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Thursday, August 9, 2012

NACBU's stand on the NBC and Ali Akbar ( By The Impolite Canadian) UPDATED

 I have been writing on the National Bloggers Club for a couple months now. Questions were asked DIRECTLY to Ali Akbar and Michelle Malkin, the only 2 members I am aware of, opinions were expressed, and as far as we can see, NO ONE from the NBC dared to give the answers.

NBC logo
Mind you, it's very hard to ask questions when the organization of the NBC is hidden from the world. No one knows who these bloggers are, the organization does not have a list of members.The NBC does not even have a blog.  The ONLY one we know for sure is Ali Akbar. And he's not answering questions. They claim to represent ''100's of bloggers''. Who are they? .Demands of interviews did not even get acknowledged. Oh sure, when FOX NEWS calls, Akbar and Malkin are all over it. But when the small bloggers they claimed to care for ask legitimate questions, they are ignored. Not only ignored, they are shunned and demonized as not being true conservatives.


Robert Stacy McCain
Michelle Malkin
Let me set you straight: I have NO BEEF against Malkin, Aaron Walker or Robert Stacy McCain. Well, Almost none. I think these guys (McCain especially) are great reporters and freedom fighters. NBC was apparently there for them when they needed it. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with that. The SWATtings of conservatives and exposers of Brett Kimberlin  are dangerous criminal acts. Aaron Walker had to defend himself in court and needed support. RSM went on the lam to protect his family and needed funds. It's all good. Hell, I would've given him shelter at my place if it came down to it. The one I have a slight problem with is Michelle Malkin, because she is ignoring the questions directly addressed to her about the NBC.

Ali Akbar
Paul H. Lemmen
Ali Akbar, on the other hand, makes me want to go back to my old ways and hit him across the head with a dirty shovel. His smug attitude is despised by most of us. He marginalized Paul Lemmen because of his criminal past, all the while trying to deflect allegations of his own wrongdoings. And I have a very strong feeling (no, I don't have proof) that he (Akbar) mandated ultra-elitist anti-jihad activist Ann Barnhardt to write a  post about Lemmen, ''stop drinking the LemmenAde'' ( No, I will not link to the post, as I believe it's a load of conjectures with no actual evidence of wrongdoing by Paul, and because of it's timing; it came out RIGHT AFTER Paul's withdrawing his support to the NBC), demonizing Mr Lemmen for his criminal past, ridiculing  his efforts to redeem himself , and become a better person. I am in no way defending Mr Lemmen's past, he did what he did. Yes he caused a lot of hurt and deception, but REDEMPTION is something very dear to the hearts of true conservatives. Denying the right to redemption is like denying the right to free speech: It's simply UN-conservative. When Akbar whined about pictures of his mom's house and address being outed on the net ( witch I remind you were public information as they were NBC's legal address), all these so-called conservatives went on a hate-filled campaign against the exposers. When Paul Lemmen had pictures of his house and car's tags taken, they called it lies and an attempt to defraud the NBC.

 Why would Paul attack the NBC if his goal is to defraud them of money from their help fund? It makes no sense, no sense at all. Why all this mistrust against a guy who is not in charge of anything other than his own blog? If Paul or ANYONE ELSE wants to report on, say bumblebees, who are you to ''vet'' him? Who named you the ''commission to credentialize approved bloggers''?  Who died and put you in charge of the worthiness of other bloggers? I sure didn't vote for that. Did I miss the proverbial memo? Let me make things clear: WE DON'T CARE FOR YOUR APPROVAL. You, like us, are nobodies in the big picture.

 Were I (and most of us) have another problem, is about the secrecy surrounding the funds collected, the actual spendings, and the VERY INTRUSIVE way to collect personal information about the good people who gave to this ''charity''. In the light of the fairly recent outing of Ali Akbar's criminal record for CREDIT CARD FRAUD, one can only wonder why they keep their records so secret. And by keeping it hidden, they are in CLEAR BREACH of the non-profit status they **claim** to have. Not to mention that they are providing ammo to people who question them.

Ali Akbar and the NBC had MANY chances to shed light on these allegations. They didn't. Ali Akbar went on to HIDE some of his criminal past in his ''disclosure'' to the members of the NBC board, saying it was a one time thing, and because of his alcohol problems. Further research showed MANY convictions and a greater implication in the credit card fraud than what Akbar implied.

Instead of doing the ONLY right thing (telling the truth and stepping down), he went on to attack fellow conservatives (Paul Lemmen, Me, FilmLadd etc) saying that Ladd lied, accusing me of spreading lies and disinformation, etc etc.

I don't think the NBC ever wanted to unite the ''little guys''. It wanted to bring all the top bloggers together to obtain center attention on the big stories, stepping on small bloggers in the process, going as far as ''vetting'' bloggers out of stories. In my opinion, the NBC is a group of ''elitists'', and in my book, elitism is NOT the conservative way. The conservative way would be to let EVERYONE express their opinions, hit counter star or not. The conservative way would be to give a hand-up to the smaller guys, giving a voice to the voiceless. ''UNITED WE STAND'' does not appear to be in the NBC's ideals. The conservative way would be TRANSPARENCY. NBC does not have that. It's surrounded by very murky waters. Proof? Have you ever heard of the NBC asking it's members to vote on a decision? Have they ever disclosed their financial transactions?

The simple and best answer is no, they haven't.

The Impolite Canadian


While I was looking at the NBC facebook page, I noticed MANY people asking questions on how to join. They too never got an answer.

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 NACBU ( North American Conservative Bloggers United) is by no means an ''elite'' group. We don't want to be center of attention. All we want is to unite smaller conservative voices to make them a bigger, louder  voice. We don't think we hold the truth; but we do think that North America is on a slippery socialist slope. If  the NBC was accomplishing what it was created for, there would be no need for us. We would all rally behind them.

But the fact of the matter is that Akbar's promise of press credentials and equal opportunity for conservative bloggers never materialized.


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