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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The new generation....

Ever stopped and wondered why our world is so messed up?
We went out for a short drive today to get lunch and run a few errands.  Started out by the dollar store for munchies and stuff, and when I was waiting for someone to get out of a spot to park, the kid (20-22 y/o) seemed to have a beef with me when he drove by. He had lots of room and I didn’t beep the horn or anything, but gave me the stink eye. I got out to see what his problem was, and I guess he didn’t expect a guy my shape coming out of the wife’s little Hyundai, because he fled like the little wannabe gangster he thinks he is.  So you give me the ‘’stare’’ and drive off???  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh tough guy, aren’t we?

So we decide to hit Burger King, but go the extra mile because the one closer to us sucks ass. I mean really suck ass. It’s dilapidated, the service is just……awful, and the cleanliness is not what you would expect from say the clown-feed chain.

Here I must give you fair warning, you may read the following and think: ‘’well, that’s RAAAAAcist’’. It’s not. I’m just describing what is going on in one of America’s biggest chains. 

So we get to the restaurant and order our food. The cash register kept on freezing up and it took several minutes to order. We waited for our order and I watched the kids working the kitchen for a bit. They are 98% black. Out of 7 employees, only one white girl and one Hispanic girl (the girl at the register).  The black kids are disorganized, they are dragging their feet, are loud and obnoxious, and couldn’t be bothered to get the order out as fast as it should in a fast food joint. They’re walking around, chatting and showing off their phones…..
When we finally get our food, we realize the PLAIN double cheeseburger my wife ordered is dressed.
( Let me open a can of worms here: Why is it that it takes LONGER to get a plain burger at the 2 leading chains of fast food??? It’s LESS stuff, not more!!!!)
So off I go to the counter to tell the white girl, who is not the one who put the food in the tray ‘’Hey, the plain cheeseburger we ordered is dressed. She said we’re sorry and told the black girl working the plate. The black girl shouts at me from the kitchen that I got what I ordered…. So I tell her no, and pull out my receipt. She then proceeds to rip it out of my hands and shove it in the white girl’s face telling her she always gets blamed for her mistakes, even if she didn’t know who served us. I told the black girl to ease off, she’s not the one, and the little bitch gave me the hand.

I let her have it. And her team lead, and the owner of the franchise who came out of the office when he heard me telling the employees off.  I told the owner that if he was any kind of a good owner, he would fire most of the staff he had on the floor that day. He replied that I must be a racist, and that of course I would only keep the whites, right?

I was livid. Not my fault the only employees there that day that did their jobs were white.
So I’m the rAAAAAcist in this, am I?? 

So I begin to educate him on how playing the race card is NOT gonna fly with me. I’m not gonna be accused of racism when I’m stating facts, and said EMPLOYEES and not BLACK EMPLOYEES. To call me a racist when the restaurant is half full is not going to be left alone either. And I went back to the table, because frankly I was gonna punch him in the face and throw him in the deep-fryer.

Then I got to look at the customers. 98% blacks. 3 families of Caucasian people including us, and a few middle eastern families. Kids are running in the restaurant, unsupervised and wild between the legs of people coming with trays full of semi-hot food and beverages, screaming and being wild. Not in the play room, in the damn restaurant. The 2 other kids, (white) were sitting quietly and eating their food before going to the structure, removing their shoes (the others didn’t even though there is a clear sign at the door) and playing ‘’normally’’, while the others walked in and out of the room with their food dripping ketchup and stuff all over the place. Not one….I repeat, NOT ONE PARENT said a word. NONE! 

Back when I was a young pup, my dad or mom would’ve grabbed me by the arm, drag me back to the table with my feet barely touching the ground, and sat me down with a warning of an incoming kick in the ass. Most parents would have. My kids know never to act like brats in public, and not to get fresh with me, or the wife. It was part of their upbringing.
Don’t think for a minute that I am blaming the kids. I am not. Kids need guidance and discipline.
I blame the parents. And yes, I blame the BLACK PARENTS in this case. If it was white folks doing the same thing, I would speak up as loud. But today, it was NOT white people…

What happened to the world?? Where is the politeness and respect that was forced on us way back when? Where is the courtesy when driving??
On the drive home, people were cutting in line with no signal, weaving in and out of lanes. It made me furious, because I used to think it was only airheads doing that kind of stuff….today I realized that no, it’s not only a few idiots, it’s the VAST MAJORITY of the generation coming up now.

I’m not some old crusty, bitter man….I’m 41!!

Why? What happened??
Did all of a sudden decency disappear?  What caused this? Isn’t parenting your kids the most important thing you can do with your life?? NO???
We were raised right…why aren’t we raising our kids right??

And then you get the father of the 2 Boston Bombers telling the world that they were framed….say what??  How can they be framed when throwing EXPLOSIVES at police and shooting at them?? SELF-DEFENSE???

I hate this world we’re in……..



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