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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Listen to the People!

It looks like John Boehner will be our Speaker again. Why? Why is John Boehner going to be our Speaker again? We are at a constant struggle with our politicians. When our founding fathers set up the United States they intended for the people to be the leader, not the politicians. I'm not very fond of party politics, as I feel that it can cause politicians to go against their beliefs and "compromise" in hopes that they can get elected again so that they can do good for the country their next term. These people, these Washington politicians, they don't give a rats ass about the people. They only care about getting elected. They only care about their poll numbers. These people think they are so great, that they must "compromise" in the name of getting themselves elected so that they can "help the nation". They act like without them we would all fail. Politicians don't move this country forward. Hard working Americans move this country forward. But that's how the Feinstein's and the Boehner's of the world think. This isn't an issue of Democrat vs. Republican. This isn't Conservative vs. Liberal. This is the People vs. Washington. I would rather have the first 100 people in the phonebook run this country than the clowns we have now. The politicians in this country don't think about what's best for the country. They think of what's best for them. And when we get people who don't do that, we will have a successful congress. Politicians should say "this is what I believe in..." and they should act on their beliefs. Not throw their convictions out the window the first minute they are offered votes for something they want done. Essentially, politicians decide which issues are important to them. They say, "Well it's ok for me to vote against my beliefs on bill x, because I know that I will get more votes for when I present bill y". No, it's not ok. Who are you to decide what issues are important and which aren't? Who are you to say Healthcare is more important, than say Gun's Rights? They are all equally important. Say what you want about Ron Paul, and I'm not saying this because he is a Republican, but he votes with his beliefs. He is the only congressman who, I can think of, that doesn't "compromise" in the name of getting re-elected. And he has served 12 terms. As reported by the Huffington Post (in a not so flattering article, "On November 8, 1999, Paul was the lone nay vote on a motion to suspend the rules and pass an amendment to fund the Office of Government Ethics." Give me an example of Boxer or Boehner doing something like this. Just one. Give me an example of them standing up to the parties, and not trying to vote in order to get votes on other bills, or offering to vote on other things. Congress is an economy of votes. I'm sick of it, and the American people are too. We need to stand up to our politicians. Call your congressman. Call into talk radio shows. Run for office. Don't be afraid. The American public doesn't want more politicians, they want more regular people, we need regular people.


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