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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Under the Fedora: Entering NixonLand

Last Wednesday before a house committee Lois Lerner stated that she did nothing wrong, and then proceeded to invoke her 5th amendment right against Self incrimination.
Ms. Lerner’s lawyer suggested she should have not been called as a witness today, saying that as she has already informed the committee she would not be testifying it would only serve to embarrass her.
I’m sorry I don’t think it’s possible to embarrass a person who is willing to publicly declare their innocence to the American People and then almost in the same breath invoke the 5th.
The IRS scandal was already the most dangerous of the new Obama scandals to this administration, because it is so easy for even low information Obama voters to understand.   Unfortunately for the Democrats in 2014 someone pleading the 5th when declaring they’ve done nothing wrong is something the average person can understand.
I was not in front of the TV when Ms. Lerner took the 5th.  I had promised my wife a day in Maine to check out Fabric Stores for her quilting hobby.  I am in fact sitting on a folding chair in Sanford Maine at a local chain called Mardens typing this as she checks out the large fabric section before we hit our next quilting store.
I’m sorry I missed the sight as I was driving and I suspect thanks to the continuing coverage of the Disaster in Moore OK the media will have an excuse to bury this a bit if they so choose.  Luckily for me and every single other person in America who did not see it camera were rolling and as we get closer to the midterm elections GOP candidates nationwide will be kind enough to show that replay over and over again.
The People at Outside the Beltway made a point to stress that taking the 5th is not Evidence of Wrongdoing. Before a court of law that is entirely correct,  taking the fifth is not evidence of wrongdoing and can not be used as such before a court prosecuting her for crimes as the lawyers for any of the Five Families in NY would have remind you.
In every other setting than a court of law an unwillingness to answer such questions is evidence of something to hide and in the court of public opinion,  political belief  and common sense this screams “coverup”.
Even people on the left are now calling for the resignation of Eric Holder can anyone explain why they think he is any different than he ever was?
The DCCC used Michelle Bachmann’s announcement that she was not seeking another term as a fundraising pitch.  While she was in office they used her presence in congress as a fundraising pitch.
When will people figure out that the parties have basically become charities that support hacks?
It’s why I’ve never given a penny to a political campaign.

Rep Steven Lynch seems generally outraged, by what is going on at the IRS and is demanding action.  That might explain why Massachusetts Democrats didn’t support him in the Primary for senate and instead choose a man who can’t remember a tax increase he opposed in 36 years.
As Michael Graham said, the perfect senator for Massachusetts

Stacy McCain has been writing a bit about the Kaitlyn Hunt case out of Flordia.  For those of you who don’t know she is the 18 year old girl who seduced a 14 year old and has become a cause celeb in the gay community and beyond.  Stacy has made the point
See? You deviant weirdos thought Jailbait Lesbian School Girls was just a popular DVD title, but now it’s a civil right.
And the only people who disagree are bigoted religious zealots — including the authorities in Indian River County, Florida:
Oddly enough if instead of having set with the underage girl, if she had filmed her in a state of undress she would be guilty of a federal crime and perhaps wouldn’t have 140,000 people signing petitions on her behalf and $25K plus donated.
And if you don’t’ think Kaitlyn Hunt is the 2nd coming of Rosa Parks the Gay Rights mafia will get you no matter who you are:
A gay couple on the Treasure Coast is afraid to show their faces because they say they’ve been attacked personally for their opinions opposing Kaitlyn Hunt. They fear backlash from the “Free Kate” campaign that is 52,000 members strong on Facebook as of Tuesday night.
“I’ve already been vilified for my opinion on social media.”
But this isn’t a low profile gay couple, up until a few days ago, both men held high ranking positions in a Treasure Coast LGBT advocacy group.
This is where the country has gone in only five years.
BTW I think this whole thing is a trap for the LGBT movement that they would be well advised to avoid

Riots have shaken Sweden this week and nobody seems to want to say the word “Islam” in connection to them.
This is a huge mistake, because what happens when you don’t take care of this kind of thing with civil authority sooner or later people take the law into their own hands like in Myanmar:
More than 1,000 Muslims who fled Myanmar's latest bout of sectarian violence huddled Thursday in a Buddhist monastery guarded by army soldiers as calm returned to this northeastern city, though burnt out buildings leveled by Buddhist rioters still smoldered.
Buddhists?   You don’t hear the words Buddhists rioters often, what set them off?
The rioting began Tuesday after a Muslim man splashed gasoline on a Buddhist woman and set her on fire. Buddhist mobs responded by burning down several Muslim-owned shops, a mosque and an Islamic orphanage. Roving motorcyclists continued the violence on Wednesday, leaving one person dead and four injured.

I say thug is a thug is a thug no matter if they are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or secular.  Perhaps if the authorities saw it that way it wouldn’t reach this point.

In my last column I mentioned the St. Louis browns, if you had to name a Basketball team with a compatible history of failure it would be the Los Angeles Clippers    From their first season in 1970 through the 2009-2010 season they had managed 6 playoff appearances  till 2011 they managed only six winning seasons an average of just better than one every six years.
For the 2011 season they hired Vinny Del Negro as their head coach and the team improved every year  going from 29 wins to 32 in his first year, from 32 to 40 in his second and their first playoff appearance since 2006 and then this year to 56 wins not only the most wins in the franchises entire history but their first ever division championship.
So naturally the Clippers fired him:
Following one of the best seasons in franchise history, the Clippers said Tuesday that Del Negro won't be offered a new contract when his current one expires at the end of June.
Del Negro is just the second coach to leave the team with a winning record, following Larry Brown in 1993.
"This was a difficult decision, but we feel this is the best decision for our franchise moving forward," said Gary Sacks, the Clippers' vice president of basketball operations.
Say what?  This is how you reward the guy who turned your team from a joke to a contender?  This doesn’t come to the level of the Yankees firing Yogi Berra after losing to the St. Louis Cardnials in seven games but it’s still s shock.
BTW after firing Berra the Yankees would not return to the playoffs for 11 years the longest playoff drought for the team at the time since their first World Series in 1921.
To continue the Orioles comparison at least Baltimore  waited till Hank Bauer team dropped to 6th the next season and was sitting in 3rd before firing him in July of 1968 less than two years after winning the Series.
Then again, Bauer was replaced by Earl Weaver who would lead the team to their glory years.  Maybe the Clippers can do the same.
At the top of the post I mentioned taking <a href="">DaWife to quit shops</a>.  It's actually quite interesting as evidenced by this video recorded at <a href="">Kathie's Quit Shoppe</a> in Sanford Maine:
Guys take note, little things like this are the best marriage insurance you can buy.


Finally the 5th of the 10 Doctor Who specials have aired on BBC America.  The remaining 5 will be the only original Doctor Who we will see until the 50th anniversary special.
This was the first special that every companion of the doctor who appeared with the lead (Peter Davison)  took part.  The next three specials should be interesting there were only two companions for the 6th& 7th Doctors and only the Movie for the 8th Doctor ever shown.  I’m hoping they will start to bring up the Big Finish Productions which are still being produced today.
We’ll see.


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