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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inside Liberals: The Media, Hollywood, and The White House (Read at Your Own Risk): Obama, Just Say That Magic Three Letter Word

If you are conservative and you watched Obama's speech around 2 hours ago, then you were probably screaming at your television, or siting quietly, watching all that was in front of you unfold, and steam up in anger. Either way you were thinking the same thing every liberal, conservative, socialist, libertarian, communist, green party, etc. person in America was thinking. Just say it all ready. Obama talked about "enough is enough" and how we must take action to protect our children. Basically he talked about how we must change something, how he will do everything in his power to achieve something, but he never told us what something was, but everyone watching knew the "something" that Obama was talking about. It was Gun Control, and hopefully the ban of all guns. Why did Obama resist the urge, why did he go against every fiber in his being to not just shout out "LET'S MAKE GUNS ILLEAL"? It's because he knows that if he does this, then Republican spin misters will scream the classic line of "politicizing tragedy". And Obama knows that if he is accused of that, what he is talking about won't get done. So let me tell you, as I watched our President, with his tie which had bad lighting or something on camera, I just wanted him to say "Gun". I wanted him to say it oh so badly. But he didn't. And because of this, conservatives will have to fight a long, hard battle against Obama and his democratic congressional cronies, and conservatives must win. Because if Obama's agenda on guns rights goes into effect, all hell will break loose and the constitution will lose its meaning. Liberties will be taken left and right, and all these middle-of-the-road liberals who you constantly hear from about "guns kill people", and the purely social liberals who can never make up their minds, those are the people who will all hang their heads in shame for their part in putting America on a slippery slope to a tyrannical society.

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