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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quickie with Lidsamy

When Obama was elected, it looked decisive enough to end all the squabbling. After two elections, that went beyond the wire, the first of which all the way to the Supreme Court, I was hoping for a united republic.
No matter the outcome of this election, another nail biter leaves us a divided nation. And that Barack Obama, you did build. You swept in with a mandate and rode in on a wave of rhetoric of no red states, no blue states, but all purple states. No black America, no white America, just America. Yet this president has race baited at every opportunity, divided and destroyed this country with every stroke of his pen.
Whichever candidate takes the oath of office in January does so of a broken nation. I weep and pray for us all either way. For only one of them seeks to heal us, the other wants to finish the job. And that is the most chilling statement Obama ever put forth.


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