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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wisdom Puts Knowledge into Thoughtful and Reasoned Action

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. It seems that the liberal world touts and lauds knowledge as represented by formal degrees, attendance at “superior” institutions of learning (i.e., Ivy League schools, etc) and degrees. These things, while sometimes laudable, hardly represent what is needed in our nation and especially in our political leadership.

What is needed is wisdom, that elusive thing that allows a person to put knowledge into thoughtful and reasoned action. Wisdom is really a rare thing and is acquired only through life experiences and the crucible of trial and error. It is only in these things that wisdom is learned. Someone who has existed in the hothouse of academia, sequestered from reality of day-to-day life of a society and people, cannot acquire real wisdom. Only through the doing, not the theory or imagining, can real world wisdom be gained.

Thus the respect in most societies for the elders, those that have “been there, done that”, that have survived their mistakes, screw-ups and failed theories. Only the dreamers, those that live theories, manifestos and ivory tower ideations, are looked up to by a society that respects only youth and the false narrative that such see the world clearly.

We older folks often see “through a glass darkly”, usually because all that we see in our youth driven and oriented society is the rejection of wisdom for knowledge. All the advanced degrees in the world will not give you the ability to actually apply that knowledge in a useful way. 

Wisdom trumps all the “book learning” in the world. Having an MBA without any actual experience is useless and dangerous in that to idolize the degrees and “accomplishments” in academia while ignoring wisdom will cause failure after failure with disastrous results.

Wisdom, acquired over time through experience and trial and error, is the only choice for our nation, so choose wisdom on November 6.
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