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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fans Defy Prayer Ban Before H.S. Football Game (By B. Christopher Agee)

Football fans were not on board with a Georgia school district's decision to prohibit pre-game prayer. God-hating bullies in the Freedom From Religion Foundation were behind the move, threatening to sue if individuals were allowed to freely express their religious beliefs.
Through its convoluted, skewed interpretation of America's guiding documents, the FFRF alleges such prayers are unconstitutional. Apparently, Haralson County school administrators either agreed or felt the issue did not warrant their resistance.
The resiliency of believers, however, was on display at a subsequent game. Wearing pro-prayer T-shirts, hundreds of students and their parents showed up to join in a prayer before kickoff.
Since the prayers are not being broadcast over the loudspeakers, thus they are not school-sponsored, it seems this group of praying football fans beat the anti-prayer bigots at FFRF at their own game. In theory, the hatemongers wanted to quash all public prayers; in reality, they just gave praying football fans a common cause and renewed dedication to show up early for the pre-game invocation.
This isn't the first time FFRF has used this scare tactic against schools for precisely the same reason. Almost exactly a year before the Georgia incident, just as football season was warming up, the group forced a Kentucky school district to end its tradition of beginning games with a prayer.
Despite social media backlash and a huge majority in favor of the tradition, administrators decided surrendering to the foundation's atheist will was the most prudent choice.
Instead of inviting (not forcing) attendees to join in a prayer for the safety of the players on the field and U.S. troops around the world, FFRF was successful in silencing the Pentecostal pastor who had led the prayer for the previous two decades.
Knowing their contention that allowing prayer is tantamount to endorsing a religion is extraordinarily tenuous, these godless creeps resort to using the mere threat of a lawsuit to force the hand of spineless officials.
One group of Georgians spoke for the silent majority of believers in this country when they proudly stood up for faith and freedom at that high school football game. They proved the silent majority won't stay silent indefinitely!
B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @bcagee.


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