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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Informed Conservative: Transgendered male to play on women's college team

 Picture I’ve written in the past about the ridiculous lengths moral relativists will go in order to satiate the desires of the sexually confused. This pandering runs the gamut of stupidity from a man allowed to undress in a locker room filled with young girls to a judge ordering taxpayers to fund a convicted murderer’s sex change operation.
That said, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising when a story like the following surfaces. A college in California is allowing a student who was born male – and stands 6’ 8” tall – to play on its women’s basketball team.
The Desert Storm veteran, father, and former standout on another college’s men’s team underwent gender reassignment surgery just months before being allowed to join his current team.
As it turns out, ignoring his gender at birth is not the only special treatment the middle aged player is receiving. Since he is limited from playing collegiate basketball more than two years under Community College Athletic Association rules, his previous involvement in another school’s program would ordinarily keep him off the court.
Since he is now a “she,” according to a new birth certificate recently approved by a judge, the CCAA agreed to give her two more years to play – this time as a woman.
This is not the first time a transgendered individual has been permitted to participate in athletic activities designed for another sex, but each time such an incident makes headlines, those of us with a traditional value system should take notice.
There are obvious and incontrovertible differences between the two genders and the left continues catering to those who deny and pervert those traits. A series of surgeries – no matter how intrusive – does not erase the genetic makeup God engraved into an individual.
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