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Friday, August 10, 2012

Israel-Iran war BEFORE the U.S. election? (By Impolite Canadian)

 ISRAEL’S PRIME minister and defense minister would like to order an attack Iran’s nuclear sites before the US election in November. That war with Iran could be imminent, even though it might bring tensions on relations between Israel and the United States.

Israel has long threatened to attack its arch enemy, Iran, seeing a menace in their nuclear advances and dwindling opportunities to deal them a blow with its limited military clout. Washington has urged Israel to give diplomacy more time.

  Israel and the US  publicly seek to play down their differences, the USA saying military force would be the LAST option against Iran. Surveys show Americans would support a show of force against Teheran, even if it meant a gas price hike. ''President'' Hussein Obummer does not want to support an Israeli strike against Iran, his advisers telling him that it might embarrass him, and contribute to Romney's election if the strike came before the election.

The reason for the pre election strike is simple: no matter who gets elected, they will not want to start their mandate by going to war with a country that has nuclear. The possibilities of this conflict becoming the dreaded 3rd world war are endless. Iran is no match for the US of A, but neighboring countries might not agree to yet another US military strike in the middle east. And with China and Russia not too far....who knows where this will lead us.

We all know that if Israel attacks Iran, the USA will be drawn into yet another conflict. Ehud Barak is said to think that the US will not go to war, but will do everything in its power to stop it. The USA will give Israel the keys to its emergency ammo stores, which were set up in Israel in the past. Israel needs no more than this to launch a full fledge attack on Iran.

Debka, a publication close to Israeli intelligence agencies states:
The six powers are understandably reluctant to admit that in the time bought by negotiations, Iran was able to refine uranium up to 30-percent grade or even a higher and go into advanced preparations for 65 percent grade enrichment. Now the Iranians are well on the way to an 80-90 percent weapons grade
 Former Israeli Mossad director, Ephraim Halevi, just commented to the New York Times:
“If I were an Iranian I would be very worried in the next 12 months.”

 And if Iran gets the bomb? Norman Podhoretz, father of neoconservatism and the architect behind George W. Bush’s foreign policy, recently told a journalist:

 “If Iran gets the bomb, the Israelis would have to decide whether to preempt or to retaliate from the rubble.”


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