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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Under the Fedora: Ethics and elastics

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Back when I was in New York before the election there was a question during a debate between Ann Marie Buerkle and Hilary Rosen concerning fracking in NY
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What wasn’t known at the time the question was asked was that NY State already had a report on Fracking and the environment commissioned by the state which said this:

The state’s Health Department found in an analysis it prepared early last year that the much-debated drilling technology known as hydrofracking could be conducted safely in New York.
Well this is great news, it’s strange that we are only hearing about this report now, but then again, if it was up to the Cuomo administration we still wouldn’t have heard of it:
“Thanks to a leak from an anonymous insider, we learned Thursday that a report commissioned by the State of New York has given fracking a clean bill of health. The insider ‘did not think it should be kept secret’ and released the document, which is now nearly one year old, to the New York Times.”
I’m sure the fact that Ann Marie Buerkle winning in 2010 by a razor thin margin had nothing to do with it.  After all no governor would withhold a report that could mean jobs statewide just for political reasons.
And surely that kind of thing would not happen on the federal level
The Food and Drug Administration released long-awaited documents Dec. 21 on genetically modified salmon: an assessment of the fish’s potential environmental effects and a preliminary “finding of no significant impact” of the fish on the environment. This brings AquAdvantage salmon — Atlantic salmon that has been modified with a growth hormone gene from chinook salmon so that it reaches maturity faster — a significant step closer to FDA approval.
Astute readers will notice that the recently released documents are dated May 4. So why were they just released Dec. 21 — seven months later?
Well it’s not like they were talking to the political people on the White House side:
The seven month delay, sources within the government say, came after discussions late last spring between Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius’ office and officials linked to Valerie Jarrett at the Executive Office, who were debating the political implications of approving the GM salmon. Genetically modified plants and animals are controversial among the president’s political base, which was thought critical to his reelection efforts during a low point in the president’s popularity.

I wrote for a long time the left was acting like they were in deep trouble pre-election.  Apparently they knew it too and made sure they held back anything that might depress vote from the president’s base.
Jazz Shaw asks a good question:
Obama originally swept into office claiming that the Republicans were the “anti-science party” and he was going to take the politics out science. Entine describes the White House block of the study’s release as, “a direct violation of numerous ethics regulations and possibly of federal laws.” But even if that weren’t the case, it would still be a stunning black eye for the administration which originally claimed it would change “the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embraces science and technology.”
As time has gone by the left has become more and more dishonorable.

Speaking of things said before an election remember when Barack Obama said he would have more flexibility after the election?  Well he proved it by a nominating Chuck “let the jews pay for it” Hagel for sec of Defense. 
JenniferRubin in the Washington Post opined a week before the pick that it seemed like an odd choice:
President Obama believes in tough sanctions against Iran; Hagel does not. The president insists that he wants good relations with Israel (and thereby can influence its decision-making with regard to Iran); Hagel has displayed a poisonous animosity toward the Jewish state. Hagel has advocated direct negotiations with Hamas; Obama has never gone this far. The difficulty in articulating to foes and friends our positions on an array of issues is greatly magnified when a critical cabinet officials has a long track record of disagreement with the president, or at least what the president says is his current policy.
Well it would be odd if President Obama actually believed these things
Of course some Obama supporters in the media see the Hagel nomination for what it is:
·  As a Republican who criticized President Bush’s policy in Iraq and supported the Afghanistan war, Hagel gives Obama cover to pull troops out of Afghanistan.
·  As a Republican who in 2011 called the Pentagon budget “bloated,” Hagel gives Obama cover to slash military spending, and to redirect money to deficit reduction and investments in Democratic policies.
·  As a Republican who questioned the validity of unilateral sanctions against adversaries like Iran, and who spoke against knee-jerk acquiescence to Israel, Hagel gives Obama room to maneuver against Tehran.

