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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I need your help!

My name is Stéphane Beaudoin, and here's my story...You may know me as The Impolite Canadian or MaxPower1971.

I was homeless for the better part of 10 years in the late 80's and early 90's. MY life on the streets nearly cost my life as I was addicted to hard drugs. It was a very miserable part of my life, but it was my own fault. I chose to do drugs and it led me to become a drifter who couldn't hold a job because of my addiction. I ''lived'' from petty jobs and crime.

One day, I finally had enough, and left for a small village where hard drugs were very hard to find and started my new clean life because someone believed in me. This farmer took me in, endured me in my withdrawals, fed me, put clothes on my back, and gave me a job. After a while, I told him of my dream of becoming an excavation/snowplowing contractor, and he believed in me. He forked out 7000$ to buy my first snowplow, and a new entrepreneur was born! And I've been clean since then.

In the early 2000's, I was the president of my own company and employed up to 20 people. I had contracts with Many provinces, as well as private clients. I was debt free and living large. Even helped out a few people along the way to pay it back, and pay it forward.

Then, while trying to do something good for my community at the time, I messed up bad and was fined 150 000$ dollars and that put me bankrupt. You see, I was waiting for the city permit to demolish an old building that was abandoned for many years, when 2 rapes happened in the building. I decided to tear the building down before getting the permit, so no rapist could EVER do their dirty deeds in there again...

After this episode, I built a new business in the same fields, but in a new town. It was never as big as the first one, but it provided for me and mine....until this year when I became sick with a very aggressive staph infection, causing bumps on my skin that would explode in a bloody mess every now and then. The infection is now in my blood and lungs and it very hard to treat because the medication makes me sick even more.

I never asked for anything in life, but now I'm at the end of my rope. I had to take a part time job beside my business because I just can't look for contracts anymore. Some days I just can't get out of bed I'm so weak.

My rent check just bounced, a check to reimburse my mother just bounced, and I have all kinds of utility and insurance and loan payments due this week, and the money just isn't there to cover them. My truck broke down, and now I'm even more unable to work than before.

I desperately need help! . My offer to you is this:

I will reimburse EVERYBODY who gives me a helping hand. EVERY CENT OF IT, within 6 months, unless you state you don't want anything back.

I'm in dire need of a few good Samaritans to help me thru this. I don't want to make my family suffer because I cannot work and provide for them.

My mother and Father helped as much as they could, but they just can't do it anymore.

Help me fight this thing and become a productive member of the community again!

Thank you and God Bless!!


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