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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holocaust in Philadelphia

By Amy Lidster

Now that I have your attention, let’s discuss the many reasons you should know and recoil in horror at the name Doctor, and I use that term very loosely here Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell has been practicing his brand of butchery on women since the early seventies. But it was the bipartisan breakdown of lax regulation that enabled this monster to really shine in his chamber of horrors until his 2011 arrest.
Boasting 46 lawsuits over a 32-year period, the list of allegations against him is long and horrendous and begs the question of why is this one medical procedure held so far below that of all others?

Lets compare abortions to tonsillectomies. Both are surgical, invasive and generally speaking in many cases non-emergencies.  All cases involving the removal of tonsils require a licensed phyisian and if being plucked from a minor; parental consent. The same cannot be said of abortions. Abortion is the only invasive surgical procedure that can be done by someone who is not a surgeon and in some cases, not a doctor. This Holocaust in Philadelphia has shown that abortion is still a back alley practice, but thanks to Roe V Wade, it’s a front door one. And thanks to abortion leviathan Planned Parenthood, it’s an extremely profitable one.

Let’s move on to the veritable media blackout of this trial. The details of this case are grisly and need to be known. In a report dated Nov 3, 2011, one witness Steven Masoof who pled guilty to two counts of third degree murder testified at Gosnell’s grand jury that he snipped the spines with assault scissors of 100 born alive infants as part of standard operating procedure as detailed here.

Dana Loesch included in her April 12, 2013 op/ed
the complete transcript with pictures of babies easily identifiable by gender and old enough to be sustained outside the womb. No matter ones position on abortion, this was murder and by turning a blind eye, the pro-choice side of the debate does it self a huge disservice. By providing it’s usual duck and cover, the media continues to discredit itself with its steadfast refusal to make the Den of Horror front-page news while they dutifully chirp falsehoods about ‘assault weapons’ upon command.

Which brings us to my final point. On August 24 2012 disgruntled Jeffrey Johnson killed a former coworker with five rounds. The police took down Johnson, who made no further threats in busy midtown Manhattan with 16 rounds injuring 9 bystanders. Before the dust settled Mayor Michael Bloomberg was thrilled to be screaming a for gun control while smart New Yorkers were screaming for shooting lessons for New York’s finest.  

In similar fashion, the same thing happened on that tragic day in December while the tears of a nation flowed and the blood not yet dried the same bells started tolling.  Obama showed up for the memorial service and used the occasion to set his predictable narrative. Gun control would have stopped this, when will these awful conservatives see the light? How many more children need to die?

How many indeed? Is the left willing to trade Roe vs. Wade for the 2nd Amendment? Are we? The only thing the two remotely have in common is one camels nose into one tent for another. I am quite sure the founding fathers were FAR smarter than the supremes of 1973 and I am not willing to gamble the selfless foresight of the founding fathers against the beholden Supreme.

Kermit Gosnell needs to face finish his process and face a jury of his peers. If found guilty, Pennsylvania does have the death penalty and I for one will be standing in what I imagine will be a long line brandishing rusty scissors, because no one is calling for a ban on scissors now are they?


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