ignorant as ours could fall for someone like this.

Ever wonder how Anthony Weiner manages to finance his comeback?  Wonder no more
Weiner touted Parabel as one of his clients in a recent news article outlining his success as a business consultant. Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, reported earning $496,000 last year, mostly from his earnings.
What Weiner failed to mention was that on Jan. 13, Parabel transferred nearly all of its assets to a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands — on the same day a United Arab Emirates firm pumped $15 million into Parabel, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission document.
It really comes in handy to have a wife involved in the Female side of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They tend to support their own.
I wonder if any of that money found its way to any of Weiner’s defenders online?

I saw a story at the Orange County Register that really appealed to me:
Of course, some immigrants still come for venerable reasons, such as the freedom to worship. Christians, who make up some 42 percent of Asian-Americans, face surveillance and repression, particularly, in China, where religion is tightly regulated, and dissent from the party line can land adherents in jail. Over half of Asian immigrants, Pew notes, cite freedom of religion as a key advantage of living in America. New faith-based migration could also be seen soon among Christians fleeing increasingly Islamic regimes in Egypt, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.
This was a primary reason for many of the first settlers of the Americas from Europe.  Some things never change over time.

I was surprised to see the Washington Post make an argument that I made weeks ago concerning Mark Sanford in SC-1:
A Sanford victory puts that guy in the House Republican Conference. That means that not only do the late-night jokes start again but, more importantly, every GOPer in the House and Senate will be asked whether they support Sanford and what they think of serving with him.
That reality is why the National Republican Congressional Committee essentially washed its collective hands of Sanford once the trespassing revelations went public. The party establishment wanted (and wants) to make clear that they have nothing to do with Sanford.  It won’t matter.  The narrative that Republicans have a woman problem will have new life — with little the GOP leadership can do about it.
That’s actually not true, I wasn’t all that surprised to see that argument at a point when there was nothing anyone could do about it and now, of course  with Sanford winning by 10 this might just be a question of sour grapes.
North Korea has returned it’s missiles back into storage, no explanation given.
I’m sure that North Korea’s decision to back down has no relation to Japan’s reaction to  the North’s threats and the fact they (Japan) can be a nuclear & chemical weapon power in less time that it takes to read Under the Fedora this week.
Vodka Pundit has an interesting take on the Euro’s trouble and what will be it’s  eventual failure:
In America, our regional differences are surprisingly enduring, given our labor mobility. But, let’s face it, our differences are cute and quaint and, in the end, not very important. A Californian can make himself into a Texan just fine. In the end, we’re all Americans. There are plenty of Yankees in the South and lots of Southerners in the West and Westerners are heading back East. It’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up country — but it works.
But a Greek can’t become a German can’t become and Irishman can’t become a Spaniard can’t become a Finn. There’s no such thing as “a European.” Regional differences matter in Europe, in ways they never mattered here, not even during the Civil War.
Whenever I think of Germany and the Euro I think of the Doctor Who episode The Sunmakers and the line from the Collector to the Doctor when he complains about economic imperialism:
We’ve tried war but the use of economic power is far more effective.
I’ve never stopped  thinking the Euro was Germany’s way of conquering Europe without all the earth shattering KaBooms.  The real question to ask is, given the Germans are busting their butts to support everyone else, why would they want it?

Bishop McManus of Worcester is having a bad year, first there was the Robert Spencer issue and now he’s been picked up for DUI:
McManus was arrested at 10:32 p.m. Saturday on charges of drunken driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and refusing a chemical test, Narragansett Police Captain Sean Coorigan said. McManus is to be arraigned Tuesday in district court in Wakefield, R.I.
“I made a terrible error in judgment by driving after having consumed alcohol with dinner,” McManus said in the statement. “There is no excuse for the mistake I made, only a commitment to make amends and accept the consequences of my action.”
People often forget that just because a person is a priest or Bishop or even a Cardinal they don’t sin.  People don’t stop becoming people when they have holy orders, even the Pope has a confessor.
Robert is a big man and I doubt he is taking glee from the Bishops troubles but I suspect he is taking immense satisfaction from this story concerning a blogger who had hit him and Pam very hard over some of their Rick Perry stuff:
And then we saw Texas public schoolchildren made to dress in burqas and declare that "Allah is the Almighty God." Yet no retractions, no apologies came from any of the Perry cult members who denounced us in 2011. And they won't come after this, either:
"Hollywood conservative unmasked as notorious Holocaust revisionist," by Rory Carroll in The Guardian, May 3 (thanks to all who sent this in):
You don’t get a story like that every day

