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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cling to THIS

Fact: Pre Hitler Germany was a cosmopolitan place. It is where reform Judaism was born, where Jews thrived and identified themselves first as Germans, by their professions, and religiously as Jews.
For what to have happened there, means it could happen ANYWHERE at anytime. I would imagine this was part of the reason and the thinking that initially caused the cooperation from the Jewish population that had not fled. The other of course would be they had no means by which to fight back.
Moreover, in the States, Precious Prog FDR knew what was happening and did NOTHING.  So laugh all you want lefties at my arguments.  I will cling to my guns and religion and you can try to wrest either from where they are firmly locked and loaded. Until the time comes when either is pried from my cold dead hands, I will use both to protect your backsides as well as mine and those whom I love.
Excuses and assurances of We just want regulations, not a ban!” or my personal favorite, “ But why do you NEED an assault rifle anyway??” are getting comical.
Sing it with me now people.  We don’t want more regulations because I know good and well what happens when that camels nose wedges itself into the tent and so do you. As for assault rifles, the reason we want those is because assault rifles are what will be pointed at me if they come to take my guns.

American Thinker: Professor calls for murder of NRA president

Professor calls for murder of NRA president


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