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Monday, August 13, 2012

Of Guitar Strings, Cream of Wheat and Us ( By Jerry Wilson , Goldfish and clowns)

A followup to my most recent post. (Yes, more guitar talk in order to make a point.)
The type and age of guitar strings, along with how much they’ve been played, have a huge effect on how a guitar sounds, especially an acoustic one. Everyone has their own taste and preferences; mine lean toward strings with a bright, clean, deep sound. I’ve tried numerous string brands and variations over the years looking for that one best of the best for me. There was a brand made in the ’70s that I loved, the name of which regrettably slips my mind, that I absolutely loved. They came in a long cardboard sleeve rather than the usual square paper envelope, the company insisting that bending strings into a loop for insertion in said envelopes adversely affected the tone and their method of packaging was much better. Whether it was I don’t know, but I do know they sounded wonderful. I haven’t seen them in decades (ouch); I seriously doubt they’re still being made.

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