Pamela Geller weighs in here; Big Fur Hat has a terrific takedown of Ace and Weasel here, and Zilla has another here. Big Fur Hat gets right to the heart of the matter: "Ace and Zip pointed and laughed at Pamela’s vetting of Perry while heavily relying on the work of a guy they never vetted. The work of some closeted neo-nazi jerkwad was 'good enough' in order to smear Geller."
Pam also takes a victory lap
After I wrote extensively on the Islamic Texas curriculum, the right wing blogos went nuts. Vicious and unhinged, they attacked me for exposing their dream candidate, Rick Perry. Their sole source for refutation was David Stein. This man from out of nowhere -- with no history or blog cred or anything was the club they attempted to use.  David Stein, who today was exposed as Holocaust Denier David Cole (more here).
And Zilla notes something I’ve seen a lot of:
I’ve noticed a pattern with the attacks against Geller and Spencer over the years that others would do well to remember next time they think they have some big ‘gotcha’ that’s going to take my friends down: while those attacks may inflict some damage and be a temporary needless hassle to Pamela, Robert, and others in the counterjihad, time has a funny way of bringing out the truth and that truth is invariably on the side of the truth tellers. Over and over again the attackers implode and their enablers are left with egg on their faces and a steaming hot plate of crow to eat – and they can choke on it, along with their lies.
Speaking of Confessing things  I confess I don’t understand why people continue to doubt Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.  A supporter of the pair once told me he could never do what they do as he couldn’t deal with the death threats & the need for security.   People forget Pam & Robert could have a much easier life and be able to lose the bodyguards if they only shut up and I’m sure the Saudi’s would make them rich if they did.

If you want to know why I don’t give a lot of weight to psychics here is one reason:
She wants answers. “Can you tell me…Is she out there?” Berry’s mother Louwana Miller asked. “I hate when they’re in the water,” Browne said. “She’s not alive honey.” It was bad news from the world-renowned psychic. It’s what Miller didn’t want to hear. “So you don’t think I’ll ever see her again,” Miller said. “Yeah in Heaven on the other side,” Browne responded. “I’m sorry.”
I’ll believe in Psychics when people walk through their door and they instantly say something like:  “Yes he’s cheating on you  $20 please.”

Some sports,  If you took my advice and took a bunch of bets on the Red Sox at 100-1 odd in Boston in March, you're sweating a bit now aren't you?
This Article on Tim Tebow inability to find a team caught my attention
Since playing in a pair of playoff games 16 months ago, Tebow, whose only off-the-field baggage comes in the form of his cult-like following and the media frenzy it provokes, hasn't been afforded the opportunity to show that he sucks.
It's certainly possible that he's simply not up to NFL standards, and never will be, but wouldn't it be nice to get some conclusive proof before this story comes to a meek and unfulfilling close?
If you're a franchise like the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers or Carolina Panthers — teams with young, athletic quarterbacks who should absolutely feel secure in their starting roles — wouldn't you think about bringing in Tebow as a similarly mobile backup?
The article suggests the reason temas are passing is the "circus" Tebow would bring.  That never seemed to stop teams from signing all kinds of miscreants before.

I’m running pretty long this week so I’ll close with a quick Doctor Who remark.
This week’s episode the Crimson Horror may be the best of this season and easily make the top 10 episodes of the revived series.  Along with great writing and the usual fine performance of Matt Smith this episode featurs Diana Rigg & her Daughter was a joy.  Both were superb and  the characters of Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax were never better used then they were in this episode.
Make sure you see it.
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