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Friday, August 23, 2013

Under the Fedora DaPitch Crowdsourcing sales or How would you like me to hit YOUR tip jar?

This is a special edition of Under the Fedora, I'd like to thank NACBU for allowing me to go off my normal topic and post my pitch:

 Every morning my lead post pushes DaTipJar to make my weekly paycheck ($305).   How would you like me to hit your tip jar for a change?

Over the last 4 years DaTechguy Blog has kept the ball moving.  The Scott Brown Campaign, CPAC 2010 and beyond, DaTechGuy on DaRadio on WCRN, the 888-9-FEDORA , Syndication of the Radio Show, the Weekly Paycheck, FTR Radio and finally breaking into the top 100 Conservative web sites in June.

All of this is beyond anything I dreamed five years ago, but it's time to go to the next level!

 To get there I need to direct my effort to providing content which means less time chasing advertising in person. Which means I need to find a person or group of persons to turn these stats

. My stats Aug 2012- July 2013

... these stats by state stats... (Click on the image for the full PDF) 1 year stats by state

 and combine them with this scatter map of Massachusetts readership...

1 year stats ma scatter map  ...

....and other states like Ohio...

1 year stats Ohio scatter map

 and turn them into sales.

 To successfully sell any product there are two important ingredients:
1. Building a relationship: People are not going to invest their limited advertising budgets based on a single visit or call by a stranger.   A sale can take as many as 6-8 visits or more.

2. Familiarly with a product: The best sales person knows the product they're selling and can recommend it from personal experience.
So the Goal:  Find a capable person or team familiar with the site and able to build relationships with a customer base scattered from California to Massachusetts and beyond, who is willing to do this work on a commission basis.  Given the amount of time involved in such a job, that's a tall order.

 I think the answer, instead of seeking 1 person or team capable of selling to 24 businesses,  why not find 24 people capable of selling to just one business each?

 "But DaTechGuy", you might ask, "That's crazy! where do you think you are going to find 24 people to do this?"

 Actually I don't have to find them, they've found me. It's YOU!

 Who knows my blog better than my readers?   Who can make the case better than you?  From Cincinnati Ohio to Huntsville Alabama, from Knoxville Tennessee to San Jose California,  from Fort Worth Texas & Wichita Kansas to the District of Columbia,  there are tens of thousands of you who can describe what I write as well as I can.

 I'll wager each and every one of you knows a businessman,  advocate or even a candidate who might like the idea of reaching over 300,000 people a year for under $50 a week.

30 seconds on an annual basis for the show goes for $2200 which includes a full year of ads on the blog.  If only 24 of them are sold I can dramatically expand the ability of both the blog and the radio show to inform and entertain you.

 The logical question you might ask is: Why should we bother?

Well it will mean a better site for you, a stronger hand to fight for conservatism both nationally and in blue Massachusetts and when we make things happen you can take pride knowing you had a part in it.

Those are all good reasons, but we're conservatives, capitalists so let's act like it!

You deliver me a customer signed and sealed at 30 seconds & 1 year for $2200 and as soon as I get the cleared check or DaTipJar hit for that sale I'll hit your tip jar for $400! I'll even throw money your way if your pal contacts me & I make the sale.

 This blog and radio show exists and thrives because of the 319,566 people who visited in the past year.  Your support has made this site a success. With the help of just 24 of you:

Your friend's business or organization can promote their business or cause to an audience of nearly a 1/3 of a million people.
This blog and radio show will get to the next level becoming an even better source of news and commentary

and you'll have $400 in your pocket.  Everybody wins!

 If you want more info or if you have any questions drop me a line here. So what do you say, wanna build some new media organization together?

 My regular Under the fedora will return in September.