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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Under the Fedora-- Conventional wisdom and boobs

In the MSM this week it’s been all about Hillary Clinton and her inevitable nomination and election to the presidency.  Didn’t we see this movie five years ago?
Don’t count out Joe Biden for a moment.  Goofball image (I think that’s deliberate) not withstanding he served in the Senate for 36 years.  I suspect he has more to do with the Senate “no budget” move and the Obamacare passage than people realize.
Anyone who believes conventional wisdom unquestionably must be all excited to see the Patriots play Green Bay in this week’s Superbowl.

Speaking of football the debate on the game continues, Bernard Pollard has this to say about the future of the game as things are done to make it safer:
“Thirty years from now, I don’t think it will be in existence,” Pollard told “I could be wrong. It’s just my opinion, but I think with the direction things are going — where [NFL rules makers] want to lighten up, and they’re throwing flags and everything else — there’s going to come a point where fans are going to get fed up with it.”
The pro-bowl was this week, once a year you have a game that is pretty much a flag football game without the flags in Hawaii to celebrate the best players of the year just before or just after the Super Bowl.
I’m sure a lot of people watched as the last game of the year when it comes on after or as the only game of the week before. But ask yourself this:  If every game was like that one would you pay to see it?  Would you buy an NFL package?  Would you go to the bar to watch it?
As these changes continue the viewers of the NFL will drift elsewhere, I suspect to the Legends (read Lingerie) football league.  Did you know there was such a thing with twelve teams in a national league nationwide?  If fans can’t have big hits they’ll just have to settle for big…..emha well….moving on….
Did you know I have a co-blogger on my site?  I met Roxeanne De Luca in Boston the night of Scott Brown’s victory party back in 2010.  She is a brilliant young lady who has become a friend.  If I had a daughter I wish it would be her and if my sons were older, she is who I’d want them to end up with.
The author of this article, Allison Pearson, talks a lot about the porn culture and the ready access to a “virtual world” (online, texting, etc.). But she misses the point.   We could have thrown mobile phones at women in the 1860s, but no man would have dared to ask a lady to perform fellatio on him, because her dad would shoot him.  As in, dual to the death, all members of her family lined up to protest the treatment of their sister.  (I will note that some very backwards countries shoot the wronged woman, not the offending man.)
This is a sexual revolution issue.  Once we started saying that promiscuity is empowering, that sexual experimentation is fun for women, that pregnancy is the only obstacle a woman faces in intimate acts, we gave young men license to treat young women like unpaid prostitutes.  (Actually, worse – a man might understand if a prostitute said that she was off-duty for the night.)

She only posts maybe once or twice a week but she’s a gem.  I’m proud to have her here.
As the Media continues to push gun control/confiscation/etcetcetc At PJ media Vodkapundit reprints a petition to eliminate armed guards around the president.  If Gun Free Zones are sufficient to protect our children they should be good enough for the politicians:
What’s the Biblical quote:  “No servant is greater than the master?”  Then again maybe today’s public servants have a different view of who serves who.

Of course a lot of definitions can be flexible for example words like “Newsworthy”  for example when one is a US senator and there is word about an FBI investigation concerning say, Underage Dominican Hookers and you’re scheduled to be on a national TV show.  You could cancel but if you can’t or won’t you may consider a strategy of deny, Deny DENY!
I suspect this was the strategy of Senator Robert Menendez as he appeared on ABC’s THIS WEEK two days after news of the FBI investigation of a sexual scandal involving underage Dominican Hookers broke.
Alas for the Senator ABC News’ Martha  Raddatz totally foiled that strategy by cleverly choosing to refuse to ask a single question on the subject
If Martha Raddatz, who we were all assured was an unbiased and professional journalist when questions arose before the vice-presidential debate last year, doesn’t find a scandal involving underage hookers and a US senator newsworthy when it involves a democrat why would any member of the party of Jackson feel restrained in anything?
Allen West is now working for PJ media doing a feature called Next Generation :  This week talked about women in combat saying
This mission of the United States Military is to fight and win our nations war, fairness is an evaluative criteria.
While the media will ignore his words except to critique it the most significant thing he said was talking about how the enemy can strike anywhere
And as we saw four years ago at Fr. Hood Texas the enemy can strike where our troops should feel most secure their own military installation.  At Fr. Hood a pregnant soldier lost her life.
Ft. Hood WAS an enemy attack, the left likes to pretend otherwise, it doesn’t fit their worldview

As a now syndicated radio talk host this might be a dangerous opinion but I’ve never understood the various commercials for testosterone or for erection pills (yes they have a name, but lets face it that’s what they are.
Let me tell you something.  If a woman doesn’t want you sexually none of this stuff is going to make a difference.   I don’t care what brand of after shave you use, how many pills you pop, how must testosterone you take or how many little blue pills you have stashed in your wallet, none of these things are going to make a woman who doesn’t want you, want you.

Victor Davis Hanson talked about the state of the state of California this week
Also, when you say, “My God, one of every three welfare recipients lives in California,” or “California schools are terrible,” you mean really, “Not in Newport or Carmel. So who cares about Fresno, or Tulare — they might as well be in Alabama for all the times I have been there.”
He continues
Thank God for Mississippi and Alabama, or California schools would test dead last.
Somehow, in just thirty years we created obstacles to public learning that produce results approaching the two-century horrific legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. About half the resources of the California State University system are devoted to remedial schooling for underperforming high school students (well over half who enter take remediation courses; half don’t graduate even in six years; and well over half have sizable financial aid). The point of CSU’s general education requirement is not so much any more to offer broad learning (who is to say what is “general education?”), but rather to enter a sort of race, class, and gender boot camp that allows some time off to become familiar with how the culture and politics of the state should continue.
Hey as long as Mexico remains a bigger basket case, California will remain heaven to those who would cross. 
As Glenn Reynolds says, “They’ll make us all beggars because they are easier to please.”
Well the first doctor who special is over and done as is the episode The Aztecs, it’s available on Netflix and you should watch it if you can.  It has a great message for today explained here

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