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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Inside Liberals: We've Got To Do Something About This

As I was reading an AP article this morning (here) that talked about the possibility of Boehner not being Speaker when the House reconvenes, something occurred to me. We have a problem within the Republican party, that the Democrats don't. And until we fix that problem, we won't see a Republican supermajority or a conservative President. The problem I'm describing is the split in the Republican party. Now, I'm not talking about the split between social conservatives and libertarian conservatives, because that has been there forever. What I'm talking about is the split between the Moderates (the John Boehners and Scott Browns of the world) and the "Tea Party People" (the Ted Cruz's and the Allen Wests of the world). This is a split like never before, because they are actually fighting each other. Libertarians and Social conservatives disagreed, but they always thought if they had a united front in the name of conservatism, that the conservative moment would be extremely powerful. Now, the Tea Partiers and the moderates are publicly fighting each other in the media (not literally fist fighting, you know what I mean).  And because the Democrats are united and we aren't, the Democrats are going to get their way, until something substantial is done. This can be done one, of two ways. One, we could have another Ronald Reagan to unite all conservatives, but unless somebody new pops into the political arena (and don't say Chris Christie) we are not going to see someone like that. The other option is that all the people who essentially run the Republican Party. They all sit down and say, we are going to be a party that aligns with the Tea Party/Moderates and either get on board, or get off, because that's who is gonna get our funding. If that happens, then Republicans will start to regain power in the Senate and the executive branch. Finally, on more thing. The left realized that the word "liberal" had a negative connotation attached, so what did they do? They turned that into "progressive". "Progressive" has a positive meaning attached, so liberal politicians will call themselves "progressives" all the time. Conservatives need to do that to. The negative connotation attached to "conservative" can be dropped, if conservatives pick a new name for themselves.


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