Hagel gives Obama the cover to do the things he really wants to do but didn’t dare say it aloud.
I don’t want to hear a single complaint from any Jewish person who voted for the president.  20 years ago there might have been an excuse for not knowing but in this internet age the only reason to be ignorant of what was coming was to choose to be so.
I won’t laugh at them as lives are at stake, but I will laugh at Obama voters shocked SHOCKED to see the tax increase in the first paychecks of 2013 down 2% due to taxes.  As Twitchy puts it
The harsh reality of crushed unicorn dreams and the bitter smell of regret. As Twitchy reported, Americans started noticing that Obama’s “fair share” claims weren’t so fair and many were shocked … shocked … that their first paychecks of the year were smaller.
The indebted young Twitter user above now says she was just being sarcastic, but plenty of Obama supporters facing smaller paychecks continue to show genuine disenchantment.
Those tweets are solid gold
There are some people who are doing better in these times, people like Bill Richardson:
The U.S. Export-Import Bank recently steered hundreds of millions of dollars in federal loans to Spanish green energy conglomerate Abengoa, which happens to share an advisory board member with the bank.
There was a time when the MSM would have had an interest in this story, but in the age of Obama what happens with Democrats stays in places like the Washington Free Beacon.
I don’t follow college football, but I really have to laugh when I saw my fellow Catholics going nuts over Notre Dame vs Alabama.  A lot of folks were upset when they were crushed by the tide.
I wonder how many of these Catholics were outraged by Obama as the Commencement speaker or by big contributors to Emily’s (Abortion) list on the board?
Where your treasure is that’s where your heart will be.

The NHL players have FINALLY agreed to a deal with the owners ending the lockout
The National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association struck a tentative agreement early Sunday that may end a three-month lockout of unionized players, league and union officials announced.
 Pat Garofalo at US news is not happy with the deal:
But while fans are surely excited that their favorite teams are returning to the ice (go Devils!), it's a shame that another professional sports lockout was resolved by taking a chunk of hide from the players. And make no mistake: the lockout was about owners trying to extract huge concessions from their employees, and they largely succeeded.
These guys get paid a fortune to play a game, there are literally hundreds of people vying for each of their jobs that they have and they are upset at having to split the money.  You’ll forgive me for not crying for them.

Time Magazine has suddenly discovered that there might be a downside to sex selective abortion
Growing evidence suggests that in countries like India and China, where the ratio of men to women is unnaturally high due to the selective abortion of female fetuses and neglect of girl children, the rates of violence towards women increase. “The sex ratio imbalance directly leads to more sex trafficking and bride buying,”
I don’t see why we should care, haven’t we been told for years these aren’t actually children being aborted?  Mark Steyn who pointed this out years ago says this about the Time article:

The dearth of chicks will be one of the most important and consequential features of the global scene a couple of decades on, and, as I write in After America, “a world full of male frustrations will always find a market for sex slavery.” If American feminists wished to raise awareness of the issues Time is now addressing, they might give it an arresting name like, oh, “the war on women.” But I gather that title’s taken.
Hey it’s not a “war on women” unless the problem can be traced to white republican men or Christians, but maybe if Time blames it on colonialism they can pull it off?
Finally for Christmas I got an excellent book for Christmas Ships of Oak Guns of Iron by Ronald D. Utt and noticed an interesting question from Charles Francis Adams as to when the US became a world class power:
Adams not only says “yes” but dares to specify an exact date and time when the country reached this point:
…To be specific , it was at thirty minutes after six o’clock on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 19th 1812.
It wasn’t Adams quote, but the next two sentences of the author Ronald D. Utt that caught my eye:
Adams did not have to remind his audience what had happened at that specified moment. They all knew, as did every schoolboy in the nation (emphasis mine)
I will wager not one boy in a thousand today knows the significance of that day,  It was the day Issac Hull in USS Constitution destroyed the  HMS Guerriere.
In other words it’s a story of heroes and such stories are not allowed to be celebrated in Modern America as I wrote last week:
A society emulates and it’s children aspire to what it celebrates. A country celebrates greatness, can remain great. A society that celebrates nothing, can’t.
That simple sentence in that book says more about the decline of America than any budget battle or reality show ever can.
Truer words never spoken

was in New York before the election there was a question during a debate between Ann Marie Buerkle and Hilary Rosen


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