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Saturday, September 8, 2012

A JIHAD against you, Ali? REALLY??

Funny how things can evolve overnight sometimes. Last night, founder and CEO of the National Bloggers Club ALI A. AKBAR went yet again on the record via Twitter denouncing us, NACBU and The Impolite Canadian, of waging a JIHAD against him and his shady organization. A personal HOLY WAR that will lead us to kill the NBC and Akbar. Is that so, Mr Credit card fraudster?

 I have a few people on record saying they want the VERY REASONABLE QUESTIONS we asked answered: Just visit @nacbu_bloggers and @TheImpoliteCana 's timelines. Paul Lemmen, Dan Collins, Ladd Ehlinger JR and many more have been pounding the subject since early June.

Larry Sinclair, of LS NEWS GROUP, went as far as filing a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against the NBC and Breitbart scholarship fund when his demands for a refund were ignored. ALi AKBAR responded with more insults, and more attacks, and by threatening legal action HERE .

I was called ''NOT AN AMERICAN'' by Akbar last night on teh Twitterz. I was accused of slandering people. I was called a part of a leftist conspiracy against Akbar, BY Akbar, for my part in the BI-PARTISAN EFFORT to weed out this scammer.

Akbar is right on 1 thing: I am NOT an American. I'm Canadian. But I AM a NORTH AMERICAN, and therefore, an American citizen for the rest of the world. Does that mean my voice is to be silenced by those who inflicted a terrible blow to the conservative movement I fight so hard to promote? Having your criminal record exposed by the LEFT (Brett Kimberlin of all people), passing your scam as a 501c charity, demanding money to come back home with Robert Stacy McCain and a few days later saying he PARTIED IN CHARLOTTE, NC

Oh yeah, I forgot paying 30$ for a plate of nachos and a Coke and having beers at the Marriott.

Real good use of donations money, right??


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